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Pot farm busted in Rainbow

Agents seize nearly 3400 plants

Sheriff’s deputies say that the bust of a large-scale marijuana farming operation in the rural North County community of Rainbow on Tuesday afternoon (September 3) could have netted up to $7 million worth of cannabis. ...

San Diego Reader Feast issue 2013

List of favorites, happy hours, Baja Med

Reader foodies set the table for you with this year's delectably eclectic restaurant guide. Dig in!

The end of the elites

Competitor Group announces the end of elite runners in their events.

I wrote about the evolution or deterioration of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon from a marathon event to a half marathon event with a marathon option. RunBlogRun broke the news on the continued popularization of ...

Chula Vista school hurries to get ready for Arne Duncan

We’re painting the roses red

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is paying Sweetwater Union High School District a visit. Duncan is on a Southwest bus tour and will be at Castle Park Middle School September 13. Why Castle Park Middle? ...

Scrumptious nuptials

“Americans munch 10 billion of these a year...the size of the donut hole changes with the economy.”

Ed gets the "dough" part, but what about the "nut"? And why the hole? Our frugal fork finds the answers and a couple of guys who are redesigning the donut.

King of Cups

Prized peanut butter cups

Who cares who put the chocolate in the peanut butter, who does it best?

Mosh pit hip-hop

GG Allin and GWAR had a baby, and they named it Sloat Dixon

At Mission Bay High, Sloat Dixon sported a mohawk and played in punk bands such as Common Ground and Black Republic. Now he plays drums for Yuma-based cow-punk band the Tramplers. Thanks to a random ...

Soul death

Interview with Afternoon Delight writer-director Jill Soloway

Matthew Lickona: How did you pitch this film? Jill Soloway: A mom rescues a stripper and realizes that she’s the one who needs rescuing. ML: So Rachel (Kathryn Hahn) is the mom in that sentence, ...

The NFL’s paltry concussion settlement

Sleight-of-hand sports

Should footballers trust the NFL brain trust with their brains?

Black Market Blinn

Black Market III's Black Roses hooks up blues roots and "the stories of today."

Viejas Mountain

Enjoy great views of San Diego all the way up to the top of Viejas Mountain, which is green again after the Cedar Fire in 2003.

    A love-hate relationship with top-ten lists

    Having to choose between this and that favorite.

    The one question I’m asked most frequently is “What’s the best restaurant in San Diego?” Impossible! How can I compare this deliciously fresh, perfectly seasoned, crisply battered fish taco with that subtly nuanced, silky smooth, ...

    Where the Diva eats

    Barbarella's top-ten haunts

    I have more restaurants in my repertoire than a jukebox has records, and I love to go on new foodie adventures. But despite the myriad options at my disposal with the extensive selection of restaurants ...

    Peter Pan in San Diego

    Three single men — none of them good

    Do San Diego men suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome? The San Diego women who have to date them sure do!

      All over the map

      The diversity of cuisine that San Diego County offers

      I’m usually at a loss when asked what the “best restaurant neighborhood” in San Diego is. The truth is, we log in some miles going to our favorite places. South to Chula Vista for Mariscos ...

      The Bedford files

      Boy, so many good places to choose from, from O’side to the Other Side of the line. The major discovery for me has been the incredible bargains you can get in the exploding world of ...

      La Fenice

      People who swim in glass pools.

      Current Owner: Terravista Partners, Ltd. Listing Price: $9,875,000 to $12,900,000 Beds: 6 Baths: 8 House Size: 10,000 square feet “La Fenice,” named after a famed 18th-century Italian theater, is one of the oldest and most ...

      Can Qualcomm buy the GOP?

      Ramping up for what’s expected to be an all-out company effort to get former GOP assemblyman Nathan Fletcher elected mayor of San Diego, cell phone giant Qualcomm still had plenty of cash for federal candidates, ...

      This week in the San Diego clubs, September 5–11

      Thursday 5Are you ready for some footbaaaalll. Yuhmeneither. Let’s go out.... From Chicago’s South Side, rapper/provocateur Chief Keef is in town for two gigs this week. In just over a year, the 18-year-old has gone ...

      The view from the top

      The best of the white-linen class.

      An uncertain economy, in tandem with the rise of gastropubs, upscale comfort food joints, and other trends driven to tiresome status by their ubiquity, have rendered fine-dining establishments to endangered-species status in San Diego County. ...

      Nathan Fox's free puzzle

      Local songsmith Nathan Fox explores cabaret bop on this year's I'm All Done EP.

      Indie takes a hit

      San Diego Indie Fest takes a hit this year, but producer Alicia Champion is undeterred.

      Baja Makes Me Hungry

      Tijuana and nearby cities to the south have become famous in the past few years for their locally sourced Baja Med cuisine. The fusion fare of traditional Mexican dishes with Asian and Mediterranean influences highlights ...

      La Jolla Playhouse presents Detained in the Desert

      It’s always a relief when license plates with Saguaro cacti exodus east this time of year. Our roads thin out, like arteries purged of cholesterol. But Teatro Mascara Magica’s staging a play all Zonies should ...

      Great war for a vacation

      With rumblings of revolution and war in the Middle East, maybe summer 2013 wasn’t exactly the best time to take off for a free deluxe tour of Israel, but freshman Democratic congressman Juan Vargas, accompanied ...

      Jelly Bread

      Funk mined from the best days of funk, meaning the music that was made during the ’80s R&B revival days by the likes of alto saxist Maceo Parker and bigger horn-band acts like Cameo. Jelly ...

      Twitter – tool for the people in Mexican narco war

      Baja’s TV networks can’t keep up with its social networks.

      Baja's social network has boots on the ground and up-to-the-minute news to tweet — #dontcrosstheborderwithoutit.

        Ten great dishes (and the places that served them)

        For this list, I have decided to use not great restaurants but great dishes. It gets a handle on ten local restaurants by looking at some of the best individual dishes I’ve eaten in the ...

        Letters to the Editor

        Double Trouble You have Holler in the August 29 Reader. The one from Clairemont was already printed a few issues ago in the same column. I know that, because the guy called it “Square-mont.” I’m ...

        Legislative pit bulls

        Telecommunications giant AT&T apparently felt generous back on June 13, anteing up a pair of free tickets to Sacramento’s Sleep Train Arena concert of Pitbull for Crystal Quezada, legislative director for first term San Diego ...

        O.B. One Church

        OB One Church finds the lost and lights them up like a rocket.

        The Birthday Diaries

        Forty things to do before 40

        Birthday girl Sarah divulges the secret to picking winners at the track — check out their butts.

        Blonde in White Convertible

        Do you know me? I am the blonde in the white convertible. Have you seen me cruising up the coast on a mango day? Top down, honeydew bandana holding back my hair, juicy fruit lips ...

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