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The first time I see Eliza Jane Schneider onstage, I want to be her friend

Who is this multimedia bombshell?

Eliza Jane Schneider, self-proclaimed “actress, oral historian, dialectologist, singer, songwriter, playwright, voice artist, and fiddle player,” has been working on Freedom of Speech, her 34-character, one-woman show, for two decades.

Interview with A.C.O.D. star Adam Scott

The man is everywhere these days.

Matthew Lickona: What did the script do right that attracted you to this project? Adam Scott: I thought it was really funny. I thought it was kind of a new, untapped genre — the divorce ...

Mexicali officials bury unidentified body after 18 years

Prosecutor has prevented coroner from releasing 26 more cadavers

After 18 years under refrigeration at the medical examiner's office in Mexicali, the body of a nondescript person believed to have been the victim of some long-ago foul play was finally laid to rest yesterday, ...

Alliant University's San Diego campus could be sold

Students fear that school could go for-profit

Students at the Scripps Ranch campus of Alliant International University (formerly United States Internatiional University) are worried that the school may go the for-profit route and their degrees will lose value sharply. "God forbid that ...

Bake like Jehu

Former Drive Like Jehu drummer Mark Trombino opens a donut shop in downtown L.A. Donut Friend is the name, add-ins on demand is the gimmick.

RSVP cop car runs aground on Shelter Island

Undercarriage bottoms out on traffic island

At around 10:30 a.m. on October 15, as I was leaving Shelter Island, I noticed some police activity near the Shelter Island boat-launch ramp across from Humphreys. A San Diego Police Department R.S.V.P. (Retired Senior ...

Going medieval for Halloween

Halloween costume shopping in a most olde English manner

So, we’re going medieval for Halloween this year, thinking up costumes that can do double duty at Renaissance fairs (don’t ask). Fifteen years ago, I would have jumped at the chance to play a princess. ...

Gorging in the court

Ed is summoned to José’s Courtroom on Taco Tuesday

Tuesday evening. La Jolla. Swanning along Prospect. Glimpses of the pearly Pacific flashing up from between buildings. That beautiful old pink monster La Valencia Hotel looks like it’s been through quite a makeover. Huh. Bet ...

The perils of having a rock star for a father

Sixteen-year-old Tennessee Kamanski speaks of the difficulty producing a record in the same house as her father, former Beat Farmer Paul Kamanski.

This week in the San Diego clubs, October 17–23

Thursday 17If life were lived at 33 rpm, Jim Putnam’s music would be universal. His original Radar Bros. were at the forefront of slo-fi, their Singing Hatchet an essential set to get and get. I ...

Kwaay Paay Peak, Mission Trails Regional Park

Get a good workout and avoid the crowd on Cowles Mountain

Kwaay Paay Peak is a good alternative to Cowles Mountain for anyone who wants a good climbing hike without a crowd. It is the fourth highest peak in Mission Trails Regional Park, at an elevation ...

Thinking Flashes in the Sky (Part 4)

When normally responsible persons report UFOs.

After an announcement by Roswell Army Air Field commander Col. William Blanchard that a “flying saucer” had been “captured,” there was immediate rebuke by his superiors. The press followed in discrediting the existence of UFOs. Quickly, reports of UFOs dropped off; those that were reported were ridiculed.

AMSD: Unplugged unplugged?

No pews for you

A new pastor plans to remove the pews at United Methodist Church in Normal Heights so he can interact more with congregants. But, no pews means that Carey Driscoll will have no seating for his Acoustic Music San Diego audiences. So, he’ll end the ten-year-long series of shows.

Eating goat like a kid in Little Jamaica

Island Spice is as near as you'll get to Bob Marley's paradise this side of the Rockies

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble... The two huge ollas, pots, roil and steam away over the flames. Donna takes a big stick and stirs them around, adds more water. "Oxtail," she says. "Getting it ready ...

The Restorations

“Music for aging punks.” The Restorations, from Philadelphia, have been described in this manner by the music press, but I’m not buying into that. There are legions of 50- and 60-something punks still out there ...

Poway property with lazy river and ballpark

Owners: Jonathan & Kimberly Weisz Price: $8,900,000 - $10,900,000 Beds: 9 Baths: 14 Size: 16,207 square feet (including guest house) This palatial estate in Poway caused quite a stir with neighbors several years ago when ...

Future-future-future bets

A look at the Golden Nugget point spreads for pre-season college football, 117 days after the season got under way.

Moo shu political pork

It’s election season in San Diego, and however unexpected its timing, wealthy folks from all over America have been lining up to make their financial contributions to pay for the TV commercials and hit pieces ...

Rub my sticks

Earthless drummer Mario Rubalcaba talks about the band’s new release, From the Ages. He also insists “That we are not a stoner rock band.”

Charge it

The Chargers may be off to a rocky start this football season, but the same can’t be said of the team-owning Spanos family’s political giving. According to a disclosure dated October 4, the A.G. Spanos ...

Surfer via OKCupid wanted to meet in Carlsbad motel parking lot

The photographer brought zip-ties and duct tape

Emily said she didn’t think anything was strange until she noticed that the man had a plastic zip-tie in his hands. The 21-year-old was glad for the chance to make 50 bucks an hour just ...

St. Didacus Catholic Parish

The thought of celibacy was painful and confusing

Father Michael Sinor of St. Didacus Catholic Parish says he “ran away from the idea of being a priest. I didn’t think I could be celibate.”

Strike up the bands

The Kumeyaay nation’s Sycuan Band of Native Americans, which runs an East County casino and golf course and owns two hotels in downtown San Diego, is spreading its money far and wide this strange special ...

Guerillas & Gringos

Still at the Bottom In the October 2 cover story, “We Did it Guerrilla Style,” a report from was incorrectly cited to state that San Diego was ranked among the bottom five cities for ...

Music I Heard

Music I heard with you was more than music, And bread I broke with you was more than bread; Now that I am without you, all is desolate; All that was once so beautiful is ...