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Two truckloads of pot caught headed south toward Mexican border

Perhaps they knew U.S. agents were after them

U.S. Border Patrol agents earlier this week seized nearly a ton of marijuana from two vehicles that were apparently heading south toward the Mexican border. Around 12:30 Sunday morning October 13, camera operators scanning the ...

Coachella Valley by jeep

A new way to see the desert beauty of the Palm Springs area.

Who would think that parts of the desert are full of water? Especially since the Coachella Valley gets only six to eight inches of rain every year. But when I took the Desert Adventures Red ...

Navajo planners approve AT&T telecom installation

"Is this the best location?"

If the City of San Diego approves AT&T's lease proposal, work should begin next spring on a project that includes the installation of 12 antennas on the roof of Fire Station 31 in Del Cerro. ...

Take a spin in David Copley's former yacht

It will cost you $250,000 a week

Pssst! Wanna ride in the late David Copley's yacht, once christened Happy Days? It will only cost you $250,000 a week. The yacht has been refurbished ("refitted," in yachting circles) and has been put out ...

Americans in the Cup

Time for the U.S. to enter the field.

With all the American composers at the San Diego Symphony this month, it is obviously time to start the American leg of the World Cup of Composers. Here’s the challenge: find 16 American composers. We’ve ...

Kevin Faulconer spends big money on TV ads

District 2 representative throws down $182,000

Be prepared to see a lot more of Kevin Faulconer on your television screen in coming weeks. The quiet conservative is making a mad dash to TV in order to get gain more recognition. Since ...

New beachfront homes to be built in Ocean Beach

A total of ten, with a view of the pier

Demolition has begun on the corner of Saratoga Avenue and Abbott Street in Ocean Beach. What has been an unsightly locale with a fence around it for nine months has finally been torn down to ...

The Last Goodbye at the Old Globe

First things first. Barry Edelstein, the Old Globe’s new artistic director, has begun his tenure with what amounts to a position statement: do not expect the safe, commercial fare of the previous administration. Though the ...

South Bay mayoral candidate forum held in San Ysidro

Disregarded candidates invited; Faulconer and Fletcher no-shows

Forty-eight people sat in the audience as mayoral candidates answered questions about the South Bay on Wednesday, October 16, at San Ysidro High School. The gathering, hosted jointly by the San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce ...

East Village Chinese, open at last!

This will be your go-to take-out, Villagers

Been trawling up and down 12th, Park Boulevard, in the trolley, waiting for the moment. This time I stop and jump out, because yes! "Open," says the sign. It's the Chinese place that's been building ...

Edison calls for arbitration against Mitsubishi over faulty generators at San Onofre

Partner companies or ratepayers can pay Edison's losses, as long as shareholders don't.

Manchester, on way to spending record, gives $50,000 to San Diego GOP

U-T San Diego publisher spends heavily for Republican in race for mayor as border mogul Burnham gives big to Democrat

He's already given $150,000 to the state Republican Party within the past four weeks and chipped in $25,000 to the GOP Lincoln Club for good measure. Now U-T San Diego owner and real estate magnate ...

Beer of the Week: Benchmark Oatmeal Stout

A beer tasty enough to make me break my own rules

There I was, walking the floor of the Great American Beer Festival, the country’s largest annual beer-tasting free-for-all. Breweries from all over the U.S. show up and bring out their best to wow the American ...

Sabbath: Once in a lifetime

On tour with Ozzy for the first time since 1979, Black Sabbath reciprocated the over-capacity crowd’s energy tenfold, the way only a truly great rock band can. While this tour is in support of this ...

Lousy With Sylvianbriar, by of Montreal

Two decades and 12 albums later, of Montreal mastermind Kevin Barnes has decided to throw back to the band’s earliest sounds. Lousy With Sylvianbriar steps back from the synth-soaked songs of Paralytic Stalks and Hissing ...

City attorney Goldsmith boasted how he worked on Filner ouster for 8 months

His office hired a psychologist

San Diegans have a misconception that progressives Marco Gonzalez, Cory Briggs, and Donna Frye launched the movement to oust Mayor Filner for his treatment of women. Right after the negotiations that led to Filner's decision ...

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