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Man Tries to Kill Wife... Twice

Larry Hoagland never really believed in divorce.

How did Larry Hoagland manage to blow up his wife while he ran a business, raised children, and juggled a girlfriend? Oh, yeah. He didn’t. After many surgeries, she testified against him.

Apartment Thief Suspect Taken into Custody in Loma Portal

With guns drawn and bearing a search warrant, a task force of law-enforcement officials knocked on the door of a West Point Loma Boulevard apartment on the morning of August 15. Taken into custody at ...

Normal Heights the New Gaslamp?

Kadan to close after ten years in Normal Heights; here come the Neighborhood (gastropub) people to take over the space.

Groovy, Baby

“Do you know who Terry Callier is?” Steve Kader pulls an album from a stack in a wood produce crate and runs down the list of first-call session players in the credits. “Callier’s like Richie ...

Tartufi's Future Is Going to Blow Our Minds

“You won’t believe all that sound is coming from two people!” People always say that about rock duos — and there are a lot of rock duos these days. But the truth is, you usually ...


It’s Dumb, It’s Journalism RE: “Afro Puffs,” July 12. Hey, all of you indignant, letter-to-the-editor-writing black girls: Printing someone’s stupid, wrong opinion about nobody liking black girls isn’t racism; it’s journalism. Probably no one took ...

Magic Tacos

Fond Comic-Con memories and a cod-taco plate at Tin Fish Gaslamp.

“First time I came here, the streets were for sailors and streetwalkers.”

Croce's Lovers Cross

The late barroom balladeer Jim Croce penned “Lover’s Cross” as a bittersweet break-up song, and perhaps there’s a bit of that to the drink which the song inspired at Croce’s Jazz Bar and Grill, the ...

No need for a shiny shirt at JSix or LOUNGESix

If one bar is good, then two must be great, right? Drinking at JSix means getting to choose between the lofty heights of LOUNGESix or the street-level swank of the restaurant bar. Located in the ...

Johnny B. Rad

Thursday 16Rough Trade roots rockers Alabama Shakes rattles and rolls into House of Blues behind this year’s crit hit Boys & Girls. The four-piece, based in Athens, Alabama, infuses Southern rock with an honest take ...

Folkie Fat Opie Sat on a Punk

When punks do folk music: Fat Opie is Scott Mickelson, Robin Hildebrant, and Dave Tavel, and punk-folk, if that’s even possible, is how they sound. And by that I mean not just a punk band ...

Crest Canyon Open Space Park

Walk among Torrey pine trees through coastal sage scrub and chaparral plants.

Homegrown McInnes

Nobody called it indie rock in the 1980s. You played original rock, and your band either had a record deal or it didn’t. And back in the days before digital technology, the foundation of a ...

Hargo Won a Was

“We just won a huge battle of the bands called ‘Gimme the Gig,’” says soulful world-rocker Hargo, whose self-named band scored a music video and recording session with celeb producer Don Was as part of ...

Chad Farran Goes Batty in Belize

Chad Farran releases Surfari Sessions Volume 2, music he wrote for Fuel TV show On Surfari.

The Racial Memory of John Valadez

When I saw Ridley Scott’s film Prometheus, I was reminded that our best filmmakers are now nearly sole proprietors of the visionary mood. Scott’s movie, with its spectral holographic conjurings of mythic ancestors spiraling through ...

San Diego–Barona Stars

When the Field of Dreams gets cut short, there’s always the San Diego–Barona Stars.

México: Entre los Dinosaurios y el Poder del #

Mariana siempre quiso casarse en la Catedral Metropolitana de la Ciudad de México. Cuando el momento llegó decidió cumplir su sueño: su ceremonia se llevaría a cabo en el histórico recinto frente al Zócalo, la ...

The Last Unicorns

Terri looked statuesque in a strapless gown made of glittery, sapphire-blue fabric. Katie was a pixie vixen in her black-and-silver-sequined tunic. One might have thought they were on their way to some fancy fundraiser gala ...

No Witnesses as Car Hits Pedestrians Near Downtown Library

Two female pedestrians were struck by a car and injured in a crosswalk at the intersection of Ninth Avenue and E Street at approximately 5:30 p.m. on August 13. The victims, believed to have been ...

Over the Cliff? Nope.

Will legislators allow America to drive off the edge of a cliff? Two San Diego political scientists say no.

The Doug and Irwin Show

Downtown super-lobbyist Paul Robinson had a solid second quarter, according to a disclosure statement filed last week by his law and lobbying firm, Hecht Solberg Robinson Goldberg and Bagley. His top client, the Grand Del ...

Lobby Lunches

San Diego’s own Sempra Energy may have had its hands full this spring dealing with the shutdown of the troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant it owns a piece of, but that didn’t keep Sacramento ...

It's All About the Money

Tuition is going through the roof, and local community college enrollees have been barred from mid-year transfers, but California taxpayer-supported San Diego State University is spending real money to attract one special category of new ...

Attack of the Comic Reposters

The Oatmeal and FunnyJunk do battle, involving lawyers and other unfunny junk.

Desert Wind Graphics

Odds Bodkins! Fog surrounds Ghost Mountain.

Title: Desert Wind Graphics Address: Author: Sam Hallmark From: Poway Blogging since: April 2012 Post Title: Suicide Trip – 2012 Post Date: July 19, 2012 I belong to an exclusive group of gentlemen, “The ...

“The Heaven Questions”

“The Heaven Questions” In the beginning of old, all is yet formless, no up or down, Light is still dim, dark is a blur; the only image is a whir. When bright gets brighter, and ...

To an Athlete Dying Young

The time you won your town the race We chaired you through the market-place; Man and boy stood cheering by, And home we brought you shoulder-high. To-day, the road all runners come, Shoulder-high we bring ...

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