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“Cow foot?”

That look comes over Brandon’s face.

“Cow’s foot does a man good, know what I’m saying? Gives him strength. That’s why Peter cooks it Friday nights.”


Hmm. We’re standing at the counter, here at Caribbean Taste (6171 Imperial Avenue, South Encanto, at 62nd Street, 619-795-1772).

It’s a Jamaican joint in the shop row under the cliff opposite Encanto/62nd Street trolley stop on the Orange Line.

And hey, the good news is, it’s Friday.

Peter delivers the bad news.


“I’m out. You have to call early, reserve some if you want to be sure to get it. I’ll see if I can scrape something from the bottom for you.”

“But what is it?” I ask.

“Well, its hooves of a cow, and we slow cook it for an hour or more. Then we take it out and shred it, and collect the drippings, and we add thyme and garlic powder and green onion and, okay, the rest is secret.”


Fast car, slow ovens, where the meat is cooked

“He’d have to kill you if he told you,” says Brandon. “But trust me, it’s really tasty. It’s a kind of wake-up dish. Kind of sticky.”

Peter – he’s the owner - says it costs $8 for the regular, $11 for the large.

Then he disappears a moment. Comes back with a tiny pot. It has like a half-inch square of meat in a light brown gravy.

“This the last of it.”

I take it. It’s savory, a little slippery, squelchy, but not in a yucky way. And when I scoop up the gravy, that is totally dee-lish.

Dang. Whole week to wait. Now I've got to come back.


Meanwhile customer Jacqueline feasts on BBQ chicken.

Watch for a Tin Fork.

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Ian Pike July 17, 2012 @ 6:46 a.m.

Jamaican barbeque places are great for eating a massive portion of food for short money. I did a Feast! about Laylah's Reggae Kitchen a while back, but I didn't get any trotter. I don't think I've ever eaten a calf trotter, either, only pork, but lots of that. I'd be interested in a full-sized portion of barbecued cow foot!


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