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antiMusic reports: You may have read some trash media reports on Tuesday that Blink-182's Travis Barker was threatened with arrest outside his ex-wife's home on Monday night. These reports of course were based on sensational "insider" testimonials from unnamed sources. But a quick read of a report from a real news outlet, who based their story on the police report, tells quite a different tale: Barker was just being a concerned dad to his kids.

The gist of the story was that Barker was dropping off his two kids with his ex-wife, (former Miss USA/ reality show star, Shanna Moakler), but he refused to leave the kids with her without a certified nanny present because the car of someone he says is a pedophile was parked at her house. Apparently this person is in fact barred by court order from being near the children, according to WPRI's report (see below). An argument ensued and she called the cops.

According to WPRI, who obtained the police report from the Barrington RI. Police department, "Moakler provided the officers with the couple's court order that explained the children's visitation schedule. That order did not require that a nanny be certified, but did state that a particular person was not allowed near the children. The person's name is redacted from the police report. The report says that a vehicle registered to that person was parked outside the building. The officers said that person wasn't there at the time, but his wife was."

That's quite a different story than the one reported by the tabs, but you can read more details based on the actual police report and not unnamed trash media sources - here. - Cops Called On Travis Barker, But It's Not Quite The Story You Read In The Tabs



Street Scene 09 is the first in a line of premium event apps from Useful Creativity. This is an iPhone guide for Street Scene 2009 in San Diego, CA on August 28th and 29th, 2009. "We created this app with the end user in mind the whole time," says UC, "we wanted to give the event goer something that is useful before, during and after the show and we wanted to do this in a simple, beautiful, easy to use way."

"We created Street Scene '09 to be the best way to interact with the event. With schedules changing at a moments notice concert goers need to know what the changes are. We built a live updating schedule to solve this, we can push out a change within seconds and then follow up with a notification so that the info is sure to be seen. We built in a Twitter client so that Street Scene fans can communicate and even win tickets from the official @street_scene Twitter account."

"We hand picked parking lots and gave the tools to find them, you can even mark where you parked! One of the most original parts of the app though is the use of push notifications. Our app allows us to communicate directly with the iPhone user wherever they are. We use this to send important info about the event, schedule changes, info on how to get free tickets, parking tips, and most importantly to inform a fan when their favorite artist is going on stage. We also have a cool update planned for after the event!"

Through Friday, August 28, the company is running a promotion for the app. Download before then and you get it for free! Here is a list and description of the key features in the app:

This page has all the info for anything related to Street Scene. From general guidelines to what to bring, the info page has it all.

Want to know more about the bands at Street Scene? Check out the Lineup page to see pictures, check the wikipedia, and listen to and download tunes from your favorite bands. Be sure to click on the picture to see a full size shot of each band. Also, don't forget to add alerts (upper right) for the bands you want to see so you get a push notification when they go on stage (you can also do this from the Schedule page).

Built for ultra convenience while you are at the festival this is a constantly updating schedule so that you always have the most current info on when your favorite bands are playing. Touch the star to mark the artist to receive a push notification when they go on stage (you can also do this from the Lineup page).

Event Map:
This is an interactive map! See who is playing on each stage while you are at Street Scene. Want to see who is coming up? Just tap the stage and the map moves over to reveal the next two bands on that stage.

Want to know how to get to Street Scene? Whether you take the trolley or drive we have you covered!

For the trolley, we've given you the schedule and map and even marked the stops to get off at.

If you are driving, just find a parking lot in the list and touch the "take me here" button to find the lot on a Google map, then touch "Route" to get directions directly to that lot.

Mark/Find My Car:
When you are at a concert the last thing you want to think about when you are leaving is where you parked your car. With the "Find My Car" feature all you have to do is touch "mark my car" to record your vehicle's location then just touch find my car to see exactly where you parked it.

Custom Twitter client finds Street Scene related tweets and pulls them into one convenient thread! All official tweets (@street_scene) are colored orange. You can also send a tweet from the app and the official hashtag #SS09 is automatically added so your tweet is seen by other fans!

* Follow twitter.com/street_scene for news about Street Scene!
* Follow twitter.com/smeinzer for news about the app!

Photo Wall:
Check out Street Scene photos from fans and post your own! If you want to see more just tap the reload button at the top. Touch the photo to see a full screen version.

Get a push notification from Street Scene and want to know what it was? Go to the notifications section to see a list of all the alerts you have received so far.



“Although I started on the banjo as a child I am a multi-instrumentalist today,” says Eric Van der Wyk, aka King Tet. “I also play jazz/blues guitar and guitar synthesizer.  I play hand percussion including the Roland HandSonic hand-controlled drum sets which I use with a looper to create what I call the one man drum circle.  One instrument isn't favored over another - the challenge is keeping in practice on all instruments while running a full-time home business.” 


 Banjo is his first love, however, and recently Van der Wyk landed an endorsement deal with Goldtone Banjos. “This month, they selected me as their Artist of the Month and if you visit www.MySpace.com/goldtoneinstruments  they are featuring some of my music and videos.  One of the videos you'll see there is my electric banjo/tenori-on duet called ‘Eric's Breakdown.’"  


In addition to performing, Van der Wyk’s home business King Tet Productions is enjoying its 12th year providing audio restoration services online at www.CustomAudioCDs.com   “I provide professional quality vinyl, cassette and reel to reel to CD conversion services,” he says.  “This business which started as an idea 30 years ago when I was a street musician and began 12 years ago with one computer and one tape deck has been growing every year.” 


 “The work is very interesting as I receive rare and unusual recordings daily.  Of course much of the work I do consists of personal family recordings, interviews, weddings etc.  Much of it is live and studio music recordings from amateurs and professionals.  The most challenging work would be the 60+ year old 78rpm acetates that people used to record for their loved ones.  There are many institutions with libraries of tapes that I am currently working with to preserve their priceless recordings for the 21st century.” 


Tape to CD services start at $25.  78s are $7.50 per side, 45s are $4 per track.  LPs are $40.  All prices include full cleanup services.  Every customer gets a sampler CD of Van der Wyk’s Sounds of Our Planet series of pure nature recordings.  www.SoundsOfOurPlanet.com (featured on NPR)


 Here’s a King Tet performance video from a recent Friday night at Ladera Ranch.



Related links

What Do You Tenori-On? 

“I heard about the Tenori-On when it was being test-marketed in the U.K. in 2007,” says Eric Van der Wyk, aka King Tet, reportedly the ninth person in the U.S. to obtain the experimental Japanese ... More

************************************************ screaming1 TODAY'S "WHAT THE F-CK" ALBUM COVER

Not just a WTF cover, but a helluva WTF-idea for an album! What else could possibly be on this thing besides "Kung Fu Fighting," "The Ballad of Bruce Lee," and maybe an old Hai Karate cologne commercial???

This cover is hideous, but I SOOOOO wanna hear the story of who created it - and wtf?!? I don't even give a crap about what's on the record itself -

Sher, the cover above looks like the result of a bet that started off with "My two year-old could do better than that"....but below gem probably resulted from some drunk guy bragging "I bet I could wipe my ass and make a better cover..."

Those Truth-In-Advertising laws have far ranging impact indeed...

I'm sure this is an inspirational album from a trio of gifted singers, on the Heart Warming label, no less....but it was awfully cruel of the cover photog to put those gawdawful outfits on three blind women....

I have to admit, I'm dying to hear this record! All Lurch did on the Addams Family TV show is grunt and mutter "You Rang?" in that gutteral Tom-Waits-on-Valium voice of his - WTF could possibly be on this record??? And b/w "Wesley"???

Gene Simmons' Family Jewels - in an alternate HELL DIMENSION! Why do they make their women dress as couches that someone threw up on?

Like I don't already hear enough sounds of pain and pleasure coming from my neighbor's apartment at all hours of the night...

More creepy than mere words can accurately convey..."Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me...thanks a lot for dressing me like Barbie Benton and making me fellate a mic..."

PREVIOUS WTFs - http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2009/jul/24/wtf-album-covers---strange-bizarre-and-butt-clench/

************************************************ ************************************************



I'm currently recording my first full length album with the extremely talented producer Alex Zander,” says Lindsay White. “He plays keys for local band Echo Revolution. He is helping bring my songs to life in the way I would envision playing them with a full band.  I'm hoping to have it ready for release by next summer.”


(I.am.lost.photography)  Given the influx of comments after Lindsay’s recent Lists article ( Musician Interview ), we decided to do a full length interview with the shoe-crazy chantreuse:    


SDR: Perhaps you could tell us a bit about your current sound and your band?


LW: Even though I've been singing and playing music so long, I never had proper guitar or vocal training, so I kind of just think out a song in my head and then try to find it by ear on the guitar.  The sound really just depends what kind of phase I'm in mentally.  Sometimes it's pop/rock, sometimes it's blues, sometimes it's so folk it almost turns into old school country.  Lately I've been through a hurricane of family problems, so I've been writing one gut-wrencher after another.  I'm looking forward to my next "fun" stage.


Joel Mendoza started playing percussion for me about two years ago.  He is the bee's knees, as a performer and as a friend.  When we play out, people are always amazed by his talent.  They come up really close to the stage to try and figure out how he's making all those different sounds.  On top of his music skills, he is the nicest and most positive person I've ever met; I feel so lucky to be his friend.  He recently celebrated 1000 days of remission from Leukemia with a trip to Ireland! Suck it, cancer!


 I do envision adding more members to my band when the time is right, but I don't want to force anything.  I need to make sure I have the time and energy to put into a full band first.  Until then, Joel and I will continue to be a pretty bad ass duo.


 (Hayley White)


SDR: Do you see San Diego as kind of a hotbed for "chick rock" right now?

What other local female performers inspire you?


 LW: I see San Diego as a hotbed of musical talent, male and female alike, and we all support each other.  I think it's great to be a part of a music scene where women are admired because of their talent, not because of their sex appeal (although sex appeal never hurts).  There are so many local female performers whose music I love.  Off the top of my head, some of my faves are Allegra, Cathryn Beeks, Jasmine Commerce, Veronica May, Anna Troy, and Brenda Xu.    


SDR: Who do you peg as the best bet for a career surge in the near future (and why)?


LW: I wish I had the self-promotion skills to lie and say my music is the best bet for a career surge in the near future.  But I have no desire to "make it" in a household name kind of way.  I hope that my music career will surge in the sense that I can actually call it my only career.  If I could make a modest living writing music, that would be the ultimate career surge for me.


Someone who I do see going "all the way" is Nova.  I saw her perform a few weeks ago, and she blew the roof off the place.  I have never witnessed a more polished local act. She has everything the major music leaguers are looking for: amazing voice, musical ability, very talented band, radio-friendly tunes, great following, and gorgeous to top it off.


 What's the first thing you'd do if you could suddenly read minds?


Wouldn't that be awful?  I think I'd lock myself in a room alone.  I have a hard enough time reading my own mind! 

Worst movie you've seen (and why was it so bad)?


 Mr. Magoo.  I used to love the cartoon, but the movie was AWFUL! When I watched it, there were only three other people in the theatre.  I should have taken that as a cue to leave. 


Magazine subscription you always renew?



Do you workout in a gym or at home (no, that’s not a pickup line)


I have a home gym, kind of. I use a video workout called Wii Fit. It's silly and fun, and an easy way to get in a little workout if I'm too lazy to go on a run.


Most visited websites?


1. yahoo.com (I'm addicted to checking my email)

2. facebook.com (although I hate the way they keep changing everything around, this networking site has allowed me to keep in contact with distant friends and relatives)
3. myspace.com (this site is definitely more user-friendly for musicians).

4. wamu.com (this is where i go every day and pray that i didn't overdraft)

5. perezhilton.com (I know, it's so trashy but i have a weird obsession with all things pop culture)


 Mac or PC (and why)?

Mac, although sometimes mine outsmarts me and it takes me a million years to do what would take me 2 seconds to do on a PC.

Favorite quote from Spinal Tap?


"It's like, how much more black could this be?...And the answer is none...None more black."


 (Moises Orozco)


What’s the best thing you’ve ever won?

Once I was so broke and desperate for cash I entered my sob story to KGB's "Grand A Day Everday Giveaway."  And much to my surprise, I actually won!  I wish that would happened to me on a monthly basis! 

What’s your drink of choice?


Widmer with Lemon. Get in my mouth.


First book you remember reading?


When I was 4, my parents taught me to read using Dick & Jane books. Then I moved on to deeper literature, like Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein. I still read Shel Silverstein to this day.


web: http://web.mac.com/lindsaywhite

tweet: http://twitter.com/listentolindsay

newsletter: sign up!

space me: http://www.myspace.com/lindsayannwhite

face me: Lindsay White's Facebook Page

Lindsay White Lists

“When people ask what I’m like onstage,” says Lindsay White, “I tell them to imagine Bob Dylan with a skirt.” The soulful singer-songwriter got her local start playing open mikes around town at venues like ...More Comments (16)


*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************



Girl Talk by Dave Good

When Wired magazine gave Girl Talk a Rave Award in 2007, I think Gregg Gillis was still working his day job as a biotech engineer, jetting off to weekend concerts around the globe, his coworkers ...


What Do You Tenori-On? by Jay Allen Sanford

"I heard about the Tenori-On when it was being test-marketed in the U.K. in 2007," says Eric Van der Wyk, aka King Tet, reportedly the ninth person in the U.S. to obtain the experimental Japanese ...


An Epitaph for East Memphis Slim by David Stampone

When Memphis session player and producer Jim Dickinson passed away at age 67 from heart complications on Saturday, August 15, few music fans may have realized how vast his résumé was -- one that included ...


Calexico by William Crain

Calexico leaders Joey Burns and John Convertino have been playing in their signature mariachi-indie-rock-experimental-spaghetti-western-film-noir-soundtrack style since the early '90s, when they were part of ...


The Case of the Blue Violin by Ken Leighton

Jennifer "Spags" Spingola and her blue violin have been around the world. The flying V, six-string electric violin was made for her nine years ago by Wood Violins of New York. "It's one of a kind. There has never ...


Enter Scène Enterre by Michelle Welles

San Diego band Scène Enterre appeared out of nowhere, but in the past month, the duo of "jonny" and "n.r." has made its presence known. Their first single, "Teenager," a blown-out take on Beach Boys pop ...


I'm a '70s Girl by Jay Allen Sanford

Rachael Gordon's sound, style, and her very life play like something out of the late '70s. Musically, she says, "I'm into all sorts of things. There's some garage rock, some power pop, and some folk. ...


The City Needs Me by Ken Leighton

Gregory Page, one of San Diego's most prolific singer-songwriters, says he plans to stay put even as many artists leave town for New York and L.A. "It seems that we have an exodus. If everybody ...




SNOW PRODUCTIONS is looking for local bands looking to sell music for film soundtracks. We don't have the info RE pay and other details, but bands can submit songs for Grazia or other film and TV productions to [email protected].

Some info is posted at www.snowproductions.net and info about the Grazia film being scored by the company are at www.graziafilm.com

 "We will be filming next month and editing Grazia from October to November," says Snow Productions. "We also have industrial and misc. short films coming up."



Blink-182 has teamed with an artist by the name of Acorn (http://www.myspace.com/5035061) to create this limited edition blink 182 toy bunny which will be available on the band’s upcoming tour. The bunny is 3 inches tall and full of fury. There will also be a 40cm tall version to follow, limited to only 250 pieces. http://pickrset.com/bands/blink182/ 



Blabbermouth.net reports: Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine  has issued the following update ---

"Recently I made [an online] post about my new radio show and that I was blessed to be able to be working with Clear Channel with my own channel, like the CHRISTINA AGUILERA and the EAGLES channels. I am unaware of if their channels are accessible yet, but I know mine will be in just a few weeks.

"Here is an update: I talked to the Clear Channel people again last week and we are ready to go. We are going to do the first show from the Clear Channel station in San Diego, and I will hopefully be able to do an interview for the local San Diego Clear Channel rock channel. After that, I will determine what I need to make my studio ready to do the show.

"I am going to play music I like, music that influenced me, and 'zingers' — which are songs that you would never know that I liked (like THE BEATLES, or stuff like the DEAD KENNEDYS).

"I am going to collect all of your suggestions for some bands and songs, and we are going to start the show before I leave for New Zealand. I am also going to interview people from the bands that I meet or am on tour with, and I will try to do things like interview other celebs from other walks of life that like metal. I also will have a small part of the show feature a close friend and great radio personality from over the pond that came here and was rocking until his station got changed to a talk radio show or some crap like that and he ended up going back overseas. We talked about him sending a U.K./Euro show over each week, or so, and we are good to go. It will take time, but we are getting ready to start.

"I still have to come up with a name for the show, and I still haven't chosen a name for my autobiography. Any ideas?

"Lastly, just because I want 100,000 listeners, doesn't mean that is a reality in the beginning. I will have the best show in metal, because I am going to listen to you.

"On a personal note, I had a good day today, went to service, then to the beach, then did a 1 1/2-hour Yoga X program. I am getting ready for bed now, and will do some reading before I go to bed, and get ready for a busy week of trying to take care of all the things I need to tackle before we leave for [MEGADETH's tour] Down Under.

"More to come this week." http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=125808


antiMusic reports: Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has walked back some comments he made about rock legends AC/DC in a recent interview. Here is what he had to say according to Blabbermouth: "I just read the [Metal Hammer article where I talk] about Acca Dacca, and I am so disappointed in how I said what I said.

"No excuses; I didn't say what I was trying to say, and what I said is rude and childish. Not my style (well, at least not my style for the last decade or so, thank God), and I am even offended at what I said. I have never in thirty-plus years disrespected AC/DC one of my favorite bands in the whole world; I think I just got too comfortable and forgot that we were recording and I was being an ass.My apologies to my friends, especially Brian [Johnson]; that just did not come out right at all and I'm sorry, bro."

In the Metal Hammer article in question, Mustaine was quoted as saying the following about AC/DC and how Megadeth's live shows differ from those of the Anglo-Australian hard rock legends: "I love AC/DC and I've always been a fan of AC/DC. Bon Scott was my frontman. I love and respect Brian, but it's the same record. They've been making the same record for 20 years. I love 'em, but it's the same stuff, so you don't need to buy the record, just go to the concert." - He goes on from there


http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1361450_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/cathrynbeeksordeal CATHRYN BEEKS’ WEEKLY LISTEN LOCAL HOTSHEET  

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2413376_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/elainefaye http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2413376_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/keefersongs http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2413376_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/shantsongs http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2413376_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/lindsayannwhite http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2413376_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/timmalley23

Tuesday 8/25 - Bare Back Grill with Lindsay White and Guests.  7:00 Elaine Faye, 7:30 Dave Keefer, 8:15 Shant, 8:45 Lindsay White, 9:30 Tim Malley - NO COVER

 http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2413376_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/cafepeyote http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2413376_13060946&url=http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=13474482&albumId=275006&page=2 http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2413376_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/philbellante http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2413376_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/caryjudd

 Wednesday 8/26 - Backstage at the Bitter End 5th and F, downtown.  8:00 Cafe Peyote, 9:00 EJP Band, 10:00 Phil Bellante, 11:00 Cary Judd and Daniel Kunz - NO COVER


http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2413376_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/philbellante Artist of the Week:  Phil Bellante and his band hit the stage, Backstage at The Bitter End, this Wednesday at 10pm sharp.  No cover, see you there!

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2413376_13060946&url=http://www.kprifm.com/ Link of the Week:  Have you been listening to The Homegrown Hour on 102.1 KPRI on Saturday nights?  If you missed one, all of the Shows are posted here so you can listen anytime.  Check out the play list here, you may be on it.  :)  Join The Homegrown Hour Mailing List.

 Voting continues at Sandiegomusicawards.com, winners will be announced at the big event on September 10th at Viejas, VIP tables on sale now.  Need a ride?  The Listen Local Party Bus has wrap around couches and a wet bar for your bevies. $25.00 per seat includes your tip and a midnight snack or $50 for seat, tip, snack and a ticket to the Awards. Picks up at the Welcome Center in Clairemont at 5:30pm and at Guitar Center in LaMesa at 6:00pm, drops off around midnight and a little after. RSVP ASAP, seats are going fast!

 The Listen Local Music Awards Bus has gone disco this year.  Wrap around leather seating, a full wet bar plus party lights and best of all... a safe way to and from The Music Awards at Viejas on September 10th.  Bus seats are $30 which includes your tip and a midnight snack.  Tickets to the awards show can be purchased now or day of show for $30 and the money goes to a great cause.  Email me to reserve your bus seat, they're going fast!

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2413376_13060946&url=http://www.berniejtaupin.com/discography.bt From Josquin of Trackstar Studios:  "It is my great pleasure to announce that my friend and writing partner's Official Website is finally up. Bernie Taupin is truly The Greatest Lyricist That Ever Walked the Face of the Planet. His lyrics to timeless songs such as Candle in the Wind, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Benny and the Jets, Your Song, Daniel, These Dreams etc. have touch many for over 4 decades.  I was extremely honored to have been asked to help put together his discography and to have over a dozen of the songs we wrote together listed was in his discograhy is just icing on the cake." 

 Ward Wade has revived his San Diego Songwriters Cooperative Google Group and is inviting you to join.  Thanks WW!

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2413376_13060946&url=http://www.creativestarart.com Patrick Carney has created a new San Diego Artists Gallery at his website CreativeStarArt.com and gave Listen Local some love, thanks Patrick!


9/13 - The Game - "ALL I KNOW" is the song title - write a tune by that name and show up to perform it with other songwriters!

9/20 - The Acoustic Alliance, check out the lineup!  

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2376678_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/novasnewmusic New Release: Nova's new CD is called ON THE COUCH and it's a beauty.  Check out her music here --

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2376678_13060946&url=http://www.cathrynbeeks.com The Cathryn Beeks Ordeal will be playing intimate and unplugged at The Rock Valley House Concert on 9/19, tickets are going fast!  We'll be playing new stuff from Mood Swing as well as some of our oldies and covers.  Doors at 7, show starts at 8pm, finger foods and you can byo alcoholic bevies.  $15  RSVP to Carol, see you there!   

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2376678_13060946&url=http://www.tviff.com/ The 15th Annual Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival (TVIFF) is Sept. 9-13th at the Movie Experience/Tower Plaza Shopping Center in Temecula.  This year Nova will be performing on Saturday, Sept. 12, at 8:30 pm.  For more information on the TVIFF and venue information, go to www.tviff.com

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2340724_13060946&url=http://www.listenlocalsd.com/GirlCamp.html Listen Local's Chick Camp happens again on October 23, 24th and 25th in Lakeside and there are still a few spots left!  BYO camping gear, musical instruments and booze.  $20 reserves your site and includes water, wood and smores for this "girls only" campout featuring sunshine, singalongs, songwriting, spirits, snacks, starlight and sisters relaxing by the lake.  Check out the photos of our first one, then email me to reserve your spot, limted space, unlimited fun.  ************************************************

Recent Blog now only found in the "archive" section: Comic-Con 2009 - Final Wrapup, with more costumes, costumes, costumes!



Aspiring Comic Creator Jake Tinsley, 14, Seeks Justice for Unsolved Murder in His Latest Book

      ComicsAlliance.com reports: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2009/08/18/crime-pays-the-greatest-crime-and-noir-comics-old-and-new/Fictional murders and detective stories have become increasingly popular in comic books, yet at least one new comic is addressing a very real unsolved murder. In the upcoming comic "Amber Hagerman Deserves Justice," 14-year-old Jake Tinsley writes about a murder that captured the attention of the nation and spurred the creation of a new program to rescue abducted children.

    Although the kidnapping and murder of 10-year-old Amber Hagerman in 1996 lead to the creation of the national Amber alert system for abducted children, her murderer was never caught. When Tinsley recently learned that the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute was reexamining Hagerman's murder, he decided to bring attention back to the unsolved crime by featuring it in a self-published comic.

    "Amber Hagerman Deserves Justice," which comes out in October from Tinsley's own Wham Bang press, revisits the details of Amber's disappearance in a superhero comic featuring Tinsley's superhero Night Owl (not to be confused with the Nite Owl of "Watchmen" fame), a defender of justice devoted to protecting children.

    Like most comics today, however, Tinsley's book is not intended specifically for children, but rather to inform a broader audience about the crime. Even Sheryl McCollum, the Executive Director of the Cold Case Investigate Research Institute, has hopes that it may spark new leads in the case, telling NBC that "a number of people are going to pick that up and go, 'Oh yeah, what did happen to her?' We're going to start this conversation that's not going on right now. Somebody knows something."

In an official statement Corgan released on the band's site, he shares the details. "Some exciting news to add as well, as Dave Navarro and Mark Weitz have joined the tour. Dave sadly can't play San Diego with us, so hopefully we can find an Ace up our sleeve somewhere to fill in. It's gonna be crowded onstage, that's for sure with Mike and Kerry on drums, Mark on bass, Dave and I on guitar, and Mark #2 on keys. Whoa..." Corgan wrote.

Navarro began expressing his enthusiasm for the Pumpkins' song "Superchrist" via Twitter, tweeting that it is "awesome on so many levels." That message clearly stuck with Corgan, who has invited Navarro out on the road for a set of intimate club dates, taking place at the end of August in Southern California.

Could this meeting of two alt-rock icons usher in a full-on early '90s nostalgia trip? We'll have to wait and see. One thing is for sure: Corgan seems to have a lot of tricks up his sleeve. It will be interesting to see what's next for this musical three-ring circus — and whether or not those two famously cantankerous performers can actually share the same stage.


(Sleeve design for a single for local punk rockers The Bugs)



(well, they did in 1981)

Tony Villodas aka Tony Mindcontrole emails to say “I have  released  Jeb Tone records production of Swollen Monkeys Live at Hurrahs ‘81 on YouTube.”

 YouTube - Swollen Monkeys Live at Hurrah - "I Can't Come"

It's our 30th anniversary and it's rumored of a possible Swollen Monkeys regrouping. If so, I would like Nelson Bragg (of Brian Wilson, Big Noise) and Hal Wilner in it. If Hal, Ralph Carney (of Swollen Monkeys, Tom Waits, B52s, etc) and/or an other Swollen Monkey(s) join, I will match 50% of the travel expenses. Then, I m willing to put up for  a studio CD as well as a live DVD.”


Okay, former Monkeys, the (swollen)ball’s in your court ----



Mindcontrole also recently discovered the music of kindred forebearer, Larry “Wild Man" Fischer, one-time Frank Zappa protégé and a former San Diego street figure. “Just found Larry Fischer's MySpace" and Zappa radio, nice. Larry's songs  are the best mood elevators one could buy for a dime. I wish him well.”


Mindcontrole cites Zappa himself as one of his main influences - he says he got to know Zappa through his "mentor," former Zappa sideman Jimmy Carl Black.

"Jimmy couldn't even use his own name for a while, due to litigation with Frank over the Mothers of Invention characters. Frank and I didn't get along at all.... One day, before the recording of Zappa's Bongo Fury LP with Captain Beefheart -- around '75, '76 -- I sparked up a doob as Frank and his band rehearsed, and he stopped the song mid-tune, spun around, aimed his guitar at me, and snarled. I love his music, but it sure was hate at first sight with me and him. He hated pot and I hate cigarettes."

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Showing a work ethic akin to the late Les Paul, and nearly as innovative and groundbreaking in his own way, 101 year-old Bill "Tappy" Tapie plays the Grace Theater in Oceanside on Saturday, August 29. 

At 101 years young, the renowned ukulele musician is back in San Diego after a 4 year absence. Just back from a tour of Japan and Hawaii, Tapia will perform along with Pat Enos and Halau Le Polynesia dancing. Enos is well known in SD as a teacher and leader of many of the ukulele groups.
 Bill "Tappy" Tapia had a successful career as a jazz guitarist and played with many of the greasiest musicians, jamming with the top names of the day, including Charlie Barnet, Billy Holiday, Fats Waller, Bing Crosby and many more. After World War II, Tapia and family settled in the San Francisco area, where he taught guitar in obscurity for decades. A few years ago Bill began his love affair with the ukulele once again and has been wowing crowds all over the world.
At 101, ukulele master Bill Tapia is the oldest working musician in the United States, if not the world. Born in Hawaii to Portuguese parents, he can recall playing "Stars and Stripes Forever" for American doughboys heading off to World War I in 1918. His longevity is amazing, but what's most impressive is the way he distills nearly a century of musical experience on the bandstand, delivering graceful, harmonically sophisticated renditions of jazz standards and Hawaiian swing on the diminutive four-string uke. 
This evening of classic ukulele, Hawaiian dancing and fun is a fund-raiser for the Rell Sunn Foundation and the California Surf Museum. Many wonderful items will be made available in an auction and opportunity drawing of artwork and surf items. 

Tickets are $25 for General Seating and $35 for Premiere Seating. Doors open at 6:30 pm with the concert starting at 8pm. The location is the Grace Theater, 102 N. Freeman St., Oceanside, CA and tickets maybe purchased in advanced at the California Surf Museum 760-721-6876 or online at www.csm.org or www.rellsun.org 




 With Beastie Boy Adam Yauch's recent cancer treatment causing the band to cancel several festival dates, organizers tapped some of the biggest names in show business to replace them. Several of the acts offered well-wishes and even paid tribute by performing the band's music. 


In San Diego, another great Jew named Adam, musician Adam Gimbel approached local ambient sensations Ilya with an idea they'd talked about over fifty years before: to play a set of Beastie Boys songs as Licensed To Ilya.  So much time had passed since the idea was originally hatched, that Gimbel had actually become a senior citizen and started a Weezer coverband called Geezer.

"My grandchildren looked so heartbroken," Gimbel recalls. "I thought 'Feh, what are ya gonna do?' but when I thought about their long struggle to earn the right to party, I felt that they deserved that party and I knew just how to give it to them."

With only fourteen days to throw together a show worthy of cheering up thousands of disappointed San Diego ticketholders, Gimbel assembled his fellow Geezers (rechristened Nas D, MZA and the King Old Rock) and the musicians from Ilya to form a supergroup to tackle a set of Beastie Boys material.   Intense rhyme sessions have been taking place for the past few days at the band's practice space in the rec room of their local senior center.  However, the National Large Print Teleprompter Company of America has agreed to donate the use of several of their products, in the event of a senior moment.

The late hour prevented the act from securing a venue for their own cancer benefit, so they will be collecting cancer research donations for the Susan G Komen For The Cure at their two appearances during the week when Beastie Boys were set to perform.  First, at Super Thursdays on Thursday August 27th at the Ruby Room in Hillcrest and then at midnight after Street Scene at U-31's Feel The Noise in North Park.


So, in typically ironic fashion, a band that regularly performs with a box of Depends onstage will now be playing the same night as Street Scene headliners the Black Eyed Peas, whose lead singer admitted years after their last San Diego appearance that she had, indeed, urinated in her pants.  Helloooooooooo, nasty.

Rumors of L2i actually replacing Beastie Boys at Street Scene on Saturday have been greatly exaggerated but there have been reports of men in police sunglasses and moustaches throwing each other megaphones in an effort to find a suitable location for a third performance somewhere in the downtown area. 


Local shuffleboard tournament
organizers have refused to comment.

Thursday August 27
LICENSED TO ILYA at Ruby Room Super Thursdays
1271 University Ave
San Diego, California 92103

Friday August 28 MIDNIGHT SET
LICENSED TO ILYA at U-31’s Feel The Noise
3112 University Ave
San Diego, California 92105














Metal Blade reports: An update from Cattle Decapitation front man, Travis Ryan: "It is time to announce a few things that have been going on in the Cattle Decapitation camp. First off, we have officially parted ways with bassist Troy Oftedal due to musical and personal differences. There is no bad blood and we wish him the best of luck. Filling in on upcoming tours will be our friend Rahsaan Davis. You may have seen him on our recent tour as Troy left tour early due to a physical ailment."

CattleFloor  Cattle Decapitation has been keeping busy throughout 2009 supporting what has been unanimously declared by press and fans as their best record, The Harvest Floor. This fall will be no exception. San Diego's finest death/grind torch bearers have just confirmed an October tour with legendary metal acts, Soulfly and Prong.

 Travis Ryan comments, "We'll be hitting the road in late September with Soulfly, Prong and Mutiny Within for a US tour! Starting in our neck of the woods, the tour will lead us across the country, along the east coast and back home. We have a handful of dates already and there are more on the way! We here at Cattle Decapitation are all about diversity. So when we were asked to do the Soulfly/Prong tour we said "why not!?" I for one am very excited to see Prong. I've never seen them live and when I was in 7th and 8th grade they were one of my favorite bands! True, a very interesting lineup, but that's awesome as our last couple albums have proved we definitely like to switch things up to keep things interesting. - more on this story

The Harvest Floor also contains an enhanced portion which sports an iPod-ready documentary titled “Pandemic: The Damnation Epic - The Making of The Harvest Floor,” which pretty much makes the new production an apocalyptic multimedia epic.


The song "A Body Farm" is available for streaming here: http://www.myspace.com/cattledecapitation

The new CD features guest vocal appearances by Ross Sewage (Impaled) and Dino Sommese (Dystopia). There is also a special appearance by Jarboe of Swans, lending her haunting voice to the death-dirge title track. Jackie Perez Gratz (Amber Asylum) graces a couple tracks with her electric cello.

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GIVING HUNGER THE BLUES - BENEFIT CONCERT Sept. 2nd with Steph Johnson and Bushwalla

TriLink BioTechnologies (TriLink), announced that it is sponsoring North County's Food Bank and Feeding America San Diego's Giving Hunger the Blues, a concert to kick-off hunger action month. TriLink has purchased tickets for all employees and 50 customers, as well as sponsoring the event. This donation will provide 13,320 meals to San Diego families in need.

The Giving Hunger the Blues concert will be held at the House of Blues in downtown San Diego September 2nd at 6:30 pm. It will feature On the One, Steph Johnson and Bushwalla. Tickets are $20 each and are available online at http://www.active.com/donate/blues09. All proceeds benefit Feeding America San Diego and North County's Food Bank.

"As a member of the San Diego Community, TriLink BioTechnologies is proud to support North County's Food Bank and Feeding America's Giving Hunger the Blues concert. At $20 per ticket we can have our entire team out for a fun evening of great music and provide much needed food for San Diego families," said Richard Hogrefe, CEO of TriLink BioTechnologies.

"Hunger is a reality, even here in San Diego County," said Stan Miller, Executive Director, North County's Food Bank. "With our country's current economic situation, I see more and more people turning to food banks everyday for food assistance. We are delighted to have the support and leadership in the community of TriLink BioTechnologies."



The final installment in Heath Ledger's career, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, won't make it to U.S. theatres until Christmas, but you can score a peek at the trailer for director Terry Gilliam's hotly-anticipated film here. The film also stars Tom Waits who plays the Devil.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus




Sweden's, Wall of Noise Records, has just released Souvenirs - Little Gems of Pop - a compilation featuring 21 Rickenbacker packed power pop and jangle tracks, taken from rare vinyl.

"After the success with the three volumes of "Home Runs", we´re back with another powerpop compilation in pretty much the same style, "Souvenirs - Little Gems of Pop." It´s great North American pop from 1975-95."

Two San Diego artists, circa the mid eighties, appear on the album. Just in time for The Zeros to recieve thier Lifetime Achievement Award on Sept. 10, bassist Hector Penalosa has two tracks included, one with Flying Color; "Through Different Eyes" and a solo song, "Hurt So Bad." Also included is Manual Scan with "She Said It's Late."





Kerosene reports: Mower has announced the dates for their upcoming headlining tour in support of the group's new album Make It a Double. The band will hit the road August 13th in Glendale, AZ and run through September.


"The fans that have been coming to see Mower support other acts now have their own tour. We'll get to keep playing when the energy is at its best and go longer every night, then raise hell afterward with our friends. That's what we do and who we are," says Mower's Brian Sheerin.


Album cover "We fire off song after song without a lot of chatter and play rock and punk and metal, and whatever other style we feel like. This tour is a run through some of the towns that have partied with us and enjoy what we do and want to let loose with Mower. We'll be playing material from the new Make It a Double disc and older songs we haven't been able to include in the past. The people that are coming to these shows know they are going to be a part of something unpredictable and exciting and we're expecting the same from them."


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Tu 8/25: Eugene Levy, Jet
We 8/26: Jim Parsons, Care Bears on Fire
Th 8/27: Andy Roddick, Mutemath
Fr 8/28: Bob Sarlatte, Imogen Heap

Mo 8/31: Dirty Projectors
Tu 9/1: Gerard Butler, Black Crowes
We 9/2: Jason Bateman, Dr. John P. Holdren
Th 9/3: John Fogerty
Fr 9/4: Neil Patrick Harris


Tu 8/25: Quentin Tarantino, Mark Feuerstein, Smokey Robinson
We 8/26: Bradley Cooper, Franz Ferdinand
Th 8/27: Mike Tyson, Matisyahu
Fr 8/28: Nigel Marven, Colbie Caillat

Mo 8/31: Thomas Haden Church, Pitbull
Tu 9/1: Mila Kunis, Cheap Trick
We 9/2: Sen. John McCain, Elijah Wood, Pretenders
Th 9/3: Sandra Bullock
Fr 9/4: Jennifer Connelly


Mo 8/24: Marion Cotillard, Michael Musto (R 6/22/09)
Tu 8/25: Eric Idle (R 7/6/09)
We 8/26: Holly Hunter, Camera Obscura (R 6/15/09)
Th 8/27: Jeff Foxworthy, Gavin DeGraw (R 6/16/09)
Fr 8/28: Selma Blair, Connie Schultz (R 7/13/09)


Mo 8/24: Kevin Connolly, Alexa Chung, Aimee Mann (R 7/15/09)
Tu 8/25: Lauren Graham, Bill Engvall, the Jonas Brothers (R 7/16/09)
We 8/26: Fred Armisen, the Mighty Boosh, Flo Rida (R 7/22/09)
Th 8/27: Alec Baldwin, Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, Jordin Sparks (R 7/21/09)
Fr 8/28: Sean "Diddy" Combs, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Tom Colicchio (R 7/28/09)


Mo 8/24: McG, Snoop Dogg, Joel Madden, Keane (R 5/19/09)
Tu 8/25: The Airborne Toxic Event (R 5/20/09)
We 8/26: Sasha Grey, Ryan Hunter-Reay, the Kills (R 5/21/09)
Th 8/27: The Wayans Brothers, Forrest Griffin, Glasvegas (R 5/22/09)
Fr 8/28: Common, Doves (R 5/26/09)


Mo 8/24: Ed Helms (R 6/15/09)
Tu 8/25: Peter Laufer (R 6/17/09)
We 8/26: Bill Russell (R 6/22/09)
Th 8/27: Larry David (R 6/23/09)


Mo 8/24: Gen. Raymond Odierno (R 6/8/09)
Tu 8/25: Specialist Tareq Salha, Sgt. Robin Balcom (R 6/9/09)
We 8/26: Tom Hanks, Lt. General Charles H. Jacoby Jr., Barham Saleh (R 6/10/09)
Th 8/27: Major Frank Grippe (R 6/11/09)


Mo 8/24: Sienna Miller, Dave Salmoni (R 8/6/09)
Tu 8/25: Gordon Ramsay, Rob Zombie, Friendly Fires
We 8/26: Robin Williams, Bobcat Goldthwait, Matt & Kim
Th 8/27: Kathie Lee Gifford, Selena Gomez, Darius Rucker
Fr 8/28: Dylan McDermott, B.J. Novak


Tu 8/25: Hugh Jackman, Tom Hanks, Ciara (R)
We 8/26: Matthew McConaughey, Adam Lambert, Amy Poehler (R)
Th 8/27: Matthew Fox, Kiefer Sutherland, Allison Janney, Danny Gokey (R)
Fr 8/28: Denzel Washington, Whitney Port, Cloris Leachman, Taylor Hicks (R)


Mo 8/24: Meredith Vieira, Olivia Wilde (R 2/23/09)
Tu 8/25: TBA
We 8/26: David Spade, Gilles Marini & Cheryl Burke (R 3/30/09)


Mo 8/24: Simon Baker, JoAnna Garcia, SeaWorld animals, "The Amazing Race" castoffs Mark Yturralde & Bill Kahler (10/14/08)
Tu 8/25: Mo'Nique, Mike Mozart, Chris Lowell (R 12/8/08)
We 8/26: Dick Van Dyke, Common (R 5/22/09)
Th 8/27: Camryn Manheim (R 1/15/09)



First annual fundraiser to raise money for treating those with Neuroblastoma, an overlooked cancer which claims the life of one child every 16 hours.

What if in the span of a few hours you could be front row, dancing to the music of The English Beat; learning how to skateboard from actual pros fresh from competing at the X Games; sitting inside a real World War II fighter airplane; and also cruising in a classic hotrod? Oh, and meeting, Darth Vader, Clone Troopers and Chewbacca from Star Wars, too.


Not only will we be celebrating Max's life and everything that made him so special, including his love of LEGO, but we'll also be partnering with our friends within the wider business community of Carlsbad and helping to raise awareness and funding for this hugely important area of pediatric cancer research.
Well, get your calendar out now. That's because the first annual Maxapalooza is going to rock your night away on Saturday, Sept. 26 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. The event will be hosted within Premier Jet's private aviation compound at McClellan-Palomar Airport, 2100 Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad.

The proceeds from Maxapalooza will go to finding more effective, less toxic therapies for kids with advanced Neuroblastoma, an overlooked pediatric cancer that forms in the nerve tissue in infancy or, in some cases, even before birth. It is the most common solid tumor cancer affecting children today and has the lowest survival rates, and currently, no cure. Almost 50 percent of cases occur in children younger than two years old.

Maxapalooza is inspired by Max Mikulak, a courageous inspiration who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at the age of three. Max passed away in late August 2008 at the age of seven after battling hard against the disease for four years. He was known to those who knew and loved him as always "living life to the Max."

"As any parent of a child who has died at an early age will tell you, there is a desire to create a legacy from the tragedy that took their child from them. With Maxapalooza, the legacy we are creating is part celebrating childhood, and part funding the research that will help to make sure that in the future, parents do not have to lose a child like we have to a common yet overlooked disease," said Max's father, Andy, who along with his wife, Melissa, founded Max's Ring of Fire, a non-profit organization, to raise money to treat Neuroblastoma.

Funds raised as a result of the event will directly support the research of Giselle Sholler, M.D., at the Vermont Cancer Center, who is a pediatric oncology specialist dedicated to finding treatment alternatives for Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma which claim the lives of one child every 16 hours.

Scheduled "look, touch, and ride" activities will include:

  • Live musical performances to include a headline appearance by The English Beat; local San Diego bands to include A Dull Science, Jason Lee & The R.I.P. Tides, Modern Rifles, Critical Me, and Bayou Brothers
  • Special skateboarding demonstrations by Grind for Life founder Mike Rodgers and other world-class professionals such as Bucky Lasek, Cara Beth Burnside, Mimi Knoop, Paul Luc Ronchetti, and Jean Postec
  • Be at the helm of one of the vintage World War II aircraft on display to include P-51 Mustangs, a Stearman Biplane, and B-25 Mitchell Bomber
  • Hop in and take a spin around the perimeter of the event in one or more of the cool low-riders and classic hotrods on display courtesy of Los Peligrosos Car Club
  • Get close to Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and Chewbacca as The San Diego Star Wars Society will be on hand to capture guests in up close and personal unique photo opportunities

Silent and live auctions items to include:

  • A "one-of-a-kind" Lego Masterpiece courtesy of LEGOLAND® California Resort
  • A special evening of relaxation for 10 at Casa Blanca Salon & Spa in Fairbanks Ranch
  • One full year of free, no-time-limit, parking anywhere in Del Mar
  • Wii suite of games from EA

"We at LEGOLAND California are honored and thrilled to be supporting this very special event," said Peter Ronchetti General Manager of LEGOLAND California Resort. "Not only will we be celebrating Max's life and everything that made him so special, including his love of LEGO, but we'll also be partnering with our friends within the wider business community of Carlsbad and helping to raise awareness and funding for this hugely important area of pediatric cancer research."
For a complete list of the auction items available at the event, please visit Maxapalooza.com.

Maxapalooza tickets are $250 and include VIP admission to all activities, special cocktails and hors d'oeuvres along with special brews provided by Stone Brewery. To purchase tickets and/or make a donation to support the fight against Neuroblastoma, visit Maxapalooza.com. Maxapalooza is a 21 and up adult only event.


Win Travis Barker's Vintage Caddy
Antimusic reports: Blink-182 tour Sponsor State Farm announces the launch of their exclusive and one of a kind promotion that will enable a lucky fan to drive away in a 1966 vintage Cadillac Coupe DeVille previously owned and customized by drummer Travis Barker.

Now through September 21, fans can participate by visiting http://www.theretown.com/Blink182 to register for the sweepstakes or visit the on-site State Farm booth at any of the Blink-182 concerts and complete an Official Entry Form (while supplies last). The winner will be announced on September 22, 2009, and will receive an all expenses paid trip for two to see Blink-182 perform in Charlotte, NC on October 1, 2009, along with a cherry red 1966 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, valued at over $80,000 US dollars. For prizing details please visit www.theretown.com/Blink182.

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has allowed State Farm to give fans this unique opportunity to win a car that holds significant value to him. "As much as I enjoy giving it to you, I'm really going to miss it," B arker said.
- more on this story



Jazz sax symbol Big Jay McNeely shares this tale in the new issue of All About Jazz - after being asked about his wildman stage theatrics, he says "It felt incredible. One time it got out of control, and I got locked up."

AAJ: Where?
Big Jay: In San Diego [circa mid-'50s]. I didn't have a wireless microphone for my sax. So I walked up the aisle playing but then kept going straight out the door onto the sidewalk with everyone following me. I was outside the club blowing my horn the way I was inside. A cop saw this and called the station house. More cops came and arrested me. They had some law that said you couldn't play outside like that.

AAJ: Was your exit something new?
Big Jay: Nah. I had done that at Birdland in Seattle and the Band Box. But it wasn't allowed in San Diego. The funny thing was the band inside on the stage was waiting for me to come back into the club. But I was in jail. So someone in the band came running down and bailed me out so I could finish the set [laughs]. The kids went nuts.



Jay Allen  Sanford WHAT I'M WATCHING:

 Man, I can hardly find a single positive word about this movie online, and I’m frankly mystified – given one of the most dubious and potentially pointless tasks in movie history, “Make a sequel to Donnie Darko,” I feel the filmmakers did a thoughtful and somewhat marvelous job.  

It’s no Donnie Darko, don’t get me wrong – the original is one of my all time faves, but this story of Donnie’s little sister Samantha isn’t meant to be and shouldn’t be taken as a “continuation,” despite taking place a few years later. Rather, it’s more of a flipside – the Darko universe, where timeslips can cause ripple effects that destroy reality, as it relates to the “manipulated dead,” who are charged with the task of at least attempting to mend the damage. Whether they want to or not.


Frank the Doomsayer Bunny in the original Darko was one of the manipulated dead – this time, Frank’s POV is examined as his task falls on others (note the plural – S. Darko isn’t just the story of Donnie’s sister, even if it seems to be during the first hour or so…it’s that sort of Serling/M Night/O Henry/D Darko turnaround of all you thought you knew that allows S. Darko to successfully capture the feel of the original, while telling an altogether different story).



I recommend that S. Darko viewers listen to the DVD commentary, and you’ll see what I mean about the careful thought and consideration put into it by the writer and director. Every little detail in their film fits perfectly into world(s) portrayed in the original cult classic. They are clearly true fans of Donnie, and they truly understood (as well as anyone can) the universe created for the characters to exist within ---


Part of S. Darko’s appeal, for me, is the LOOK – filmed with a new “red camera” technology that allows for digital film that still closely mirrors 35mm, I was astounded by the Utah landscapes and the way the characters and their dusty little town appear so crisply delineated, yet still so warmly rendered, with a depth of field that flatters and beautifies both inanimate objects and the charismatic cast, all of whom are outstanding.



I’d single out S. Darko herself, Daveigh Chase, reprising her original sparse role in the original as Donnie’s little sister Samantha, as particularly riveting. Not just because she’s lovely, but for her wandering and ethereal portrayal of a lost young woman whose fate – in life and beyond – is something she seems to already know that she has no control over.


Samantha even keeps acting out her fate in various ways, as if rehearsing for a play she’s never read and doesn’t even know exists, before it actually happens to her, remaining aloof and apart from the world around her, even as events in her life illustrate her integral (if involuntary and possibly unwilling) role in saving that world.




Some people in the Darko universe have the power to change the future – but, perversely and sadly, others are doomed to play supporting roles that ensure the big-picture events play out fated. Else the universe could be destroyed.



SPOILER ‘GRAPH (most obvious spoiler, anyway): Great to be the essentially superpowered (or at least hyper-evolved, or super-aware) Donnie – except you have to die to save everyone. Bummer to be his sister, or to be one of the Manipulated Dead – except their role in saving the universe is no less important, perhaps even more so, else the powerful Donnie(s) would never know what to do or how to do it (or even that anything needs to be done at all).


OR, think of it this way – gotta have apostles, even tho there’s only one Jesus, and he gets to call the shots AND gets all the glory. But every single thing we (think we) know about the Jesus story comes from the apostles, doesn’t it, and how could Jesus’ have happened without them???? ----


Sher, there are some “red herring” bits that never really pay off (and may in fact be continuity errors) in S Darko – same with Donnie, tho I admit it’s more of a challenge to piece together what you’ve just seen after viewing S. However, I DID find myself thinking about S a lot after viewing, reaching several “aha” conclusions that may or may not be valid or intended. Just like after I viewed Donnie the first time (and the second, third, and fourth times).



And the new metal bunny head, obsessively created and worn by Iraq Jack even tho it makes his head bleed, totally rocks! THIS is a bunny that’d get my attention – and inspire my life-changing and world-changing action – a lot quicker and better than the fuzzy dime-store Frank of the original Donnie!


I have to wonder if someone saw S. Darko who was completely unfamiliar with Donnie wouldn’t find it a fine movie? Maybe they’d love S’s ambiguous and thought-provoking story and cast a bunch, just like so many as they first see Donnie.


S. Darko fills in the backstory enough and efficiently, I feel, so maybe S is best enjoyed by viewers who AREN’T already fans of the Donnie original. Those original fans certainly don’t seem to be the right audience for S, as they seem to universally hate and pan the sequel.



An aside ----- If someone’s first Planet of the Apes movie they see is Escape From the Planet of the Apes, the third entry where the entire story is flipped upside down, they’ll probably like it fine, perhaps even better than the Heston original once they finally see it. The original is great, sure, but Escape – tho completely different – is also a great flick. Same universe, a couple of the same characters, but a wholly different take and setting ---


I wish more people would give S. Darko a chance. It’s no Donnie Darko, sure – but it’s a fine Escape From the Planet of the Apes.



(www.antimusic.com reports) Mower have taken the insanity of their backstage antics and captured it on film for their new video "The Party", which can be seen online.

The video features two elements that are synonymous with the band; wild women and outrageous parties. "The Party" is the lead track on Mower's new album Make It a Double, which hits stores on July 28th through Suburban Noize.

"The video shoot for 'The Party' was the most fun out of all our videos. We had one night to call a bunch of girls and invite them to the shoot. We bought as much booze as we could, threw a party and filmed it. No script, no acting, just a bunch of people getting drunk, singing and listening to the same song 100 times and we had a blast," says Mower frontman Brian Sheerin. "It's a whiskey drinkin', Jager shooting rock n' roll song about the good times we've had partying up the coast in Los Angele, and a great way to kick off our new album Make It A Double."

Mower's Make It A Double is the group's third studio album for Suburban Noize Records and features guest appearances by Rob Caggiano (Anthrax), Mikey Doling (Snot), Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour) and Fernando Apodaca (Mad Juana). The effort was recorded in Los Angeles, CA with producer Eddie Wohl (Anthrax, 36 Crazyfists) and includes nine new Mower tracks that harness the band's explosive live energy and six songs by Mower's jazz lounge alter-ego, Slower, that experiment with creepy riffs and hazy, mellow tones. The album is available for pre-order at www.SubNoizeStore.com and comes with a limited edition autographed.

The party video can be see at www.MySpace.com/Mower ---




Here's a sneak peek at the first promo art for Rock 'N' Roll Comics: Hard Rock Heroes, a 400 page graphic novel shipping from Bluewater Productions in November, as well as the cover of the 240 page Beatles Experience comic shipping around the same time -

What goes together better than comics and rock ‘n’ roll? 400 pages of Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics, going beyond Behind the Music in order to tell the real life, behind-the-scenes stories of rock’s greatest Hard Rock Heroes. With art by Stuart Immonen (Superman: End of the Century), Mike Sagara (Carnal Comics) and others, the cinematic stories are realistically drawn and researched from countless photo and video archives, with an encyclopedic eye toward visual and journalistic accuracy and featuring dramatic flair rarely seen in most biographical comics.


Hard Rock Heroes is a book-length pictorial history covering rock’s heavy hitters, with stories featuring Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Rush, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Poison, Megadeth, Pantera, Anthrax, and more.


tod17 "Great ideas, like the marriage of rock 'n' roll and comics, have the half-life of Uranium and will always be popular," says series co-creator Jay Allen Sanford, who has worked on over 200 reality-based comic books and thousands of similar cartoon strips for the San Diego Reader, as well as for magazines like Rip, Spin, and Oui. "The folks at Bluewater clearly have their fingers on the same pop culture pulse that enabled the original Rock 'N' Roll Comics to become one of the top-selling indie comics of the '90s. Truth is often stranger than fiction...and certainly much more interesting!" 



The Beatles are bigger than ever, now available online for the first time digitally, on the Vegas stage in “Love,” and in the new Beatles: Rock Band video game. Now comes the most comprehensive and encyclopedic illustrated Beatles story ever, the Beatles Experience! Over 200 pages, dramatizing one of the most compelling tales in pop culture history, drawn from thousands of photos and interviews, meticulously researched and featuring stunning art by Mike Sagara (Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics) and Stuart Immonen (Legion of Super Heroes, Ultimate X-Men).


Covering the Beatles’ lives from birth and beyond their breakup, dramatized in dialogue and scene recreations more akin to a film bio than a mere documentary, the Beatles Experience also includes a Chronolog timeline going down each page, with encyclopedia background and footnotes detailing related events happening at the same time in the world, in music, and in the Beatles’ own tumultuous and extraordinary lives. 







PR Reports: Los Angeles transplants and irreverent rockers The Soft Pack are set to tour this fall at a slew of North American venues.

Before embarking on a headlining tour, they'll open three California shows for France's Phoenix. The four-piece, who play stripped down, straight ahead rock 'n roll, have had quite the year: They've had a successful residency at LA's venerable venue, Echo, criss-crossed the US and Canada on tour with White Lies and Friendly Fires, and found a new home with Brooklyn-based label Kemado Records.

In anticipation of the release of their debut LP (date TBD), which they will record with Eli Janney (Obits, Secret Machines) in Brooklyn this August, Matt Lamkin (vocals), Matty McLoughlin (guitar), David Lantzman (bass) and Brian Hill (drums) will bring infectious riffs, smart lyrics and incredible energy to stages across North America. - more on this story at antimusic.com



 Say, did you ever go to the Hare Krishna temple on Garnet in PB? I used to be addicted to their vegetarian feasts - when I lived at the Palms on 12th and Island downtown in the late '70s/early '80s, I bussed to the temple at least once a week, usually on Sundays when they had the biggest variety and desserts like rice pudding, halava and ambrosia fruit salads.

I still don't know what half the dishes were, but there was a lot of curry potatoes and fried tofu and veggies with ghee (clarified butter), pakoras (deep fried sweet potato, brocolli, cauliflower, peas and flavored curd sauce), thin wafer chips that were crunchy/flaky like pastry but not at all greasy...man, I'm getting hungry just remembering!
They really weren't pushy, and you could donate whatever you wanted or even eat free - they might chant for a little while before serving, but other than that it was mellow - no sermon, no drugs in the food, and the building was an amazing replica of an actual Indian temple, using plaster molds taken of all the carved walls and columns along with lots of beautiful painted artwork of their various dieties and "myths."
The PB Temple even has a MySpace page - www.myspace.com/krishnalounge
Shiva Shoes - painted by Lil E I spent the night once and wasn't too happy about everyone waking at 4am to stare at their feet and chant on their beads (mandatory participation), but - once they served breakfast (maybe the best I've ever had, with mysterious unknown fruits and chewy grains and edible flower petals!) - I was perfectly happy to have stayed over!
Gotta go check the fridge now ------------ here's an actual Hare Krishna-created cartoon, courtesy http://ramanujadasan.wordpress.com/2008/05/24/nice-iskcon-cartoon/



Agua Dulce : “We were  on stage playing during a bikini contest when a very large (contestant) collapsed on to the conga players drums. We kept playing.”

Scott Anderson / This Holiday Life: “At one show, when it was time to hit the stage, we couldn't find our drummer, Mark (Nagel). After freakin' out, we had to take the stage without him. We started into one of our most rockinest songs without drums. Meanwhile, Mark, sitting on the toilet, heard our song and thought, "Weird, why are they playing our CD right before we go on?"

Wendy Bailey:  “We played a show in East County where the only person on the dance floor was a homeless woman, who for two songs, kept flashing us. We tried to ignore it, but at least she seemed to be enjoying herself.”


Cathryn Beeks: “In 1998 I was performing with a Cleveland band called 3 Penny Pussy when the two lead front guys dropped their pants and each poured whiskey on their male extremities only to light them on fire a second later.  If anyone was suspicious that it was a hoax the smell of burning hair convinced them otherwise.”

Ed Been / Y3K:  “One night at The Blue Haven in Chula Vista, there was a heavy set woman in a dress that insisted on doing handstands.  Much to our horror, she was not wearing underwear at the time.” 


Cindy Lee Berryhill: “I was opening for Sarah McLachlan when a piece of the bridge fell off my guitar, mid-song, rendering it unplayable. Rather than stop playing, I motioned for the bassist to keep going and turned the lyric into a request for audience members to come onstage and help look for the missing guitar piece, while we continued. They found it and I reattached it as I improvised lyrics, going back into the song where we left off. That was the ultimate audience participation.”


James Brady / New Day Mile: “During my teens in New Jersey I attended a Sunday Bible study every week. The woman running it asked if my band would like to play at the youth group meeting at her church. We were a metal band, so we were a little shocked at the request, but we were happy to get our first gig. It turns out we were opening for a slide show that depicted our kind of music as the type that leads to violence and suicide.”


Brooklyn : “ I was watching a drummer friend of mine play at Humphrey's Backstage Lounge. He'd told the band he was playing with that I'm a singer/songwriter and near the end of their set they introduced me to the crowd as an up and coming singer. Well, the crowd started cheering to get "Brooklyn on stage!". (The band) pulled me on stage to sing whatever it was they were playing at the time. I don't know what they were thinking I was going to do, but it was a song I'd never heard...and it was in Spanish., so even if I had known the melody...I wasn't going to sing the correct lyrics. It must've sounded like a bunch of muffled humming. It was more than a little humiliating.”

Amy Castner / Compass Rose :  “I had a seagull crap into the f-hole of my violin while I was playing at a party on Sunset Cliffs a couple of years ago.”

Ron Fountainberry / The SoftLightes/Incredible Moses Leroy :  “Last year we were on tour with Wolfmother and in Austin one particular guy flipped me off the entire show. I don't know how he was able to keep his arms up the entire show. There were several times on that tour that I thought we would be murdered for our lack of hard rock.”


Greg Friedman / The Truckee Brothers: “In my old punk band we played a charity Christmas show at a school for the mentally disabled. We started off too loud and the entire audience was crying in agony. We turned down and by the end of the second song they were overjoyed and screaming out "You're better than Michael Jackson". It was amazing to be responsible for such completely opposite emotions within the span of five minutes.”


Larry Grano / Soul Persuaders:  “At Dick's Last Resort. I was singing and some young lady came up who had a leash attached to a dog collar around her neck ...and handed me the leash. What does one do ? After mugging Johnny Carson-style for the crowd, I read her tags and called her owner.”

Marie Haddad : “A guy came up to me during a show and told me that he was a psychic and that he wanted to do a reading for me during a break in my set. I was, of course, intrigued, and so at the break we sat down for a little bit and i listened to his reading. he predicted that I would be getting a new pair of boots for the rain! Darn it if he wasn't spot on with that one.”

Lee Harding / Echo Revolution: “A classmate (a guy) came to our show once.  He never said two words to me in class, so I was jazzed he had come out.  At some point in the set, he was 2 feet in front of me while I singing at the mic and started licking himself and dancing totally homoerotic.  Yeah.”

Robin Henkel : “I remember that I (fell) asleep onstage one time.  Before a show with Big Rig Deluxe, I'd eaten a huge Mexican meal and was sitting in this comfy chair playing steel guitar.  It was almost like trying to stay awake while driving.  After dosing off, the steel bar, which weighs about a pound, fell out of my hand and hit the wood stage with a loud clunk.  That's when I woke up right in the middle of a tune the band was playing and had no idea how long I'd been out.”

Dave Humphries:   “In England, we were playing in a workingmen's club, halfway through a number and noticed we no longer had bass. We looked around and saw our bass player with the neck of his guitar at somebody's throat up against a wall. Some guy had been messing with his girlfriend and he wasn't very happy about it. On another occasion the same bassist left the stage to sell bingo tickets while we were still playing.”

Laurie Lewis / Mamas and Papas “We were on tour in Germany and (singer) Spanky MacFarland was green as green could be. I asked her what was going on, and she just shook her head and walked back behind the stage and projectile vomited. This was an outdoor stage and she didn’t notice that there were people behind the stage as well, so she basically threw up over a whole bunch of people. But then afterwards they brought their shirts up that were covered in puke and asked if we would autograph them.”


Jane Lui: “I once had a chick pole dancing to a song about my dad. I loved it that she responded with her whole body. You have to be strong to pole dance.”


Dune Murderous / Defamation League: “One time I belligerently kicked Khemical Ali in the ribs during a performance, prompting him to start vomiting almost immediately. Somehow he didn't miss a verse and trudged on.”


Josh Pann / Circa Now :  “One time this really drunk guy starting dry humping my monitor. He nearly unplugged it so I couldn't even sing. I looked for help to my band mates and they were laughing just as hard. The song finished without vocals.” 


Gregory Page: “At Lestat’s a guy walked on stage and stood at attention next to me while I was singing. I knew he was on drugs. First I asked him politely to leave, and he just stood there like a statue mumbling to himself. Then I said "Hey mister see that plaque on the wall? it reads “The Gregory Page Stage,” now get the F-ck Off My Stage." Police were called and he was taken away and I continued singing…”


Patric Petrie / Skelpin: “One night my skirt flew off mid-twirl during a performance at downtown’s annual “Shamrock” St. Patrick’s Day Street Fair. I was in the middle of playing a fast tune, jumping all around, and couldn't stop to grab it. What a show.”


Patric Petrie / Skelpin. “We were performing a corporate gig at the Embarcadero Marina in 2006, when my wireless mic’d fiddle slipped from my hand as I danced. Unfortunately, I was still in motion, so I managed to drop kick the instrument into the audience. No one in the crowd thought to catch it, instead they moved en masse out of the way. It was like watching the Red Sea part. I’ll never forget the sound it made when it hit the concrete.”


Jordan Reimer: “When I was on tour in San Francisco in ‘06. I was playing at a nearly empty coffee house/laundromat called the Brain Wash Cafe when a homeless man came in with a tree branch that had a large, white, blooming flower on it. He walked up to the stage and set it on top of my amp for me. For a while I thought it was really creepy, but after a while I realized the true meaning of it. He gave me all he could, and that is a very touching action.”


Victoria Robertson: "I was booked to sing the National Anthem at the Miramar Airshow each morning of the event. It was very unfortunate that the sound company didn't prepare for my solo as much as I did that weekend.  During Friday's show, the band began but my microphone didn't kick in until "...what so proudly we hailed", missing the first 10 seconds of the 1 1/2 minute anthem.  As if this wasn't unfortunate enough, the same mistake was repeated Saturday and Sunday.”

Randy Seol / Strawberry Alarm Clock:  “At an open air festival we played in the seventies, there were supposed to be fireworks following our set. There were problems right away. One of the guys setting them up was showing off or something. The first blast made us wonder what was going on. The second blast slightly injured the fire marshall who came over to investigate the first. By the third blast we were running.”

Randy Seol / Strawberry Alarm Clock: “We got to play a big music festival, on a side stage. It was a big production, with modern dancers and backing singers. For some reason, we had our keyboard player playing from a hot air balloon tethered to the stage. A woman ran out of the audience and started tugging at the rope and just about tipped the gondola over while our keyboard player screamed for someone to stop her.”

Amber Shaffer / Secret Apollo : “At the Ken Club, our drummer sat down on his drum stool and his phone fell out of his pocket.  It managed to fall through the 6 inch gap between the back wall and where the stage begins and slipped another 2.5 feet to the actual floor under the stage. The sound guy brought a flash light over and we saw the phone resting on a floor covered with a foot of garbage: old beer cans, set lists, sticky stuff I don't want to know about and certainly it's share of bugs and unidentifiable objects. And who was the only one with arms skinny AND long enough to fit in that 6 inch gap? It was bad enough having to lay face down on the Ken Club stage, but then to have to blindly stick my hand in that mess and dig around for a phone-like shape? Steve's still paying me back for that one.


Mike Stax / The Loons: I suppose (lead singer) Ray Brandes getting yanked off the stage by the cops mid-song back in the Tell-Tale Hearts days was kind of surreal. He reappeared a few minutes later with one of his best ever one-liners to the audience: "It seems I had a couple of library books overdue."


Anna Troy:  “I played an outdoor gallery opening in North County on a makeshift stage. The gig itself was nothing unusual except that I was told to keep an eye out for poisonous spiders, because the stage had been built in an area that was known to have them. I had a hard time concentrating on the music while looking around for spiders, especially since I noticed the soundman occasionally making “squishing” motions with his foot.”

Brandon Welchez / Crockodiles: “While in the Prayers, in Los Angeles a pretty well-known Hollywood transvestite closed our show with us with an impromptu cover of “Louie Louie.”

Rockin’ Johnny White (promoter): “I've had my share of the girl with the new boob job who wants everybody in the club to check them out. But that one always starts out like this "Do you dare me to flash my Boobs?" And I always reply "Yes."




Hoping to combat the notion that hip-hop competition breeds violence, several local performers are banding together for a Best of Daygo City compilation album. “We’re shooting for 99 percent exclusives, stuff that’s never been out before,” says Chris at On Fyre Entertainment. “This will not be a mixtape. A fully-pressed and professionally packaged CD will be distributed through retailers, iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.”


So what’s the performer incentive to donate fresh tracks? “We’re not charging these artists $50 to $2,000, like mixtape DJs do. We also provide free promotional material, and the ability to purchase CDs in bulk, so they can resell on their own.”


Chris estimates pressing and promotion costs at around $2,000, which he’ll cover with partners Kayo and Young Mass. “The money will be raised through tax refunds, sales of Mass and Kayo albums in the streets, pimpin’, recycling, blood, sweat, and tears…just playing about that pimpin’ thing.”




So who gets Daygo’s Best proceeds? “The money will be invested into promoting musicians from San Diego, and to the production of the next compilation album.”


Confirmed contributors include Vokab Kompany, O.C.T./Outta-Control, James T. Powers (Clay Pigeons), Play B, Kitty, Shock G, Kayo, Young Mass, Parker and the Numberman (Pac 10), female rapper Vision, and Bucky Adams (who at this writing claims “40,904 CDs sold in the streets of SD”).


 (Young Mass)


“I represent all of San Diego, but I’m from Southeast,” says Kitty. “Everyone is out for self, because the biz is so tough to crack. So people feel that, if they help someone out, they’ll be outshined.”


Pacific Beach-based Vokab Kompany say they don’t mind donating a track. “We don’t really see it as a problem, nobody owes us anything,” according to an email from Burkey Baybe and Rob Hurt. “Complaining just attracts a temporary ear. Opportunity is there to be created…maybe when this is all said and done, we can be looked at as the ones to thank.”


“There aren’t too many people in San Diego I wouldn’t work with,” says Powers (who last month held most-downloaded slot on the Reader website).  “Though there are some people I’ve reached out to on numerous occasions who won’t give me the time of day. DJ Fingaz, get at me, haha!”



http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2198688_13060946&url=http://www.artbyshano.com/ "My new cd MOOD SWING is almost done," reports Cathryn Beeks. "We started recording in late January at Berkley Sound, Jeff Berkley producing.  Matt and I laid down rough versions of around 20 "Game" songs I'd written over the past 3 years and we decided on 12 of those plus a Paul Simon cover and a few others."  

Since The Ordeal had never heard most of the songs, Beeks hired studio guys to expedite the process.  "I was pretty excited to work with Brian "Nucci" Cantrell and Rick Nash, they helped bring these songs to life.  I was also blessed to have guests such as Dennis Caplinger, John McBride, Wes Wilkes, Ben Moore, Earl Schreyer, The Grass Gypsys, Barbara Nesbitt, Steph Johnson, Lisa Sanders and Brown Sugar, Matt Hannifin, Becky Fleming, Bill Coomes and of course Jeff Berkley, The Reverend Stickman, Matt Silvia and Marcia Claire." 

According to Beeks, "These songs are the first I've recorded where words and music are mine so it's a deeply personal collection and really scary this time.  Despite the fear, this is my proudest work and I can't wait for you to hear it."



Hostile Comb-Over played its final show August 11 at the Radio Room. According to Hostile singer/guitarist John Cota, "I've started something new called Rats Eyes with Jason Blackmore from Sirhan Sirhan, Jimmy Armbrust from Louis XIV, and Gabe Serbian from The Locust."


http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2125142_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/foldingmisterlincoln Folding Mr. Lincoln filmed their 1st music video to "Lay It All Down." They partnered with young filmmaker Geeta Malik of Shetani Films.  You can check her stuff here.


"Trying to raise funds to help my 'kids' shoot a music video. They are ages 13, 13 and 17 and very talented. If we get 50 people to donate 10 bucks we will have reached our goal. Feel free to pass it on to anybody who you think would be interested in supporting a little girl who will (hopefully) be opening for Taylor Swift in a couple years. If we don't reach our goal of $500.00 - everybody gets their money back, its an honest deal!"

Fundable.com lets groups of people pool money to make purchases or raise funds.  Similar to online auctions, Fundable's collection pages are created by people who use the web site. Each page contains a description of how much money needs to be collected and what it will do.  Once enough pledges for a collection have been secured, Fundable turns them into real payments and sends the total to the collection's organizer.

FUNDRAISING - Aja Alycean's Music Video



This is the final week San Diego bands can apply to showcase at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon in NYC.

Here are the San Diego bands who applied using their Sonicbids accounts last year and were selected by CMJ to perform an official showcase: Crocodiles and Lady Dottie and the Diamonds - (http://www.sonicbids.com/LadyDottieandtheDiamonds)

Going back farther, here’s all the Sonicbids bands CMJ selected going back to 2005: http://www.sonicbids.com/Profile/PromoterProfile.aspx?account_id=12435 

Bands can apply here until midnight on Wed. 7/15: http://www.sonicbids.com/cmj



A local “retired” hip-hop act, Kastle Vania, is back in the game, having called it quits after winning Best Hip-Hop at the 2002 SDMAs. Now calling themselves Kastle Creeps, their new album is slated to debut with a July 31 CD release party at Portugalia.

***************************************************** And, in honor of the late, great Michael Jackson, here’s artwork from a comic book biography I did about him (which will be released soon by Bluewater Productions, the company behind the recent Oprah and Obama comic books) --------------------- mjcoverBlog FamMarlon1fnl FamMarlon2Redo **********************************************


THE ROCKETEER AND OTHER FAMOUS '80S COMICS BEGAN RIGHT HERE IN SAN DIEGO - Here's a detailed history of local Pacific Comics, who recruited comic superstars like Jack Kirby to create one of the first successful indie comic book lines. Pioneers in the fight for comic creators' rights and royalties, former employees and operators reveal how they did it, and what went so terribly wrong...




THE KOMPLETE KISS KOMIX KRONICLES - Comprehensive collection of stuff I’ve done about working with Kiss on a comic book series in San Diego, along with a bunch of never-before-seen artifacts from the Kiss Komix archives AND an article by Kiss comic author Spike Steffenhagen, offering his own very-different take, ala Rashomon, on the same events I describe in my essay...



ROCK 'N' ROLL COMICS: THE INSIDE STORY - In 1989, San Diego's Revolutionary Comics ("Unauthorized And Proud Of It") launched Rock 'N' Roll Comics, featuring unlicensed biographies of rock stars, most of which I wrote. Some performers, like Frank Zappa and Kiss, were supportive, while others like New Kids On The Block considered our comics akin to bootlegs and sued. In June 1992, publisher Todd Loren was found dead in his San Diego condo, brutally murdered...



NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK VS REVOLUTIONARY COMICS - The inside story of how a hugely successful boy band tried to sue local-based Rock 'N' Roll Comics over an unauthorized biography of the group, sparking a court case that established, for the very first time, first amendment rights for comic books. Illustrated by comic superstar Stuart Immonen (Superman, etc.)...



OVER A MILLION CARNAL COMICS ARE IN PRINT - Here's how and why we made some of the top-selling erotic comics of all time, right here in San Diego, including what Gene Simmons has to do with it all, backstage tales of porn stars, and more confessions of a comic pornographer...



COMICS AND CENSORSHIP - DON'T BE AFRAID, IT'S ONLY A COMIC BOOK - A local-centric history of comic book censorship, and the fight for the rights of comic creators...


deep38joblog50 joblog51

TWILIGHT ZONE AND STAR TREK WRITER GEORGE CLAYTON JOHNSON PRESENTS - The inside story of a local horror comic book series featuring Robert Bloch, author of Psycho, plus sci-fi king Larry Niven, Zap Comix co-founder Spain Rodriguez, Matthew Alice artist Rick Geary, Vampire Lestat painter Daerick Gross, yours truly JAS, and many more...



THE BIRTH OF IMAGE COMICS: INSIDE STORY OF A LOCAL PUBLISHING POWERHOUSE - Illustrated tale revealing how Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and local comic artist Jim Lee (the Punisher, etc.) conspired to create the ultimate creator-owned comic books...


 Down the Slippery Slope - Arrested For the Crime of Viewing Manga

On March 30, 2004, when Dwight Whorley found the Japanese website of Fractal Underground Studio via Yahoo and clicked on a couple of the thumbnail images... ( http://comipress.com/special/miscellaneous/down-the-slippery-slope-the-crime-of-viewing-manga )


"Before It Was The Gaslamp: Balboa's Last Stand" - Cover story 6-21-07: In the late 70s/early 80s, I worked at downtown San Diego's grindhouse all-night movie theaters, for the owner of the Pussycat Theatre chain, Vince Miranda - this detailed feature recalls those dayz, the death of the Balboa Theatre, etc.

More Before It Was the Gaslamp


"Battle Of The Peeps" - feature article about a weird gig I had in the mid-'80s, running a strip club called Jolar, for the nation's second biggest pornographer, Harry Mohney (Deja Vu Showgirls founder).

More Battle of the Peeps - An Insider History of San Diego Porn Shops

"Field Of Screens" - Cover story 7-6-06: Complete theater-by-theater history of San Diego drive-ins thru the years, including a few which screened X-rated fare for awhile.

More Drive-In Theaters in San Diego: Complete Illustrated History 1947 thru 2008


"Pussycat Theaters - When 'Cathouses Ruled California" -- for the first time, the detailed inside story of the west coast Pussycat Theater chain of adult moviehouses, which peaked in the '70s but later died out. Told by those who actually ran the theaters!

More Pussycat Theater History: When Cathouses Ruled CA


Jay Allen  Sanford  More Music on the Reader Website:

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