If you live in San Diego, it is most likely you have heard about the fact we have a drought (we need lots of water and there is not enough available for normal usage)situation. Mayor Sanders mentions it frequently, it is on the City's website and there have even been TV commercials warning people to cut back. There is a drought procedure and fines can be levied. This is a serious matter and we all need to do our part. That is the lead in to a story. It took place on Thursday, May 6.

The below link (you must cut & paste into address bar because I could not get a link to work!) are photos taken Thursday, May 6, at Ralph's (1st & G) in their underground parking lot. It was probably around 11AM. A friend had picked me up following a medical procedure and I needed comfort food before going home. Thus the trip to Ralph's. I stayed in the car while she went to shop. I kept hearing what sounded like dripping water. I mentioned this to my friend & she noticed a pipe that was dripping a steady stream of water. In looking around, we noted several other sources & 2 standing puddles of stagnating water (seems to have been there awhile). She took the pictures with my cell phone.

I sent a Customer Care form to Ralph's from their website explaining the issue & sending the photos. I have notified the City water dept., Mayor Sanders & Kevin Faulconer. I requested that someone from the water department (or whoever is in charge of such inspections) please go over there today (Friday). This is a large commercial establishment and they need to be held accountable. I have no information as to how long the pipes have been dripping and we did not have time to talk to the store manager. The City is the entity to handle this.

C:UserssankeenPictures2010-05-06my_pix (copy & paste into address, not search)

Our Padres looked good until the Rockies got to town. Let's hope they do better on this road trip, visiting Houston & San Francisco. We need to beat the Giants if we 'plan' to make it to October baseball this year.

So long

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