I am confused by Mayor Sanders request. He is telling San Diegans not to water their lawns. This comes after several very wet, cold, rainy days. It also reminds me that I saw a landscape company employee using a leaf blower on very soggy vegetation that was not going to move from the driveway. Maybe their contract calls for mandatory use of leaf blower!

I looked, but could not find any sidewalk washers today. I have written to Mr. Faulconer (City Council)& Mayor Sanders (via blog) asking that they cut back this nicety. There is NO reason to continue the schedule when the City is telling residents to cut back on water use. We've been through droughts before and hopefully know how to cut our personal usage.

This City is in trouble and I am hopeful that a few new faces on duty in the City Council will make a difference. One thing that bothers me is that the developers (BOSA, McMillin, Manchester, etc,) seem to get what they want. We now are faced with the prospect of hundreds of empty condominiums. We don't have to worry about the 1st floor commercial enterprises as most of them are empty and have been for a LONG time. Yet, every proposed new development in the past 10 years or so always came with the caveat of bringing new business into these new buildings. What a farce.

I realize that no one can see into the future, but it appears that these unoccupied units may stay that way. MANY residents questioned the need & the design of high rise buildings downtown. There are some who have had their money (deposit of 5% or so) tied up in projects for many years. This is true at Vantage Pointe (see Dec. 4 issue of the Reader) where some deposits go back to 2004.

There is no real need for CCDC, CCAC, Paradise in Progress. So, in addition to telling the residents they must conserve, how about eliminating some San Diego pork?? Is Paradise in Progress still operating? I know that Mr. Smith's contract was not renewed and I don't find anything that explains that particular entity.

The Chargers still want a new stadium, even though the country is in a financial crisis, the Padres are up for sale, the number of homeless continues to grow and they are everywhere. Pan handling is much more aggressive and the signs they use are amazing: Stranded in San Diego, need money to get home; pregnant, need food to keep baby nourished; Help wanted, need money for beer. I talked to one guy and asked why he & others don't go to Father Joe's. The reply was, "he has too many rules".

So long

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