The Chargers need to figure out what's wrong. They do not play like a team that wants to win. Maybe it's epidemic in San Diego this year. And then there is college football, upsets, great plays, real team spirit and a team that has more losses this year than in any prior year ever. That would be Michigan in 129 years!!

Our City needs help. The powers that be seem to focus on things that do little to actually help the citizenry. The worst part is they don't seem to notice. Mayor Sanders made an announcement about closing libraries. There has to be a better way to save money. How about shutting down the useless agencies, like CCDC, CCAC, Paradise in Progress (now that is a great name). Libraries are essential, and in my neighborhood it is a large sleeping area for the homeless.

I stopped in to see the new CCDC Information Center last week. It is now in Horton Plaza, above Longs. It is not exactly convenient and they won't get as much foot traffic (they were in the NBC building by McDonald's before). It is a nice location. There is another project, the Metro Center, at 16th & National. It seems rather redundant to add a 400,000+ square foot shopping center when there are plenty of retail centers in the City. AND, what stores are going to be there? Horton Plaza has been losing stores for many years now (long before the current financial crunch). Can somebody please tell me why there is a 7/11 on every corner? Just across the street from the Starbucks corners!!!!!

It is better than nothing, I suppose. Restaurants are closing down within a few months. There are nothing but empty windows in the ground floor of these condo developments, where it was touted that there would be all this commercial influx. It has not happened that way. There are a few new places, but mostly empty shells with For Lease signs.

Everyone knows that the Federal Government works slowly, but that hole in the ground on Broadway (the former San Diego Hotel) has had no work done at all. At least it is not visible. They closed the businesses & kicked people out of the hotel, then left it vacant for a few years. Then they had the big Implosion, in April, 2006. Over 3 years ago.

Downtown living should be much more accessible. Right now there are the high flying yuppies with too much disposable income, in the new condos. Admittedly, they are sparse and will likely lose more people due to inability to pay. They contrast with the homeless & those who reside in SRO's or temporary shelters. The middle ground is almost non-existent, due to the fact that there are so few apartments and even fewer affordable places.

I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before, cut back the street cleaning & sidewalk washing. You want us to cut back on water use (how about some way to capture the water from all these broken pipes?) so the City should do the same. Why does 9th St. need to be cleaned twice a week?

So long

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