Mayor Sanders is blaming bloggers for some of the City's problems. Huh?? Wouldn't that require someone, even the Mayor himself, to read our blogs?? Rather than sitting in the office, get out and walk around the streets. That is what many of us do to get information to write blogs. Some even take pictures of the broken, cracked, in need of repair sidewalks we walk on.

Many of the sidewalk problems are due to tree roots. So, somebody, in planning sidewalks & amenities forgot to check whether such trees would become the menace they are today. Check a Botany book regarding root growth before planting any more trees.

In a recent speech by Mayor Sanders, he said he had recently been to Washington DC to lobby on behalf of our fine City. That surprised me because it does not seem to me that he has done much here. In San Diego. Where he is the mayor.

As I sat pondering the ramifications of my blogging, I tried to think of a real accomplishment by Mayor Sanders. What I got from that exercise was the fact that he has appeared on television in an infomercial about water conservation. Yes we have a water problem. San Diego is a desert, thereby forcing the purchase of water from other water districts, and divvying up the other sources (river). There is nothing new about water shortages & droughts. It will always be that way (until those glaciers start melting more). The ads make me think of a bully berating his flock. I, for one, am darn tired of seeing him.

San Diego has a HUGE homeless population that has received very little attention from the Mayor. More & more people seem to have moved in to certain sections of our City. Since they are allowed to sleep on public sidewalks from 9 PM to 6 AM, they do. Now they stay most of the day. Since the area is their "home" the residential neighbors get to listen to arguments, fights over territory, etc. There are quite a few young people who are aggressive in their panhandling techniques. I had a way around the problem on E St. (post office & library). I could just walk over to F. Well, now there are plenty of folks sleeping along F.

With the current non-productive Mayor and lackluster City Council it seems like a new library is a far off dream. BUT, the plans for a new City Administration building are being shoved at us. I don't think anybody should be building anything more until it is FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE to do so. There are still hundreds, if not thousands of unsold condominiums, vacant commercial areas on the street level of many of the buildings, lots of decayed water pipes, streets full of potholes, and sidewalks that are downright treacherous. And then, the repairs need to be done right. No more band aids. Fix it right. There are some areas where the repairs created a more hazardous walk area than the broken pavement.

Our City Council needs to do more. Mr. Faulconer needs to walk around his district and see what is going on. At a recent EVCAN meeting, we were advised that the long term (5 year) plan for homelessness was on schedule. At that time, proposals were due, and I assumed (yes, I know) there would be something concrete by now. Somebody needs to listen to our police department. There are several officers with some good insight into the problems at hand and City officials need to get involved with the police to solve this problem.

A MAJOR issue is COMMUNICATION which goes hand in hand with overlapping duties. I will continue to say that the CCDC, CCAC, Paradise in Progress, et al, should be shut down and returned to the City government fold.

In trying to get The Ivy to stop playing LOUD music on their rooftop, I managed to learn several things. First of all, there are way too many people/agencies involved in issuing entertainment permits. Second, The Ivy does not have a permit for live music or dancing. They were so advised some time ago. BUT, where is the enforcement? Is there a penalty for violating their permit? Since I still hear it every weekend and have advised CCDC, the police dept., & Mr. Faulconer, I guess The Ivy gets special treatment.

Have things changed so much that a business letter salutation is "Dear Michael"? That is what the CCDC sent to the owner of The Ivy. Sounds pretty friendly for a letter advising they do not have an entertainment permit. And, they are continuing to play LOUD music & allow dancing. Special treatment?

I am still looking for downtown residents with noise issues.

So long

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CuddleFish Sept. 17, 2009 @ 7:06 a.m.

Re the homeless: Many of us who voted against the Ballpark, did so on an economic basis. But one person's negative is another person's opportunity. When Father Joe and those other so-called "community" groups got a cut of the action, there was no way you were going to stop the Ballpark, so they could get what they wanted. The ramifications are what you see now, including a huge increase of the professional homeless population living around that area. Just drive down 16th between Market and Imperial and you'll see whole sidewalk cities of people living there openly and freely. You ought to call that whole area Moore's Town.

As for the Five Year Plan to solve the homeless problem, they've been talking about that for the last fifteen years. Every once in a while there's an article in the paper about the outreach efforts by the HOT people, and one or two success stories, but for every one or two people who come off the streets, there are a hundred still there, and a hundred joining them. The homeless population is not stable, it is increasing throughout the City. Birds of a feather will flock together.

I don't know how you solve the problem of the homeless. The City is content for now to keep most of them located over where all the resources are located, in Moore's Town.


CuddleFish Sept. 17, 2009 @ 7:13 a.m.

Re the noise: Can I just say this, not in reference to the author of this blog, since I don't know that particular situation.

Every so often I read these letters and articles in the paper from someone who lives downtown complaining about the noise. I always think to myself, that's like someone who lives in the forest complaining about the color of the trees.


whyigotahaveid Sept. 17, 2009 @ 6:43 p.m.

an imformed public is dangerous to politicians


auntsandiegospeaks Sept. 19, 2009 @ 1:14 p.m.

Fish, you are right about the homeless. The population is the most I have seen in over 20 years. City Hall is no help at all. They have been looking to the future & promising a "plan" so long that it has become part of their job!!!!

As to the noise. I have lived downtown since 1998 and did not have any complaints until the past few years. The Ivy Hotel rooftop music is on a direct line to my apartment & it is VERY loud. The clubs have a responsibility, too. You know, good neighbors? Trying to attract people to live downtown (all those empty condos) will not be easy if they can't sleep. It's my opinion & my location by choice.

Thanks for reading.


CuddleFish Sept. 19, 2009 @ 2:54 p.m.

There's a piece in the San Diego Union today re the Goldstone memo, though they are saying Sanders sent it out. There was an article in CityBeat about the memo, with a link to a good Op-Ed piece re the homeless, you may be interested in reading it. HTML doesn't work in the threads, I'm told, so will put the link in here and you can copy and paste it to read, it's called The NIMBYS of East Village.

Captain Ball is quoted in the article. I happen to be an admirer of his, and agree with his comments.

As for the noise issue: I sympathize with your situation, and if the Ivy Hotel is in violation of whatever codes govern its location, then assuming you have the evidence, make yourself known at every entity that may be able to address your problem. Local neighborhood councils, local planning groups, your local police department community meeting, your council member's office, and at each place you go, if they can't help you, tell them to tell you who can. If and when all else fails, contact the media, and tell them who in the City hasn't helped you and provide documentation.

If they are not in violation, and if that isn't your only noise complaint about where you live, then let me go back to forest and trees; downtown, by its nature, is going to be noisy and I don't imagine it will get any less noisy as years go on and more development and venues and events come into the area. People that live there can't realistically expect that aspect of living downtown to change; either you have to adjust to the environment or get out of it.


CuddleFish Sept. 19, 2009 @ 2:57 p.m.

Well, dang if I get the system here! Anyway, the link works, you can read the article without c/p, just click the link.


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