This is totally unbelievable. According to a news story today, Mayor Jerry Sanders appears to agree with me. "Mayor Jerry Sanders office is considering eliminating or consolidating the city's 2 nonprofit redevelopment agencies...the CCDC and SEDC." I opine he should take Paradise in Progress along.

These agencies may have served a purpose at some time. I have done a lot of research on redevelopment in our fine City and it occurred to me that there was a lot of overlapping responsibilities resulting in the fact that CCDC's existence is to maintain a map.

Now, two top executives have been let go. That eliminates 2 high paying salaries. The search for a new President of CCDC continues, but at a lower salary. What should happen is to stop that process and get things coordinated within the City. CCDC has already frozen salaries and stopped bonuses. Get the merger accomplished and let the City handle whatever is pending.

I applaud Mayor Sanders office for taking this bold and probably unpopular step in the right direction. As for Paradise in Progress, I still think there is no real use for them. I found it rather interesting that CCDC would present their highest honor to Camille Ohlson & Rick Smith, after canceling their contract last year. Something rotten in Denmark.

One CCDC issue is the plan for Ariel Suites at Kettner & Beech. The proposed project is a 19 story building with residences and, this is the best part---9600 square feet of ground floor commercial space!! I continue to be amazed at this simple statement that appears in almost every proposal. The problem is that the ground floor of nearly every new (since 2004)building is absolutely VACANT. Some had a small business or two, but they ran their short course and are gone by now. There is no commercial development. With the current state of the financial world, it is even more doubtful that any business will open in these buildings. The few that exist near Petco Park will have less foot traffic as the Padres ticket sales are "in the dumper". (More on the Padres in another blog). Thus leaving fewer customers, less income, eventual closure.

So long

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