Headlines today announced that the Federal Government needs to hire thousands. Here's my idea for them:

The best plan for filling all those job openings is to hire the homeless. There are lots of people sleeping on sidewalks who are only there because they lost a job. Send a recruitor or 2 and get the people they need. This would work.

In San Diego, if the Mayor, City Council representatives, anyone who lives and/or works downtown walks outside, they will encounter a homeless person. It is a very difficult situation and somebody needs to do something besides TALK. The increase in numbers has the added issue of noise and I noticed there is now a sofa under the stairway that leads to Rachel's. Take away tents, move in furniture??? Last night (Sunday) there was a multi-person argument at 3:45 AM. Lots of screaming.

Back to the NOISE issue, I was advised by CCDC that the rooftop at The Ivy did not have a permit for live music/dancing. I called The Ivy and was told by the night manager that they interpreted that to mean live music was not allowed but, no one can stop people from dancing.

Who enforces these rules? Is it the police, noise abatement, who??? If CCDC is aware that The Ivy is still allowing dancing and still playing very loud music, why don't they do something? The police are usually quite busy on the nights that they crank up the volume. Even if I call, it is doubtful there would be anyone available until after the bars/clubs close.

Noise, homelessness, water shortage, pension plan, layoffs. Those are all issues the City is dealing with. So, I get this lovely e-mail about "Wayfinding signage"????? Are there that many complaints about people getting lost? Does this apply only to downtown? Shouldn't this be at or very near the bottom of any priority list? Come on. Shake out the cobwebs. Make one of those pros/cons lists, and then do the same thing with other projects. The overlapping of duties is an issue that is being ignored. This is not likely the right order, but "projects" seem to go through CCAC, Downtown Residents group, Paradise in Progress (?), CCDC, Planning Commission, City Council and various committees.

I recently attended a meeting at the Police Dept., Central Division and a question was asked about the responsiveness of the elected officials (unfortunately it is not a crime to ignore your constituency).

Here is a comment from one of my readers; I am reading your article about the noise in downtown San Diego. I live in East Village and this is the second night of "Street Scream" as I call it. It is several blocks away and the heat makes it impossible to close our windows so we are forced to listen to the inane music and emergency crews going to get who knows who for what there. It is a nightmare...A friend in Coronado told me today they could hear it over there last night. The crowds will break up after midnight but the noise will not stop. It is terrible. Why don't they have it in the convention center...or Petco. You are right about the people at the top just not caring. Thanks for the website!

Politicians, Noisy Hotels, continue their rhetoric and again I feel Bamboozled. Here is the dictionary definition: "Main Entry: bam·boo·zle Pronunciation: bam-ˈbü-zəl Function: transitive verb Inflected Form(s): bam·boo·zled; bam·boo·zling Etymology: origin unknown 1 : to deceive by underhanded methods : dupe, hoodwink 2 : to confuse, frustrate, or throw off thoroughly or completely". Not enough to keep me from writing!

So long

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