About living downtown. It can be wonderful one moment, crazy the next. Quiet one moment, noisy the next. It was a lovely quiet during the rain on Friday morning. Until those guys started power washing F St. It was raining!! How stupid is that? I made a few phone calls & was advised that the service is provided by Clean & Safe, not the City. Anyway, they stopped washing the already wet sidewalk.

Clean & Safe is part of the Downtown Partnership. I am unsure as to their funding, whether they contract with the City or are somehow employed by the City. Whatever the case may be, there is no excuse for the persons in charge to actually send sidewalk cleaners out in the rain. There is ALWAYS room for common sense (which is not very common). Mayor Sanders needs to do some checking in his own backyard before berating us for failure to conserve water.

I received information from the property management company where I live that replacing the hallway carpet and putting in vinyl tile has to be approved by CCDC. Why?? How many "things" go through that office? It seems that carpeting replacement is a major improvement here, so why does it need approval?

In conjunction with my never ending quest for a decrease in noise, I learned that CCDC was holding a public hearing regarding a live entertainment permit for the EXY restaurant. I was previously advised the SDPD handled the entertainment permits. What role does CCDC play?

The continuing saga of trying to get information on the condos downtown. I would like to know how many units were available, starting in the year 2004 (yearly breakdown), how many are available now, how many are owner occupied, how many are occupied by other than the owner. I am interested in those units in the 92101 zip code.

What happens when these units have been on the market for, over a year?? Would there be property taxes to be paid? Is the developer responsible? How long can the developers sit on these empty buildings before they start losing money??

Speaking of money, how much money is available from the payment of "in lieu of fees"? By law, developers must include affordable housing in their projects. If not, then they just pay a fine, handled by CCDC. Since NONE of the building I visited have affordable units, there must be money in a fund somewhere. It seems that the money received from developers for downtown projects needs to stay downtown. Where is it??

So long

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Burbclaver Jan. 31, 2009 @ 8:02 a.m.

Like most bloggers, this is long on opinion and short on knowledge. What you deem to be 'common sense' is actually contrary to fact and your article is just a list of questions about things you do not know. In the old days of professional journalism somebody whould do something called research and write an article that contained something called facts. Now, we put up with the rambling of amateurs with keyboards and pass it off as news.


MsGrant Jan. 31, 2009 @ 9:17 a.m.

Burb, there is an old saying. "There is nothing common about common sense."


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