Why can't the City continue the winter shelter tent all year long? I am sure it is a matter of cost. This is an issue that needs to be addressed. Planning ahead is great but NOW there is a dire need for action. Seems like a "lost art". I walk to and from Padres games. There are several areas of the sidewalk that are narrow & can accomodate only 2 people across. So, two people are walking north, one person going south. The two make no effort to move. I step off the sidewalk to let them pass! Happens all the time. And it is always people under 30 years of age. I admit to being poor at guessing ages, but I will stick with this one.

Skateboards are dangerous. Again, the skateboarders are usually under 30. The "sport" is rife with possibilities for injury and it is noisy. Walking along Fifth the other evening, nearing an intersection when a skateboarder came roaring out of nowhere, lost control in the presence of many people, the skateboard went flying and landed in the street. Somehow the "driver" managed to stay on his feet and uninjured. He grabbed the skateboard and headed across the street, riding the board. No one in this group of strangers waiting for the light moved or said a word. I think we were shocked that no one got hit or hurt. We were all stunned. All started talking at once about how to get these "vehicles" of the streets. And we agreed, except one, that this is not a priority.

Trash. People leave trash on the sidewalk, when a trashcan is a few steps away. Some toss stuff from the car. My favorite is those who toss their garbage in the trash room area where there is a chute. Maybe they've never seen a chute, don't know what it is, or expect their Mom to come over and pick it up! Some even think that garden areas are beer can/bottle receptacles.

Message to Aquafina water: the eco bottles are a great attempt at conservation and I applaud your efforts. The problem is that the flexible bottle does not allow any resistance to open the top. Since the bottles collapses, as the top is being twisted, water is spilling out.

I feel so much better now.

I received a letter copy from CDC to The Ivy Hotel. They explain that The Ivy never did have the proper certificate for rooftop entertainment. So, live bands are out and dancing is not allowed. I got the letter on July 2nd. Last night I called the police to check the noise on the Ivy roof. I called the Ivy and spoke to the night manager. She told me that the letter only deals with live entertainment & people will get up and dance to good music. So they have a DJ and the music is way too loud. Looks like I am going to be busy as I intend to fight this "Quality of life" issue.

So long

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