As the world turns, so does our City. Why do we need CCDC? Downtown has been built. In my humble opinion, it has been overbuilt. All the fancy words and promises have turned into a bunch of empty condos (plenty of them built and ready for sale LONG before this current economic crisis). And, that BIG push to make sure everyone heard about the street level commercial enterprises continues to be nothing but EMPTY promises as those areas remain mostly empty. There are a few successes, but mostly emptiness with For Lease signs in the windows. Phase out the CCDC, CCAC, Paradise in Progress, etc. Eliminate the huge number of overlapping duties. The City has a Redevelopment Department, use it.

From Voice of San Diego: "City Attorney Jan Goldsmith has cautioned city leaders.. He opined in March that eliminating the agencies would be the best way to protect the city from legal exposure. As they're currently structured, the city could be held financially responsible for wrongdoing at the organizations, Goldsmith wrote."

Unfortunately for the populace, San Diego continues to have the 'prima dona' agencies (such as the airport authority advertising), a Mayor with ideas & promises who is now asking the public to submit budget ideas, and a City Council that embraces the philosophy of the Do Nothing Congress (nicknamed in 1948).

There is a huge population of homeless persons, with a majority in East Village, Downtown, Embarcadero areas. The newest arrivals (past 6 months) have accosted me (surrounded by three twenty something panhandlers). The fact that I now have a "community of homeless" right across the street with their noise, trash, fighting, loud arguments, human excrement, has a DIRECT effect on my Quality of Life. Last evening I walked over to HOB to meet a friend. On the way from 9th & E until I reached my destination, I was approached by 6 rather aggressive persons asking for money. I took a circuitous route going home and managed to see only the ones sitting on the sidewalks with their signs.

Homeless people have been an issue in San Diego for a LONG time, yet no one in our City government has done much of anything to address this issue. Talk, talk, talk. But, do nothing. I do not have an answer. The homeless population is diverse and includes many drug addicts, mentally ill persons, chronic alcoholics who cannot keep a job, many visitors who have no clue what it is like in our City (expensive & no jobs), and those who got caught in the economic mess. I wonder if the visitors had a chance to do so, would they go home? Has anybody asked that question? Maybe a bus ticket would help some of these people.

The bottom line, over and over and over again is, SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. This admonition needs to go to our Health Department also. They apparently believe that the human excrement, dirty clothes, unclean areas, trash, etc. has no bearing on their duties. I do not understand how a real potential health hazard can be of no concern.

It would be great to see the Do Nothings get up off their collective arses and change into Do Somethings.

So long

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