This is not the blog I had intended to write. The late newscast just changed things. NO NO NO How can a City that is struggling, laying people off and looking at budget deficits possibly pay $160,000 for some consultant to study the feasibility of a stadium for the Chargers to move downtown, East Village?

There are still many issues with the Petco deal and so the CCDC wants to spend more money. The Chargers have been unable to find a home suitable for the Spanos clan. The addition of Mr. Fabiani did little to help their cause, in fact he probably hurt it. Their timing was off. With the Padres fans waiting while Mr. Henderson got construction delayed for years, disillusionment set in. Now the Padres are struggling. Season ticket sales last year were way down. I was at the 2 games of lowest attendance. The elitist Toyota Terrace was nearly empty all season, even with the 1/2 price deals being offered. They have made some major changes in the Season Ticket office and the new deals for those of us who have had tickets for awhile are very nice. There are still problems at Petco because the Park was just not built right and the price for food & drinks is outrageous.

I got a little carried away talking about the Padres!! I wonder how much money has been spent by this still great City for feasibility studies? There are planty of people who would be happy to provide CCDC with information that could eliminate the reason for studying anything. Get out of your offices and talk to the people. Traffic is probably the first hurdle, followed close by parking and tailgating. Tailgating is much, much more prominent in Football.

How about a poll? I think it could be very interesting if each TV station,& even the local radio stations conducted their own polls. It could open the eyes of some at CCDC and maybe some San Diego Politicos. At least make an effort to survey the people BEFORE throwing $160,000 at some consultant for another darn study. I guess consultants do not have to worry about being homeless as long as they are willing to work in our once finest city. Study, study, study. Whether it is the City or the Airport District (sudied every year to see if anything changed). It seems they have come to their senses and stopped studying any potential new location and instead spent our money on a model for advertising?? We have one airport. What is there to advertise?

Back to the Chargers: San Diego Union Tribune 01/27/09:

This allows us to penetrate into two of the healthier markets in the world in Orange and Los Angeles counties," Fabiani said.

The Chargers have been working on a stadium deal in the county for seven years at a cost of more than $10 million, Fabiani said. "This is not something that can go on for another seven years," Fabiani said.

Beginning next month, the team can leave San Diego by paying the city $56.2 million -- owed for the 1997 expansion of Qualcomm Stadium. The exit amount goes down to $54.6 million in 2010 and drops to $25.8 million in 2011.

The Chargers' lease with the city expires in 2020.

The bottom line to all this is CCDC needs to think more about how the citizenry would like to see this money spent. This is just a very bad decision.

So long


PistolPete Nov. 19, 2009 @ 8:56 p.m.

Hello L.A. Chargeless! :-D This is actually great news for us NFL fans that absolutely hate the Chargeless. Then again, MAYBE if they won something besides a steroid tainted AFL bubblegum ring from 46 years ago, things might be different.

To all you "die-hard"(I'm snickering typing those words)Chargeless fans, I'd just like to say:


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