COMMUNICATION According to Merriam-Webster: a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior; a technique for expressing ideas effectively; the technology of the transmission of information.

Quoting a line from a film: "What we have here is a failure to communicate".

I think this is one of the BIG issues within America's once Finest City. It took many, many months of sending e-mails, blogs, etc. to Kevin Faulconer's office before I got someone's attention. At least they now know who I am, which was one of my goals. I am unaware of any particular excuses for not responding to e-mails. Maybe our City officials could take a lesson from Susan Davis, who always responds to e-mails. Even the White House does so. The use of the canned responder (we got your e-mail) is only effective if it leads to some semblance of a later response.

The failure to communicate includes the failure to read an entire story or blog before responding. I often get a referral to a website instead of an answer, when my writing includes facts from the aforemmmentioned website. Sometimes, my questions do get some attention, but I am not notified. I assume, fairly, that nothing is being done. Then I get a response that the matter has been addressed. A simple cc or bcc would solve the problem. Or how about an e-mail simply advising the matter is being handled??

The current drought issue confuses me. I listen to Mayor Sanders spouting the numbers and demanding mandatory decreases in water usage. So, why does Clean & Safe (funded by downtown residents) power wash the sidewalks on 9th at least twice a week? Why do we need to have street cleaning (on 9th) 3 times a week? Water is water and it seems the City & others are wont to change a schedule. I must admit that the Clean & Safe power washing schedule is daunting, but it can be changed. There is also a sweeper cart that picks up trash on the sidewalks. I realize that keeping clean is a virtue, but the water crisis should dictate some changes by City Hall. Maybe sweep sidewalks once a week and power wash once a week. Street cleaning would be effective once a month.

Interestingly, sidewalk washing was touted as helping to take care of potential health & environmental issues dueto the homeless population. Here we go around in circles, round & round we go.

So long

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