The local economy continues to take a beating. A loss of over 37,000 jobs compared to the same time last year. Claims for unemployment are up. And, just by looking around, homelessness has increased dramatically. A story in Voice of San Diego notes that, according to Alan Gin (USD economist), the monthly drop was the worst on record since 1977. Per Mr Gin:

"The outlook for the local economy remains unchanged from recent months, and that is decidedly negative. February’s employment report for San Diego showed that the county last an astonishing 37,900 jobs compared to the same month last year. ... The local economy is likely to remain in a downturn for the rest of this year, with heavy year-over-year job losses to continue and the unemployment rate likely to top 10 percent."

The above information is from a story by Kelly Bennett in the Voice of San Diego.

From my own observations, food prices have been trickling upward for several months. The grocery delivery places raised their rates to compensate for gas prices. As those prices have declined, I am wondering if Albertson's and Von's will lower prices. I doubt it. Once prices go up, they rarely come down. I have stated this before, 'have you ever heard anyone say, we haven't lowered our prices for several years!!!!'

One place making a concerted effort (more like a bombardment) is the Padres. Season ticket prices are down, they have created a "value meal", added 2 more unused ticket nights, all to try to lure fans back. The problem with this is, they are a day late and a dollar short. For 5 years, they have failed to listen to the fans and now there are fewer of us still talking!!! That good old concept of common sense is a rarity in Padreville.

San Diego restaurants are definitely feeling the pinch of the economy, with many offering good deals on price fixe meals. They will really need to go some to lure the locals. They need to consider eliminating the measured pour wine as a good first step. They should also consider giving a discount (10%) to locals. Their prices are geared toward tourism and convention dollars.

Our City government needs to take a good hard look at their priorities. Street cleaning can certainly be cut way back from the current 2-3 times/week. Same for sidewalk power washing (I know this is handled by Clean & Safe, but the City can advise them). The group of officials that make up the current City Council seems to be less proactive. Kevin Faulconer represents the downtown area, but he does not seem to be responsive nor does he seem to know about many issues plaguing downtown residents. One point, he does not respond to e-mails. I had been corresponding with his Aide when another citizen advised me that this Aide had not worked for Kevin for about 6 months!!! It is disconcerting when those purporting to represent us, cannot even advise of personnel changes or respond to e-mails. FYI, Toni Atkins at least has an automated response system set up, so you know she received the e-mail.

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