Since I am still doing research on some issues, I am not quite prepared to write. So today is "random" thoughts by a woman with lots of opinions.

Why does our City seem to just ignore the homeless problem?

Why does our mayor, Jerry Sanders, keep talking about water issues when he cannot even manage to get City employees (and contractors) to cease actions of stupidity (washing sidewalks in the pouring rain)?

Why does the City continue to keep a 2-3 times/week street cleaning schedule? I am pretty darn sure that once a week is more than adequate.

Why would any woman truly want 14 children?

Wouldn't you like to know who is paying for all this? If she was living with her parents, with the first 6 kids, it doesn't seem likely that she could afford all the costs of raising 8 new babies, factoring in the fact that she must also take care of the 6 others.

Why do the Courts have a Holiday on February 12 for Lincoln's birthday, then the Federal Holiday on Monday, February 16 for Presidents' Day?? Why don't they also get February 22, for Washington's birthday? Seems to me it should either be the Presidents' day holiday or the old traditional days for Lincoln & Washington (2/12 & 2/22).

How in the world did our health care system become such a discombobulated quagmire?? Managed care is the culprit. This should be a primary issue for all of those government people in Washington DC. I contend that the Medicare, part D, law may have been the worst legislation ever written and enacted by Congress & then President Bush.

What are people supposed to do when their small, but mostly adequate investments go in the tank? The rich folks may lose a lot more, in total, but they also have a lot more left. My minimal nestegg is down to a small mound of eggshells with no recovery in sight.

Did you know that Hawaiians eat more spam than any other state?

Why is it that pancreatic cancer is killing off some of the best of our movie actors?

Why do you read this blog? I would really like some feedback from you. Good, bad, indifferent, it matters not a whit. I just want some critiques.

Do you find that last paragraph to be scary? I do.

So long

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shizzyfinn Feb. 14, 2009 @ 2:10 a.m.

i like your blog. you have a real voice, and that is the whole point of the thing. keep it up.

on the street cleaning tip, you have hit on a golden issue. i live in OB, where parking is tight, and street sweepers strike once a week on many streets. Some streets are "no parking" from 7:30am to 10:30am on Wednesday morning or Friday morning. This essentially means you can't park on these streets on the night before, which makes parking even tighter than usual. Why can't the street sweepers wait to come around until 9:30am, when the people who park on the streets have headed off to work?

on an unrelated issue, if you have 6 kids and you still want more, you have issues.

on health care, we need a national system, like every other major nation. polls show that most Americans agree on this. but somehow we allow our politicians to fail us on this.

on spam, if hawaiians like it, it must be all right. because hawaiians are living a lot better than most of us, just on account of being in Hawaiii.


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