I do hope all who wanted the Reader were able to get one yesterday. If not, I still have a few copies! I wandered around stopping to pick up 2-3 copies at several places around downtown. At the 7-11 store on C at 6th, the lady behind the counter told me I could only have one! The magazine was in a stack about 3 feet high. I had picked up something to buy, which I returned to the shelf, took 3 issues of the Reader & left the store.

I wandered into one of my favorite restaurants, Maria's to sit down, relax and have some lunch. I ran into some fellas I had not seen in a few years. We sat together and talked for most of an hour. I gave them one issue of the Reader.

It happened again! Dinner at the Marble Room was exceptional. There were 4 of us. We ordered a bottle of wine and 5 picks of tapas. The service was handled perfectly by Ben. He seemed to know when to show up & when to stay away. He was personable and was willing to be a photographer. The food was quite nice and again I enjoyed the spinach. One small thumbs down came about because we were celebrating a birthday. I had informed them and they did nothing. We had the gelato sampler for dessert. A candle in one of the gelato's would have sufficed. One tiny black mark on this otherwise delightful restaurant.

The four of us discussed many topics while enjoying our dinner. As has been the case lately, there was a concensus on the issue of the homeless; something MUST be done. My next blog will go into some details, including some suggestions for our City Council & the Mayor.

The local politicos are again talking about Lindbergh Field. There is some crazy proposal to move terminals, and revamp the prior revamping. Voice of San Diego had an article by Rob Davis, quoting John Chalker who serves on 2 airport authirity advisory committees: "The downtown library was a design that we couldn't afford. You don't want to see that happen with the airport." I am among the MANY residents who fail to understand the constant return of this issue. Why can't they leave well enough alone? Why is there any discussion of expansion? From the Rob Davis article, "Lindbergh's sole runway will someday limit its capacity to serve a projected air traffic increase." The Port district has commisioned study after study, (at enormous cost) usually with the conclusion that the airport needs to expand to meet increased demand. WHY?? It would be so much better to leave it as is and maintain current capacity. For international flights, let them go to LA. The simplest answer to these perceived problems is to reject requests for more flights. That's my opinion.

So long

I apologize for the difference in fonts, my computer seems to be making decisions on its own & not listening to me! (Hal??)

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