Another delightful dinner at The Prado. It didn't start out that way, due to the City's failure to think (see below for information on Handicap parking). The Prado staff gets their usual efficiency and deportment high rating. We were placed at a very nice table. Our waiter, Ramon was accomodating, cheerful, and his advice was right on. We had the Spring Classic 3 course dinner. I had the pork prime rib and my friend had the yellow tail. The wine pairing was not up to par. The first course, with the salads, was a little sweet. The second one, with entrees, was slightly bitter with a curious aftertaste. We decided to skip the dessert wine. The desserts were heavenly. I had the lemon tart and my friend had the flan. Presentation was picturesque. With the tart was a blackberry sorbet set in a lovely fluted shell.

Overall, this was not the best visit to The Prado. But, Ramon did his best to make it a very good night. His timing was perfect (some waiters hover or disappear), his demeanor was "fun". We did fill out a survey giving kudos to Ramon.

Now, back to the beginning. My friend picked me up and we arrived at the restaurant shortly after 6 pm. Much to our suprise and chagrin, the Handicap parking spaces, near the restaurant entrance were closed. After some discussion with the Prado staff, we were told the spots were closed by the City in preparation for Earth Day. Well, Earth Day starts in the morning. The signage could very easily have been fixed to leave those spaces open for parking 5pm to 11pm. One of the reasons for a Handicap placard is to decrease the amount of walking. So, I got dropped off and my friend had to park & walk back alone.

Message to the City: PLEASE hire at least one person with a brain to handle common sense issues. That commodity is lacking. Just the overlapping of responsibility creates a "not my job" atmosphere. Handicap parking should NEVER be closed off except in specifically posted events (or for street cleaning).

9th Avenue got a recent makeover between G & E. No Parking signs were set up advising of construction for W, Th, F and another sign for F, M, T. There was absolutely NO activity on Wednesday. City workers did show up on Th & F. And then I think it was Friday night, actually Saturday morning when some workers arrived with loud machinery to paint the lines on the new road. AT 2:30 AM. Common sense??

They had signs posted for No Parking so, why would this particular part of the job require working in the early morning hours? STUPID. And, did those workers get paid overtime?

Back to Wednesday, when no one parked on 9th and no work was being done. I sent an e-mail to one of Mr. Faulconer's aides, advising that the work did get started on Th. The original reporting of no work was forwarded to the Streets Division. In response to my memo that work started, they were notified that sign posting was correct. WELL, it was not. No Parking and no work on Wed. Shouldn't someone at least follow-up?? Mistakes happen, but our City seems complacent and not listening to downtown residents. And here they sit with hundreds of empty condos. Enticing people to move downtown will be more difficult if the City continues to seem indifferent to our complaints/problems.

Now Mayor Sanders wants to replace and redesign the parking meters. Is that a really big issue? The Pay & Display areas are likely to generate more income as the signs are not always visible, due to poor placement. The main reason for complaints about parking is the numerous lots charge an exorbitant fee ($25). And as soon as a business closes, Ace Parking is there to use the lot for parking.

On to one of my favorite subjects, Lindbergh Field. Over the years, there have been MANY airport studies, all at a big price tag, only to report what has been true all along, there is NO PLACE TO GO. Any of the ideas, Brown Field, Tijuana, Miramar, etc. are incompatible with the local life!! Why do we want/need to keep changing things? Why does City Management/Port District want more? The airport is just fine as it is. FYI, we do not need more international flights, or a Customs building. The airlines will fly into LA anyway. Do you recall the British Airways experiment? They shut down as the business just isn't there. SO, our City Council has just endorsed a $4 billion plan to be done in 3 phases and completed in 2030. I really do understand planning ahead but, why??? What exactly are we getting?

To all who were planning to join me in my quest to quantify loud music downtown, that has been canceled. Someone with better stuff than me (equipment), will endeavor to get the information.

So long

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frankfitz April 20, 2009 @ 4:10 p.m.

Darlin, ya needs to gets your facts straight.

The Port District doesn't have anything to do with the airport. The airport is owned by the Airport Authority.



auntsandiegospeaks April 20, 2009 @ 10:29 p.m.

It was a slip, like back to the future. I am well aware of the airport authority, but my brain slipped back to the days of the Port District. After all, it was only about 6 years ago!!!

So, please forgive me but, it is a blog, not a reporters column.


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