I had planned to write about something else, but a close encounter of the unpleasant kind changed things.

Last night I was walking home from Horton Plaza. My mind drifted and I walked straight across E St. I had previously vowed to avoid E and go to F. I forgot. When I crossed 8th, the sidewalks were teeming with people getting set up for the night. I was approached by 3 young people (2 male, 1 female) and a dog. They basically surrounded me and the dog was barking a lot. I said it sounded like the same dog I had been hearing in the mornings. The girl got sassy and said, "what of it?? You gonna do something about it?" I was surprised by her anger and tried to move on past them. One guy, quite tall & lanky, asked why I had a cane & I explained I sometimes have difficulty walking. The other guy said I looked fine to him & they should turn my ass in for fraud. I was trying my damdest to remain calm but, inside I was terrified. Somebody on 8th started hollering & they decided to go. The tall guy stepped out of my way, but leaned in close and asked where I lived. I pointed east and said just down that way. I was convinced they continued to watch, so I went past my place and turned right on 10th.

There must be something the City can do. I do not intend to sit in my apartment all the time just to avoid some homeless "punks". The recent onslaught of homeless to this area has had an impact on my life. Since they live on the street, all the arguments, fights, etc are now public. I realize there is a Court Case that allows the homeless to sleep on the sidewalks. I happen to think that is bad case law as it does not address the adverse effects on the people who live and work in the area. One of the arguments in the Court case was that "sleep isn't a choice, it's a necessity". Again applicable to the homeless and not addressing the fact that the homeless on the street have a direct impact on those of us trying to sleep in an apartment. Somehow, the homeless in San Diego have rights that actually impinge on my rights. Talk about quality of life!!!!!!!!!!

Where are all these agencies who are supposedly working to help these people? There is a very definite health issue that someone needs to address.

WAKE UP Mayor Sanders, City Council, homeless advocacy groups. This area of town is a tent city and the residents deserve much better. DO NOT start accusing me of being heartless, I do feel bad for these people. I have often provided food, blankets water. That was when there were 20 or so sleeping at the post office or library. Now they are on both sides of 8th & 9th, from Broadway to G.

PLEASE MAKE THIS A PRIORITY. I know the winter shelter is closed but can't that be used in case of a calamitous fiscal event that most likely led to the loss of jobs & homes?? Every one in City Hall should wander down to the post office around 9 PM. Maybe if you take the time to see what is going on, you can manage to come up with a reasonable solution. I realize there is a 10 year plan, but this needs fixing NOW.

So long

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ipaymyway May 7, 2009 @ 12:31 p.m.

In response to your question: Where are all these agencies who are supposedly working to help these people? I'll tell you where they are - they are right there making it easy for these chronic homeless to litter San Diego with their pee and poop and trash. They are feeding them daily, providing bedding, doing whatever they can to foster dependency and encourage these people to be lazy, because why would they work when they are given what they need with no expectations?


auntsandiegospeaks May 14, 2009 @ 6:57 a.m.

You are right about making it too easy not to do anything. How about this: Continue to work on that border crossing, making it harder to get across; enforce the laws that require employers to verify legal status; give those "menial" jobs to the American homeless. They say they will work, so lets give it a try. I am sick & tired of hearing people (like Geraldo Rivera & La Raza) say that the illegal Mexican (& other nationalities) are the only ones who will do those jobs. That is such a load of BS. Deport the illegals, give the jobs to the homeless and see what happens.

I have said it often, somebody did a lot of picking & packing before the illegals started their onslaught & American businesses got cheap labor. I had never even seen a Mexican person (in Michigan) until I moved to California over 40 years ago. If they are not here legally, deport them. Period. End of story.


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