Still no response from Cox or California LifeLine. I don't know how much my next bill will be.

My neighborhood seems like it is becoming much more dangerous. Fights, screaming & yelling, arguments, dog barking, etc. The shooting last week was in the Gaslamp, but only 3 blocks from where I live. There was a street brawl (maybe 7-8 guys) on Monday night. 2 groups of guys who started hollering at each other, Phillies vs. Padres. One of the Phillies ran out and punched one of the Padres, which led to a bunch of guys rolling around in the street. I grabbed my phone to call 9-1-1, when it got real quiet. I looked out and saw all of these guys standing & staring at several females. The women were lecturing the guys about their behaviour!!! Apparently the fellers realized their fate. One spoke up saying they were just fooling around, proving his point by shaking hands with the others. This gesture was followed by apologizing. As the boys & girls walked away, one guy said "we had to stop, otherwise I knew I wouldn't get any". A rather crude (but probably true) statement. So, on this one night in San Diego, machismo lost out to horny!!!!

San Diego magazine included my name and quoted a portion of a blog in their June 2, 2009 edition. There is a really good looking hamburger on the front! They quoted my complaints about measured pour. I have not returned to any of the guilty restaurants but I would guess they are still using that system. Have any of you readers encountered this? What restaurant/s? Some use a small carafe to bring the wine & then they pour it into your glass. Economic times being what they are, all restaurants will need to offer specials to get consumers to go out. If measured pour is used, patrons are unlikely to return. THINK.

Ruby's Diner runs a stand at Petco right behind section 301. Their french fries are great and come in regular, parmesan, garlic or cajun. There are enough fries for 2-3 people. Their hamburgers are good, but overcooked. Last night I ordered a cheeseburger & fries. I waited, & waited, & waited. I spoke up several times about the fact that others were getting their orders. I was told that there is a new policy about making the burger "fresh". I must assume that policy includes the butchering of the cow. Since the people manning the stands are volunteers, my loud complaints may have bothered them, but did not include fear of losing a job. After quite some time (1 full inning), an older fella came over and told me about the new policy. He even offered me a complimentary soda! I finally got my food & the hamburger was cooked to an almost crispy state. I advised anyone near me about the problems. Ruby's will have fewer customers, at least for awhile. I also told the people at Ruby's that their policy of making burgers "fresh" would be a HUGE problem on nights when the attendance is up.

Two foul balls made it up to our area last night. Bruce got the first one, waiting for it to land & then picking it up!! The second one went to a young man who caught it in his glove. Several "regulars" suggested the Padres should sign him up. Now the young man would like to get it autographed by Kevin Kouzmanoff.

It's that time of morning when the "ladies" are leaving Rachel's night shelter, the homeless camps are folding up their tents, and the dog has been barking for about 5 minutes. The ladies are talking loudly, laughing, etc. Joining their cacophony, a homeless couple are arguing loudly. That darn dog is still barking. My e-mail complaint about this dam dog went to several persons & agencies. I emphasized that the Code Compliance form required an address which is impossible since the barkers live on the street. I received a response from the City Clerk: "Please contact Neighborhood Code Compliance to assist you with your request. For your convenience their contact information is below:" Guess they can't read. I assume the other agencies will not respond. Our City's great communication with constituency,

So long


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