Last night was my quarterly trip to Costco. I managed to get out of there without spending $200! That seems to be the norm for me. So, today was spent dividing up packages, putting meat in individual baggies in the freezer, cooking & dividing up 6 lbs. of hamburger. Got er done.

Yesterday was monumental in that I had my legs waxed for the first time. It was painful, but I thought the warm wax felt good! Since my legs were beginning to look like a forest, it was my chance to take advantage of that overgrowth. I know, most of the women and maybe some men have had this done. So, did y'all scream like a banshee on that first pull??? Of course I did.

Unbelievable. The Ivy is playing music again and it is LOUD. It seems I have been betrayed in trying to be nice. Dam, that really irks me. I am now seeking others who live downtown to join me in a presentation to City Council regarding the noise levels of these downtown entertainment centers, especially the rooftop bars as the noise is worse without anything like walls to encase it.

Anyone who has a complaint about loud music, PLEASE send me an e-mail at: [email protected]. I do not need your name, but please provide your location and the names of the offensive establishments. I will add it to my research and see if we can get some assistance from the people who purportedly represent us. I will try to get this on next Tuesday's agenda.

The mention of my name in San Diego Magazine included a paragraph from a blog I wrote about 'measured pour'. Some of the local establishments are still practicing that assinine routine. It is irksome. Just pour the wine. Trying to make obscene profits on something that is already ridiculously overpriced, is unbecoming and only serves to make the customer/patron angry. I truly hope that the offenders see the error of their ways and just POUR THE WINE.

Last night was particularly noteworthy for the number of tents, sleeping bags, whatever they use, along the west side of 9th, F to Broadway; along the east side of 9th, E to Broadway; along E, 7th to 9th; along the east side of 8th, E to Broadway. It was very close to, no more room available. Unfortunately for them and for the residents in this area, there is no easy answer. I do have a suggestion for Mayor Sanders: call Rudy Guiliani. He apparently took on the matter of homelessness and cleared them off the streets. I located several online references but no specific details on how this was accomplished. Someone, somehow, needs to do something more than the long-term solution that is in process.

So long

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