Today I will be meeting with 2 people from Kevin Faulconer's office. I am hoping to discuss several issues pertinent to the downtown area. One big issue is the homeless population in my neighborhood. The block bounded by 8th, E, 9th, F, is now full of "campers" on 3 sides (not on F). I was referred to the San Diego News Network for an article by Mr. Faulconer posted on 3/31/09. You can find it at:

I must admit I had never heard of the San Diego News Network. I rely on the U-T, The Reader, Voice of San Diego, Metropolitan, etc.

The noise issue continues to be a problem. I and many of my neighbors are currently living with loud music (live or DJ) 3 nights a week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday). That adds up to 156 nights a year, which is just under 50% of our nights. Often it reaches the point where I cannot hear my TV. Often I cannot sleep, as the music goes on until 1:30 AM. It is much more noise than those of us who live downtown bargained for. This is a major "Quality of Life" issue.

In my efforts to alleviate some of the noise, I was successful in getting The Ivy hotel to actually remove some speakers on their rooftop. Attracting new downtown residents and then bombarding them with noise certainly appears to be counter productive. I also have wondered if Real Estate agents advise prospective buyers about the noisy areas? We need a solution to this problem that will allow the nightclubs to operate and attract people without causing the local residents to pull their hair out! It may be as easy as requiring the noisy establishments to close their doors.

With all the building that has been going on for many years, downtown residents have been exposed to construction noise, noisy truck traffic, pollution, etc. With the economic crisis, I wonder what will happen with the hundreds of empty condos. Have you heard about the problems at Vantage Pointe?? There is a good article in Voice of San Diego on this topic: 2008/10/14/housing/868vantagepointe090508.txt

Affordable housing in San Diego is basically non-existent if you want to live downtown. There are very few affordable apartments. What we have is high end apartments or SROs. What about those in between? I have received some information where they give numbers but, how many have actually gone out to look for a place to live? Right now, I live in a HUD subsidized apartment. I pay 60% of my income in rent. Many people on fixed incomes pay 60%-80%. It is not easy living in San Diego. (But I wouldn't trade it. I love living downtown).

Stay tuned to this website for information on today's meeting.

So long

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Jay Allen Sanford April 8, 2009 @ 9:23 p.m.

Hi Auntsandiego, I'd love to talk to you about the Ivy noise issues for a possible Reader article, if you'd care to contact me at [email protected] -


AmericasNoisiestCity April 10, 2009 @ 1:39 a.m.

Re: noise downtown, I think I'd take that kind of noise, at least it's music, or people. That kind of noise eventually stops, for a few hours! Around the middle of the county we get No Break! The city? has an NEVER ENDING generator. It reverberates through Vast areas. I think it's generating from the Sewage dept! But you cannot get the city politician who represents that area to find out what the hell it is!

And to make matters worse, No one says a Peep about it! Except maybe their poor little critters! Maybe that's why there are so many nutty things that are going on! When your ears are bombarded 24/7 with a Vast reaching Refrigerator type sound, well, I just don't get it! How you all can just sit there day after day and Not complain! Who the hell is paying the bills?

Also, if not for yourselves, since you don't respect your own life that much, consider complaining for those who Can't speak, say, your kids, pets? I mean you must have some feelings for them!

Anyway, I want to know what's up with that noise, and who is doing it, and Why the highly paid engineers employed by the city, or if the marines, Why they can't figure out a QUIET Machine! And what is the machine for anyway! Where are the reporters, who just spew out the same old stories all day, Why don't one of you investigate this, isn't that why you got into reporting! There is a massive lawsuit that can be placed if only you all would speak the hell up!


auntsandiegospeaks April 10, 2009 @ 4:21 a.m.

Americasnoisiestcity; First of all, I absolutely respect my own life but I do not have children or pets.

Where do you live?

Now, can you provide some details about the noise? Can you describe the noise? You mentioned "refrigerator sound". My fridge is pretty quiet! Is it a whine?, a hum? an engine? What do you think is causing the noise? Do you have a guess as to the location of the source? You mentioned the sewage department, is it coming from their plant?

Which City Council district are you in?

The downtown noise is a combination of music, loud voices, cars/trucks, etc.

You can send me a direct e-mail and I can do some research for you. [email protected]


AmericasNoisiestCity April 11, 2009 @ 3:43 a.m.

Hi And thanks for your response. I sent you an email, with some of the particulars on this noise problem. The refrigerator sound, sort of resembles a transport truck refrigeration. At times the (I call it) generator/pump sound fluctuates, in intensity, as if there was a lower lull, and then vamps up. The vamping up part, at times, lasts for hours, then it seems to lull down, and after a while, it vamps up again. Right now, it is steadily probing the noise out. Sort of like a low to medium noise probing.

The only thing I was commenting on about respect, was that you'd think that (there must be some people) who may be hearing this, would at least make a few calls to their reps, or newspapers. So I don't get it! I don't have any hearing problems, never have, and I hope to keep it that way! But about the respect, is, IF anyone else hears this, don't just sit there, because believe me, your pets or children are affected as well! Thanks for your concern. I thought there was a noise abuse group in San Diego?


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