First of all, an old nemesis has reared its ugly head. On Thursday night, just before midnight I was listening to beating drums and a trumpet & then I heard a homeless person hollering "tell them to turn down the g-d dam music!

So, the Ivy Hotel was having a party. I called. The male who answered the phone seemed pretty unconcerned. And, he apparently did nothing. So much for the Good Neighbor policy. The 'music' continued loud & clear. Next step, called the police & when I said it was the Ivy rooftop the dispatcher acknowledged several complaints. It has been fairly good over the recent past. I was also hopeful that Hyatt (the Ivy is now a Hyatt Andaz hotel) would learn about the past NOISE issues and continue to be a Good Neighbor. Since this was the first time in awhile, I am taking a wait & see approach. Thursday may have been an exception. But, the care less attitude of the male who answered the phone (after 8 rings!) does not bode well. If anyone else has a problem with rooftop bars and the NOISE they generate, please let me know. It may be time for another noise abatement complaint.

Remember my issue with "toll-free" numbers? On the NBC show, "Last Comic Standing" they were announcing the number to call to vote for your favorite comic. The host gave out the number and stated it was toll-free from a land line phone! I guess the message about cell phone charges on toll-free numbers made it to TV. The FCC should (if not already done) issue a directive to all businesses, homes, government offices, etc., advising that they have a responsibility to their customers/clients to advise that toll-free is only so when using a land line.

Has your doctor ever given you a shot in the foot? I know I swore I would never have that again, but alas, my Rheumatologist felt otherwise. She proceeded (after convincing me it would really help my painful foot) to give me 2 injections!!! I can truthfully say that those injections did not hurt. But the freezing compound was extremely painful. Then I was left with a right foot, numb from toes to about the middle of my foot. I could only feel my heel!!!! Made for some interesting walking. The shots worked wonders in relieving the pain and greatly reducing the swelling. Next she wants to inject my left wrist. This rheumatoid arthritis is no fun at all. It attacks with a vengeance, and no warning. I think there should be a warning, like a beeper. And provide time to prepare for the pain!

I am waiting for further information from the Padres (maybe Mr. Garfinkel can visit 303 again) about my e-mail. Also, the meeting time for our session with our ticket representative really should be set to allow our section to attend en masse. Of course it may be that some do not want to be at the same meeting as me!!! Also, the sooner the better. I do not want to wait until the end of August. To steal from Bill O'Reilly, What say you?

So long


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