Baseball post season is now in full swing. The dreaded Dodgers have a 2-0 lead over the Cubs. Chicagoans have 2 teams to root for, but it appears the Cubs may make an early exit. The White Sox will have a tough time against the Devil Rays, who had an unexpected season. The Phillies, surprisingly, are up 2-0 against Milwaukee. The Angels play game 2 tonight. They need to win this one against Boston. Many transplanted Bostonians live in the San Diego area and they can be pretty smug when their teams are ahead. So, GO ANGELS, quiet down those Red Sox fans.

Instant replay is great when there are close calls. But have the television techies gone overboard? Often when a game is on, I am doing something else. I look at the TV and see a home run. I watch for a few minutes and realize the home run hitter is still batting, so that must have been from another game. One Padres game the Dodgers hit 4 homers in one inning. Assuming the broadcast station was playing one or two homers over & over, I was taken aback when it was clear that there had been 4 home runs. There have been games when the replay segments took up more time than the actual game. Pitch tracker is a superfluous gimmick, showing us what we just saw.

So, last Sat. night, after the game, I arrived home to a band seeming to be playing in my apartment. It was from the Ivy Hotel and it was LOUD. I sent an e-mail to the manager. Last night, while watching TV, the loud music actually had me turning up the sound on my TV. I sent an e-mail. I did not want to further disturb my neighbors, so I watched the game without listening to the broadcasters. At 12:15 AM, I called the Ivy to voice my complaint. The girl who answered, Mara (?), advised the music would continue until 1:30.

That got me really pissed off, and she was subjected to a small amount of anger. I asked that she be sure to tell the manager I had called.

Apparently all my efforts in working with the Ivy personnel were a waste of time. Actions speak louder than words. All the assurances about keeping the music at a reasonable level, so as NOT to disturb the neighborhood, were for naught. Sincerity about wanting to be good neighbors??? Guess I was wrong about that, too. One night, a week or so ago, I called the manager who then went up to the rooftop and turned down the volume on the speakers. This is where it bothers me. The Hotel manager & their director of security assure me over & over that they are handling the situation. If so, wouldn't the people who work on the rooftop be well aware of the noise and know by now (it's over a year) to decrease the volume? My purpose in handling this with the hotel was to "be a good neighbor" and not file a complaint. My tactics did me no good at all. I should not still be calling every weekend to remind them about loud music. They have made me angry and that noise complaint will be filed. I also have requested information from my City council representative, Kevin Faulconer. And so it continues.

REMINDER to all, make sure you are registered to vote and then take the time to cast your ballot. In California, you don't even have to leave home. Anyone qualified to vote can request an absentee ballot. The registration deadline is October 20. This is a very important election and I urge all eligible voters to please participate. Make the effort to have your voice heard. Your vote does count.

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