Have you seen the Michael Moore movie, "Capitalism, A Love Story"? Anyone who has ever paid taxes, trusted the media, and/or thought the government was working for the 'people', should see this movie. Really, everyone should see it.

As in the movie "Network", we need to GET MAD and not take it any more. The best and fastest way to get things changed would be a taxpayer & all citizenry, revolt. Not with guns or violence but with our voices. Wall street & the 'upper class' are so completely disconnected from the millions of us who are not millionaires.

"WE THE PEOPLE" need to let Congress know that it is NOT all right for bail out money to be used for bonuses. AIG needs to step up to the plate, clean their own house and make a very public apology via TV, radio, newsprint, internet and account for every single penny of the 'bail-out' money from us. "WE THE PEOPLE" need to vote in every election and oust the Congressional representatives who continue to cast votes in defiance of the will of the people they are purported to represent. "WE THE PEOPLE" need to be educated/knowledgeable about the candidates and all ballot proposals.

I am going to write to my 'representatives' and express my opinion on the job they are doing. I am also going to seek the ouster of all lobbyists with an attendant law banning any form of lobbying. My one voice will accomplish nothing. JOIN ME. Write, call, e-mail & let your representatives know that they are not doing the job they are paid to do. The gap between rich & poor continues to widen & the middle class is being effectively eliminated. I also intend to ask a few questions: Remember the first months of President Obama's term when it was revealed that there are lots of 'moneyed' folks who have tax debts? I want somebody to tell the citizens of the USA precisely what happened to those people. Did the IRS collect those debts? Were the 'rich & famous' required to pay penalties & interest? Does the tax code apply evenly to ALL? To coin a Fox news phrase, is this "Fair and balanced"? The answer is No. The rich are treated differently. I don't think they have any fear of the IRS, do you?

Have you ever heard of "Dead Peasants" insurance? It seems that a company (your employer) can carry a life insurance policy on you. Some of the companies that do so are; P & G, Sears, Wal-Mart, & many others. I had always thought there had to be an 'insurable interest' which is the rule of law preventing people from taking out insurance on neighbors, friends, strangers, etc. So, your spouse works for Sears which has such a policy, never advising the person they insure. Your spouse dies in a traffic accident. Cha Ching for Sears. They get to 'pass go' and collect $1 million (or more or less) and you will never know. This $$ goes into the company coffer, even if your family needs it. This is an issue that needs your help. Write, call, e-mail every insurance company, insurance agent, anyone in the insurance business and demand that this practice, writing this type of policy, be stopped immediately.

As a friend and I walked by The Ivy Hotel Saturday evening, on the street level, we heard very clearly a female voice on a microphone. We asked some young men (Ivy employees) and they explained there was a party on the rooftop, where the owner was in attendance. So, the owner is participating in a loud party, disturbing the neighbors, and making me angry!!

I was previously advised by CCDC that ANY special event, such as Saturday's party, there would be notices sent to the neighbors. Apparently that is not the case. No one at 900 F St. was notified about anything. Then I checked my old e-mails and re-read an e-mail from Ms. Lorena Cordova that stated notice is only for those within 300 ft. Now, that is a law that MUST be changed.

In the meantime, I sat in my apartment and listened to LOUD music which actually interfered with my ability to hear the dialogue in a movie I watched on my own TV. WHY are the greedy, noisy, hotshots in San Diego treated as privileged characters?? Why are they "allowed" to screw up MY quality of life? How can the 'powers that be' expect to sell the hundreds of downtown condos when the Quality of life has deteriorated? More NOISE:

9:06 PM called police about noise 9:08 PM called The Ivy, LM & made my complaints known to whoever answered the phone 9:10 PM called Ivy's Director of Security He didn't answer, probably due to the loud music & he did not hear his phone I LM

Here is some of what I listened to (song titles in parentheses): I apparently have 20 minutes for the silent auction.
"Get down tonight" Now 15 minutes on the 50/50 raffle
"Sir Duke" "Play that funky music white boy" I hope all the guests/party goers enjoyed their evening at The Ivy.

They fooled me once and that won't happen again. Unfortunately, Mr. Kelly (IVY owner), seems to have the support of the CCDC as the fact that they have no Entertainment permit has not fazed them at all. I was advised to call the police whenever this (LOUD MUSIC) happens. I feel guilty because the police have better things to do.

FYI: Sammy's pours a generous glass of wine (no measured pour).

So long


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