Well, the division series' are now set. Dodgers vs. Phillies and Red Sox vs. Devil Rays. Not what I expected and I can imagine the TV executives scratching their heads wondering why they paid all that money for games that are not in New York. It is still possible for them to get a World Series with Boston vs. LA. But I do hope they get Philadelphia vs. Tampa Bay.

It has only been 10 days since the Padres season ended. By this time I am usually getting into my off season depression. It isn't happening and I think that is due to the fact that we watched AAA games for the last 6 weeks of the season!

If you have ever or do now live in an apartment in San Diego, you probably have heard of Web Laundry. The Archstone apartments on G St. at Pacific Hwy. have a large laundry facility. With so many machines, it would be rare to face a situation when there are no machines available. When there is something wrong, Web responds timely. If there is a price change, signs are put up to explain. Now, venture over to the other side of town, East Village area. The complex where I reside has 2 laundry rooms with 3 washers & 3 dryers in each. In the last three years, there is usually at least either one washer or one dryer not working. The machines are old, old, old. The dryer lint traps are falling apart, the Web "technicians" invariably say there is nothing wrong with machines that are definitely not working. This past week, 2 washers have been using only VERY hot water. When I took my towels out of the washer, it felt like my hands were burning. The water was boiling hot. The dryers are rarely working right & I have had plenty of occasions to hang my laundry all over my apartment. Then, yesterday, the price to do a load of wash was $1.25 instead of $1.00. No warning, no sign, no explanation and the same old lousy machines!!!! The dryers remained at $1.00. But, that is really a joke. Normal price to get dry clothes is $1.50 or more. Regularly, one dryer uses cold air and it does not get the clothes dry!! It is frustrating as all get out to do laundry here.

It is my opinion that the area dictates Web's service. Archstone gets much better service than any facility in East Village. It is very discrimatory. My current abode needs new washers and dryers. I do not pretend to know how that works as far as a contract with the management corporation, but it is needed here. Also, within the past month there was one washer out of commission for over a week. Having resided at the Archstone and now over on 9th, I see a real difference in service. Where is Oliver Stone when I need him?????

So long

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