Saturday, October 31, 2009, will go down as one of the noisiest, rowdiest Halloweenies in my memory. I was not subjected to the loud music because it seems that noise does not travel well from south to north. But the people roaming the streets exhibited some pretty obnoxious behaviour. Lots of police presence, lots of sirens. At least 3 pedicabs had boomboxes at very high volume. One of them was enough to shake a few car alarms, all making for a lovely cacophony at 2:30 AM. I hollered at him, but there is no way he could hear me.

Suggestion to City Council: Ban boomboxes or any type of music playing in Pedicabs.

Since I had a super nice afternoon, I had hoped for a nicer evening. 2 friends (Barbara & Mimi) and 1 young lady, Miss Isabella, spent some time getting pedicures & manicures at the V2 Nail Bar (north side of F between 10th & 9th). My manicure was perfect as she found the right shade to match the shirt I was wearing. This is a great salon with professional services and a feeling of pampering. Call and make an appointment: 619-255-8442 Visit their website:

City finances are a thorn in the side of all. There are cutbacks everywhere, people are angry, some are out of jobs, and it appears that WE THE PEOPLE have very little to say. Again, I exhort you to let our elected representatives know what issues are important to you & see if you can come up with some helpful ideas to help our Mayor with the messed up budget.

Ah, money. What happened with the potential parking meter changes? I did some research and found this idea for increased revenues is being tossed around in many other cities. Just Google, parking meter increases. It's happening in Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, Cambridge, & many more. Here's what San Diegans think:

"60% of San Diego area adults say they would be opposed to raising the rates of city parking meters in order to raise revenue for the city, according to a recent SurveyUSA poll conducted for KGTV. 34% said they would support the increase.

How much will an increase in parking meter fees hurt downtown businesses? 45% say it would hurt businesses a lot. 38% say a little. 17% say not at all."

I would bet that most of those against the increase are the downtown residents. Many have to park one car on the street and cannot afford to pay to do so. With HOA fees and just the general expense of living downtown, this may be a good time for people to leave. Then what will our City do with all those empty condos???

The City needs a comprehensive look at where the money goes. NOT another study, but each and every department can do this as a project or mandate, whatever. It happens in the private sector, why not the City? It just seems that there is always a study, when information gathering by City employees could be more expeditious and accurate. Stop studying, start doing.

Pension has become a 4 letter word and it cries out for resolution. And, awarding contracts appears to be a rather assinine way to handle things. Check out VOSD:

Jeff McDonald, VOSD The Union Tribune's Jeff McDonald has been doggedly revealing more about the enormous contract awarded to the new investment guru for San Diego County's pension system. Last week, McDonald wrote that the investment manager, who is replacing someone who made $209,000 a year, could be paid as much as $4.51 million over three years with performance incentives and at least $2.1 million no matter what happens. The Union-Tribune editorial board is not letting go of the issue either -- saying the smell from it is "getting worse."

So long

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