So lets talk politics. Just bits and pieces, but the impact on our lives will be great.

Somebody once said "politics as usual" in reference to the American citizenry and their proclivity to not participate in elections. Voting is something each and every one of us should treasure and be thankful that we have the opportunity to make a difference.

"I've had enough of politicians who set the bar so low they can roll over it."

The above is from that famous writer, anon.

Our City is wrestling with an economy that is sinking fast. Some decisions need to be made, such as closing some City services, laying off employees, getting the pension plan back on the right track instead of the gravy train it is now. Regular walks around the City bring several issues to mind. The sidewalks are a mess. Every time I see a tree with roots pushing up the sidewalk, I have to ask myself, didn't they know this tree (unknown brand) had roots?

Why not spend some time doing actual research before planting trees, etc.? And the approvals for sidewalk service at many restaurants is severly limiting the walking area, making it especially difficult for those using canes, walkers, wheelchairs. This is a perfect example of failure to think. If a developer (BOSA, McMillin, Manchester, etc.) wants it, they usually get it. The development of downtown will bring out more pedestrians and they need to be able to navigate on sidewalks.

That is a direct lead in to street cleaning and the power washing of our sidewalks. We certainly can change the schedule to once a week or even twice a month. Fix it!!!!!!!

The new electees have much work to do and I am hoping their decisions help our City.

So long


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