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During Comic Con, a friend and I go to Mary Jane's (Cafe Diem) for breakfast on the Saturday morning of the convention. We sit outside and watch the parade of characters. So, there we were drinking our coffee, watching the show! The menu was a special one for Comic Con and the prices were rather high. But, we stayed. We both ordered eggs, I had bacon, she had sausage, both included potatoes and biscuit. When we got our food (it was a wait), the eggs were cold & had been sitting awhile. Both the bacon & sausage were cold. We could not get the attention of our waiter so my friend went inside to track him down. Another waiter apologized and took our plates. The original waiter brought out our food a second time (again a wait) and the eggs were cold. We got the attention of the second waiter who brought us hot eggs within a few minutes. During this time we also had to ask for coffee. Even with all the problems, the waiters nor management made any offer of even a coupon. We paid the bill and when we left, we noticed that our waiter was tending bar. Why would they have their bartender waiting on a table? The bar had many customers and he probably just left our food sitting until he could get a moment to bring it out to us. That is poor management. Also, with the price of $14 for some eggs & bacon, there certainly should have been MUCH better service. This was during Comic Con, but the place was not very busy (7:30 am when we got there), plenty of empty tables & only 4 people on the patio section where we were seated. So, there is no good excuse for the poor service & mediocre food.

I have been to Mary Jane's on numerous occasions and have never experienced a problem. So, why on that day? Who knows. I just hope this was unusual & is not a trend.

Our City continues to struggle over budget issues and now they have decided to turn over the new City Hall decision to the voters. While a new City Hall is probably needed, the budget needs to be fixed first. Planning for the future is always a difficult process and the economy is not easy to predict (as we certainly have learned in the past 2 years). The Mayor and our City Council need to figure out a way to close the yearly budget deficit. That involves making decisions about essential vs. non-essential services. It may also mean that somebody needs to take a good hard look at the CCDC & other entities that spend money and approve projects. One big issue with CCDC is accountability. Please see:

Once they approve something, they are done. Any consequences, such as loud noise, sidewalk right of way, garish lighting, etc. get handed over to Code Compliance to make it right. The City needs to pay more attention to the CCDC and their overall 'superiority complex'.

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Founder Aug. 3, 2010 @ 4:14 p.m.

-- Cc: CCDC --

And to You, welcome back to the Reader's "Rat Race" ...I trust you did not get any egg on your face!

It was great reading all of your true thoughts about CCDC, they got their money from the City and put US up a tree.

That the City Council and Mayor allowed that to happen, is not funny, because now the City's broke, and CCDC has, all our money!

It is like a weird stock scam, gone very bad, The City now is broke and that is so sad!


David Dodd Aug. 4, 2010 @ 3:16 p.m.

Auntie, you should read this week's edition of Tin Fork, the place he went to was in North Park, but it sounds like a great breakfast spot at completely reasonable prices. I'm ever in that area looking for breakfast, that's where I'm going.


Founder Aug. 5, 2010 @ 6:32 a.m.

reply to #2 RFG, I'll meet you

If you decide to go, be sure and let me know,

I'm living so very close by, a cup of Joe, for you, I'll by!

Meeting Lucky would be Ducky


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