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The continuing saga of San Diego politics is just plain ridiculous. First, the former president of SEDC had gone to Court to force payment of a $100,000 bonus. She, Carolyn Smith was fired in July for approving unauthorized bonuses! The Court ruled that payment of the bonus would result in irreparable harm to the taxpayers of the City. Many of us (downtown area residents) wonder what it is that attracts these gullible, money grubbing, "I won't get caught", politicians. Politics at large, if you want to get really angry, read the article at:

There are stories all over the place on San Diego politics. CCDC & CCAC are in the news. It seems they have run their course and are no longer the valuable commodity they thought they were (once upon a time). With the resignations of Nancy Graham & the corporate attorney, it is difficult for other employees to know where they stand. Seemingly, both organizations could/should be disbanded. Here is where things get bogged down. The City Council has so much to deal with, they seem to collectively get nothing done. Many San Diego residents feel that the City is actually run by John Moores, Bosa, Doug Manchester Oliver McMillin--check out the "psychedelic" website:

There is also, Paradise in Progress. Not sure when they were created, but we seem to have "paved paradise and put up a parking lot". See the Joni Mitchell website for the lyrics to the song:

On Tuesday, I had an appointment in Hillcrest. Took the bus, round trip. Walking along E St., I encountered 2 men, sitting in folding chairs at the corner of 7th & E. Numerous belongings were scattered around them & a "to go" carton sat between them. Both were sound asleep, one snoring loudly! This was around 4 pm. I continued along E and encountered something I had not heretofore seen. In front of the Post office, there was a gathering of about 14 men and 1 woman. Many were seated in a circle, while others stood and/or wandered around. Then I noticed one young man leaning against the fence, smoking marijuana. He was sharing it with his cronies. There were 3 brown bags being passed around, each person having a taste of the contents. I managed to walk around the group, cross 9th & get home.

By the time I sat down, I realized how incredibly angry I was. The homeless situation is badly in need of some type of solution. Now that I have seen for myself that so many of these people are alcoholics, drug addicts, etc., the solution seems even more elusive. Isn't there someone, somewhere, with a plan on how to deal with the situation????? The area bounded by Broadway on the north, F st on the south, 8th on the west & 9th on the east, is heavily populated with homeless persons. The neighborhood is odiferous, enough so as to avoid walking on the north side of E. Is anybody listening?? Is anybody hearing?? Is there anybody aware of any solutions??

If you have any ideas or well thought out plans, PLEASE go to our City Council & give a presentation. Want to bet they will hire an overpaid consultant to review any plan??? Maybe we don't need a City Council at all.

So long

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