Sorry I've been out of touch. Hope you missed my blogging & will read it again. I will be raring to go tomorrow when I pick up my Girl Scout Cookies!

Rehashing old news: The City Streets Division has fixed the street lights after some explanations and I want to thank Mr. Gobel for his forthright responsiveness. On the other side of the coin is the continuing failure of City Councilman Faulconer to even bother responding to my emails. He is not serving his constituency by giving speeches & attending bridge openings. A friend attended the Downtown Residents meeting last week. She sais the talk was nothing but rehashing old stuff & talking about "potential" new buildings, etc.

Does anybody know where the permanent homeless shelter is going to be? The current night shelter is apparently not enough. The homeless are gathered on 8th, both sides of the street from F to Broadway, on E from 7th to 9th, on 9th from E to beyond Broadway. And all along the waterfront, with many around the Midway & the Fish Market. They like the benches & the grassy areas. Another issue is a lack of bathroom facilities resulting in the odiferousness of the areas where the homeless sleep & congregate.

There is also an influx in the Gaslamp area who are much more aggressive in the way they approach panhandling. Just a few nights ago, a friend and I were walking on 5th, just south of Market, when 2 men stepped right in front of us. I thought they were just passing us but, they stopped & I bumped into one of them. He got all mouthy & calling me names, my companion tried to step in but the other guy stepped between us. They began talking about food, asking where we had been and telling us we looked like we could easily afford to give them $30!!! Just then, they both backed up, turned around and started walking very fast. I have no idea what spooked them. Maybe a police officer down the street. I was just glad to see them go!

Our City is broke. They make street and sidewalk repairs with bandaid solutions. The homeless issue just gets speeches, no substance. And amidst this, there is a monstrosity of a new apartment building trying to lease 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, 700 sq. feet apartments starting at $2150.00/month. That is not a typo.

I do know that many of the Redevelopment projects on that colorful CCDC map are now either on hold, abandoned or canceled. The economy is not improving, and many of us are barely making the monthly expenses.

I am getting tired of all the letters from the credit card companies (BANKS) who raise rates, decrease credit limits, charge higher rates for cash, etc. I am not a banker or stock broker. I do not know derivatives from short sales, or any of those banking terms. What I do know is that the people who got billions of dollars from the taxpayers also paid themselves huge bonuses and yet CONGRESS has yet to reinstate banking regulations. THAT should have happened as soon as the bailout money was approved.

Those credit card folks are one in the same with the GREEDY bankers. Maybe they should be paying us back for that generous loan we forked over to them. I would be willing to accept monthly payments at 29% APR.

So long

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a2zresource March 11, 2010 @ 11:18 a.m.

I've been avoiding credit cards and bank accounts since I interned with FDIC's Resolution Trust Corporation in DC during the S&L Crisis in 1990. Your credit card rates might stabilize when the fed rate is something higher than 0% (that's right - zero percent... try following Don Bauder's blogs and articles to get a handle on that). A low fed rate means in a round-about way that banks can't make all that much on savings deposits even though banks will loan to other banks at well below 5%, so all of you credit card holders get to pick up the check for future bonuses once the banks pay back all of that bailout money.

They will pay it back because they don't like the government giving them any lip about the bonuses banks are paying out to Wall Street "Masters of the Universe" already. It's not hard to get the flavor of that by listening to Kudlow on CNBC, the Prophet of Profit and cheerleader of unrestrained capitalism with no government controls whatsoever.


downtownrealist March 11, 2010 @ 4:57 p.m.

Glad you got your street lights fixed. It's been a frustrating experience in my downtown neighborhood as well. The Downtown Partnership's "Clean & Safe" program is supposed to monitor the street lights and see that the City fixes them - downtown property owners pay extra for that service through extra assessments on their property tax bills. I admit that when/if all the downtown street lights are working, downtown IS better illuminated than many other San Diego neighborhoods, but keeping the lights working requires constant complaints. Faulconer's office is of no help, and you're right, his office rarely even acknowledges emails from constituents - on any topic - and spends too much time on photo ops.

The Downtown Residents Group is, unfortunately, a shill for CCDC projects. CCDC encouraged too much speculative building - a disaster for many downtown apartment/condo buildings in which units are now selling for half (or less) of their selling prices of a few years ago and rents are down or units remain empty. Even the designated newer "affordable" units have to offer incentives to get and keep renters these days!

It's time to phase out the downtown CCDC redevelopment area and let the money generated downtown be sent to the City's General Fund to be used for the many maintenance needs (particularly streets & sidewalks) of both downtown and the rest of the City - not used to fund a downtown football stadium! (CCDC generated money cannot be spent on maintenance.)


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