The City I love to live in, America's once beautiful, proud City, just aint what it used to be. It does seem there has always been some sort of corruption going on or at least alleged. In fact, I remember wondering why I had moved to a City where the populace had just elected a convicted felon as Mayor (Roger Hedgecock).

How is it that we continually put up with the messes caused by our elected officials? Mayors resign, we just elect another one. Bribery in our Court system, resulting in 3 Judges and an attorney being convicted, life goes on. City Council and strip clubs, we find new players. It seems we have a large revolving door.

Now City agencies are being infected. CCDC with the Nancy Graham affair, SDEC allegations of misspent funds. This seems like the perfect opportunity to end the lives of these agencies, along with CCAC & PIP. Their usefulness appears to have run its course.

The recent federal audit regarding HUD funds, is not something anyone wants to see. The HUD grants are supposed to be used for economic opportunities for low income residents. Will somebody show me the low income (affordable) units at The Mark, The Legend, Icon, Park Place, Pinnacle, Smart Corner, etc.?? If the HUD money is used for downtown development, then the affordable inclusions belong downtown. Seems the City & CCDC may have been playing hanky panky with federal monies. Here is a quote from the City's COO, Jay Goldstone; "I don't think we're going to challenge the findings because we don't have supporting documentation..." Why not? No oversight??

This sounds like the bail-out banks who cannot tell anyone where the money (from the taxpayers) is being used.

How did we (taxpayers, citizens, electorate) allow these things to happen? I believe it comes from the idea that we elect representatives who are charged with the responsibility of representing us. But, they don't always do so.

Voice of San Diego (an excellent source of news & information) had an article about the Ballpark Village negotiations with JMI. The area was to house a huge Marriott. WHY?? We certainly do not need more hotel rooms and what is enticing Marriott to build all these places in San Diego?? There is no mention in the article by Rob Davis, but the John Moores divorce action is fueling lots of changes. The scrapping of the Marriott project even had Padres fans talking.

Mayor Sanders and the City Council need to work together and straighten things out. Cut the losses. Get rid of unnecessary agencies. Set priorities. Quit telling me to conserve water, then berating me for not doing so (though I personally did) when there are so many things the City could do to help. Get busy doing instead of talking.

That's obviously my opinion!

So long


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