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Brazilian imports by the Salton Sea

"I got stuck inside the Taco Tuesday lifestyle.”

“We’re three foreigners playing punk-rock music in America,” says Fernando Nepo of O.B. trio Sameland, who all grew up in São Paulo, Brazil. “Back in 2010, I had just finished college and I wanted to ...

Athletes join the hardy tilapia

SEAthletes host North Shore Xtreme at the Salton Sea

From its beginnings in the central Rocky Mountains and over millions of years, the Colorado River has flowed into the Gulf of California. Tributaries build volume as the river cuts southwest through the Colorado Plateau, ...

Greywater drain line proposed for Salton Sea restoration

Toilet to tap? Try sink to sea!

HOPING ALL THAT DETERGENT WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE SMELL, SALTON SEA — More and more, Imperial County farmers let their fields go fallow so they can sell their increasingly valuable water supplies to municipal ...

Water deal with Imperial Valley on the line

San Diego's paltry water assets may soon be significantly reduced

San Diegans haven't awakened to a major water-supply peril: the possibility that a 2003 deal arranged to bring water from the Imperial Valley could be in deep trouble. A May 4 New Yorker article says ...

Papa Doug digs Obama’s pond scum

Editorial reveals publisher’s role in federally subsidized algae-to-energy scheme

Beating up on big government spending is a full-time occupation at U-T San Diego, owned by mega-millionaire Republican real estate developer Douglas Manchester. Obamacare, minimum-wage hikes, and the Barrio Logan community plan are a few ...

San Diego's Salton Sea plan might get expensive

Audit warns of air pollution and other problems

San Diego's deal to take water from the Imperial Valley to meet the demands of growth and development here will begin taking a dramatic and expensive toll on the environment of the Salton Sea in ...

At the World’s End: Bombay Beach and the Salton Sea

Three hours from San Diego, east of the Anza-Borrego desert, lies the Salton Sea. When stopped by border patrol on our first drive out to the sea, the officer seemed surprised by our destination. “You ...

San Diego's Inland Sea: Salton Sea, California

I rolled my Celica up to the Border Patrol guards stopping traffic along Route 111 north of El Centro. When asked where I was headed, I explained that I was here to see “their” sea. ...

You Could Hear a Pin Drop At Night!

A proposition for Salton Sea and its far ripples.

I've flown over the Salton Sea many times. From the air, it doesn't look real. The blue expanse and the green fields of the Coachella and Imperial Valleys that butt up against the sea's northern ...

Inventor Tackles Salton Sea Disaster

How it works is an industrial secret, say the founders of Aqua Genesis LLC, a San Diego company that intends to clean up the Salton Sea and in the process make thousands of acre-feet (one ...

Hunt for obsidian and view volcanic mud pots near the Salton Sea

About as fast as toenails grow, the Imperial Valley continues to widen in an east-west direction. As fast as fingernails grow, Imperial Valley's west side shudders northwestward relative to territory farther east and north. The ...

Best of 2000: Best View Of The Salton Sea

Desert Tower In-Ko-Pah Park Road, five miles east of Jacumba (619) 766-4612 You get no idea of the vast size of the "Biggest Puddle in the West" -- the Salton Sea -- until you see ...

Quack Whack

A duck-hunt by the Salton Sea.

By 4:00, the sky over the Salton Sea has become a bird ballet. White pelicans in long, straight lines of 10, 20, sometimes 30 glide inches off the water. Seagulls hover in the strengthening breeze like kites.

What To Do with Salton Sea Now

Is it time to pull the plug?

Was it a coincidence this summer when 8000 tilapia-loving pelicans, including the endangered brown pelican, suddenly died on the beaches of the Salton Sea, the biggest pelican die-off in recorded U.S. history?

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