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Wanted: Hula hoop dancers, medieval violinist, indoor soccer team sponsor

San Diego Reader Classified ads, July 31, 2019

Personals JOCKEY BILLY PEARSON 1950’s west coaster, “jockeys would sometimes agree which horse was going to win (by holding their own horses back) and bet it.” CONNECT WITH A PASSED LOVED ONE The Los Angeles ...

Mark Miner's classical take on gender fluidity

Making the audience feel for Mars and Venus

When classicist Mark Miner read that Mission Hills Town Council President Leah Shuchter was interested in hosting a Drag Queen Story Hour in the Mission Hills Library on Washington Street, he wrote her a letter ...

Whitesnake’s lonely street of dreams

Hardly great poetry, and barely good songwriting

“Hanging on the promises in songs of yesterday,” the verse goes, “I know what it means / To walk along the lonely street of dreams.” "Lonely street of dreams" is hardly great poetry, and it’s ...

Bon Odori Festival, Hiking to Goat Canyon Trestle, Vegan night market, Songs for a New World, Weird Al Yankovic

Events August 1-August 7, 2019

Friday | 2 Bon Odori Festival Bon Odori, or “Gathering of Joy,” is a two-day festival with food, crafts, entertainment, community group booths. and dancing. On August 2, make your own toro nagashi to take ...

Who killed the giant squirrel of the Cuyamacas?

Oceanside boys on a Confirmation retreat

We’re not talking about a backyard squirrel, the kind your dog chases up trees at the neighborhood park. This was a burly mountain squirrel, a western gray with steely black eyes and the hind legs ...

A fateful ride with Kellen Winslow, Jr.

Homeless 58 years old lived at Encinitas transit center

"He said, Hey, do you want to go get some dinner, something to eat? And I said, I already ate dinner. And so then he mentioned coffee. And I said, Sure! Coffee! And for some ...

GOP launches right-ward San Diego News Desk

Unembarrassed Lorena Gonzalez tweets about Disneyland visit again

Costly mayoral affair The revelation that top members of San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s official taxpayer-paid staff have been taking out-of-town trips to boost his quest for higher office hasn’t surprised city hall insiders, who ...

Used to pick up the Reader

A crossword puzzle mistake

Unusual rarity A rare mistake in the Reader Puzzle. Mr. Wilk calls the “quickest point in tennis” an ace, actually, it’s a foot fault. And an argument could be made for calling a “point penalty” ...

Storytime with Miss Oona Upland

Drag Queen Story Hour comes to San Diego

There was no discussion of drag at the Drag Queen Story Hour held in the clean, well-lighted You Belong Here community space last Sunday morning. Charles McGrath, performing as Ms. Oona Upland, noted that he ...

Pinterest-worthy artisans

Are there any rules for throwing snarky shade at somebody’s Instagram?

Note: a friend of mine, whose name I cannot reveal, from a city somewhere in the United States, the location of which I cannot reveal (but I assure you, wherever you’re thinking, you’re wrong), heard ...

Enjoy the urban landscape of Canyon Hills Open Space Loop

This lovely hike is hidden in plain sight.

Canyon Hills Open Space is a surprise and a contrast to the noise from nearby I-15, which is quite close indeed. This open-space area is a reminder why it is so important to continue to ...

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