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Tony had no idea why he killed his friend in Oceanside

What the babysitter saw in the garage

Scott Schafer was out in front of his house on Oceanside’s Santa Anita Street at about 5 p.m. His four-year–old son was playing with two neighbor kids. Scott was friends with their dad Robbie, who ...

From the Kama Sutra

Pleasures to be followed with moderation

Pleasures should not be sought for, because they are obstacles to the practice of Dharma and Artha, which are both superior to them, and are also disliked by meritorious persons.... This objection cannot be sustained, ...

Brits who mimic Americans

Why they have an easier time than we do

Dear Hipster: Why are British people better at talking like Americans than Americans are at talking like Brits? — Dick Yet more random, with two possible explanations. One reason is that maybe they just want ...

L.A. gets drunk off your spirit and leaves you empty

Two poems by David Garyan

xDroughts Shasta, your monastery was built on the wrong mountains; the rain rarely falls at your feet and begs to cleanse them. The prodigal sun always returns too often, quick to imbibe Mother’s empathy. Shasta, ...

Legal bulldog on the flute

“I love all the jazz cats in town — but women have a different energy."

“I’ve always been a singer, ever since I was a little kid,” says Deborah Wolfe. “I used to dream of singing in front of a big band. My grandfather was a professional musician from Croatia ...

At least a Netflix binger branches out

Better than re-watching your faves over and over

Dear Hipster: In terms of addictive behaviors, is it worse to binge-watch a Netflix show that you don’t even like, or to re-watch old shows and movies that you do like, but that you’ve seen ...

Mark Marney, deputy director of golf, took trip courtesy of Toro

Watching iconic grass grow

With the turn of the new year, most talk of grass around San Diego city hall tends to concern the cannabis variety, but last summer Mark Marney, deputy director of golf, took a different kind ...

The Post — Spielberg’s stagiest work to date

Daniel Ellsberg, phone home

Steven Spielberg never has had much luck when it comes to using movie posters as timestamps. The WWII epic Empire of the Sun takes place after the 1939 release of Gone with the Wind, but ...

Brazilian imports by the Salton Sea

"I got stuck inside the Taco Tuesday lifestyle.”

“We’re three foreigners playing punk-rock music in America,” says Fernando Nepo of O.B. trio Sameland, who all grew up in São Paulo, Brazil. “Back in 2010, I had just finished college and I wanted to ...

Kombucha all over San Diego

“The last glass may be a little flat, but it will still have all the health benefits.”

“Kombucha is a fermented tea that originated in China about 2000 years ago,” says Danny Weigle, owner of local kombucha brewery Living Tea. (The brewery and first location are in Oceanside, but there’s a San ...

Nap vs. sleep

It's a shifty line

Dear Hipster: When does a nap turn into a sleep? — Neil The randomness continues. The shifty line between nap and sleep is like the one that divides being a full-time, professional artist or musician ...

Investigative reporter quietly leaves town

Vacant news holes

Union-Tribune investigative reporter James DeHaven, touted by the U-T as “part of a team that uncovered billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s secret purchase of the Las Vegas Review-Journal” when he went to work at the San Diego ...

Private Domain guys hit 40

Butler and Shaffer started in Bratz back in '77

As of 2018, Private Domain guitarist Jack Butler and front man Paul Shaffer have been playing together locally, nonstop, for 40 years. Shaffer began in 1977 when he led Bratz through Aerosmith, Stones, and Zeppelin ...

Crowded launch at West Pac

What do you expect from Navy town?

"WE APOLOGIZE. This is our first day of business and we are SOLD OUT for lunch food at this time.” Bummer. The sign’s on the front door of the brand-new West Pac Noodle Bar. People ...

Eucalyptus Trail — between backyards and Batiquitos Lagoon

Leafless does not mean dead

Start hiking up the short, steep trail through somewhat degraded coastal sage scrub habitat. If making this journey after a long rainless summer, many of the shrubs will be leafless or nearly so. They are ...

North County congressman Issa to retire

He faced a tough reelection and "barely survived the 2016 election”

Republican North County congressman Darrell Issa today (January 10) announced that he will be retiring from his post in the 49th District this fall. The publication Politico called Issa’s move “the latest sign of a ...

Tonya fights back

Blade mother

The house lights dim and the following legend greets viewers: “Based on irony-free, wildly contradictory, totally true interviews.” The disclaimer is almost immediately succeeded by bad mom LaVona Golden’s (Allison Janney) first appearance in flashback, ...

Anthony Smith eases up on piano, reinvents himself in New York

Deep into the vibes

No, not a CD-release party, although jazz music will be played live. It’s a book-signing party, the author of which is central to the band. Anthony Smith’s back in town after four years in New ...

Get tickets: Louie Fontaine, Jack Tempchin, K. Michelle

And Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves

Imagine if O.B. karaoke host Jose Sinatra was from Denmark and fronted a Nordic version of Tom Petty’s Heartbeakers and that’s pretty much Louie Fontaine and the Starlight Searchers. Danish-born and now a son of ...

Wolves have a clear advantage over bears

T-shirts are the measure

Dear Hipster: I have been pondering animals of late. Specifically, I have had large, predatory mammals on my mind. Mostly, I have been thinking about bears and the many ways in which they are probably ...

San Diego for its reggae and girls, for starters

Dubbest gladly pays the price to live here

If the cliché held true, you’d think any local reggae band would endorse the arrival of the new pot laws. Not necessarily, says guitarist/singer Cory Mahoney of Dubbest (pronounced dah-BEST). “The whole tax they added ...

The KKK peaked in San Diego in the 1920s

But it was stronger in L.A.

Some San Diegans joined the Ku Klux Klan to better their careers.

San Diego likes festivals

On tap: San Diego Brew Festival, Multicultural Festival, Borrego Springs Film Festival

Thursday | 11 Borrego Springs Film Festival A juried, five-day film festival of narrative, documentary, animation, and Latino features and shorts. Films will be screened at the 180-seat Borrego Springs Performing Arts Center. Networking events ...

No sign of financing for Broadway-Navy project

High and dry

The new year has dawned with no sign of long-promised financing for ex–Union-Tribune owner Douglas Manchester’s $650 million Broadway-Navy project downtown. Back in October, Berkadia Hotels and Hospitality Group, a mortgage broker co-owned by Warren ...

A letter on the National City government and Mayor Morrison

And another about the Hepatitis A outbreak

The reality is simply this Re: “National City Power Grab?”, News Ticker Interesting article on Mayor Morrison. The reality is simply this: the detractors have little to concern themselves with as Morrison holds little power ...

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