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San Diego's music makers and shakers

Sometimes organic, sometimes orchestrated

This city is brutal — Booking = Gambling. By Dryw Keltz You could learn to be a rock star — From seminars to jazz camps to rock-n-roll schools. By Dave Good Haydeé Jiménez was born ...

San Diego's spring record releases

The Roundup for March 2016

Wayne Riker Brotherhood’s Blues Convocation record drops March 1, featuring selections that showcase Delta, Chicago, gospel, and jump blues by Freddie King, Jimmy Reed, John Mayall, and more. The debut album from Rob Crow’s Gloomy ...

The dark ways people treat each other

The Sweet Smell of Success and Stanley Kubrick’s first film before turning to page

You’re a fan of classic Hollywood cinema, you’ve seen all the greats that show up on Turner Classic Movies, but did you know about the first “real” Kubrick film? The Killing (USA, 1956, United Artists) ...

Two poems by Steven Milne

“Road Accident” and “Horses”

Road Accident A night of glassy ghosts in the meadows. A black night of ice and rain, winter’s voltage set hard to stun, the earth hammered into unpredictable motion. The road was closed, I later ...

Financial debacle is a résumé highlight

Lawyers, again

There was a lot of nasty fallout from San Diego’s infamous pension mess of the early 21st Century, starting with the political demise of Republican mayor Dick Murphy, who abruptly quit office in April 2005 ...

CodeBlue goes deep house

Local electronic artist finds more support in his bedroom

It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times — for electronic dance music. “EDM has become so huge in San Diego that we get some of the biggest artists, like Oliver Heldens, coming ...

Scripture served warm

Pastor Darin Johnson answered the call

Membership: 34,000+ (entire SDSU faculty, staff and student body) Pastor: Darin Johnson Age: 49 Born: Sioux Falls, SD Formation: Iowa State University, Ames, IA; Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago; Wartburg Theological Seminary, Dubuque, IA Years ...

Victor Mature recites Hamlet’s famous speech

It is not to be missed

The Guardian said of Cry of the City (USA),1948, 20th Century Fox), “The German-born Robert Siodmak brings a fascinatingly Italianate, neorealist touch to this hardboiled noir thriller from 1948.” The film has a great lineup ...

Scott Tournet's starting from scratch

Former Nocturnals guitarist debuts his Afrobeat-inspired Elektric Voodoo

When Scott Tournet last checked in with the Reader, it was three years ago. He’d moved to San Diego from his native Vermont the year before and he’d recently recorded his first solo album at ...

Order up: the most expensive thing at El Carrito Nuevo


“No!” says Carmen. “Finish first. You will eat my camarones hot.”

Down the rabbit hole with Birdy Bardot

Birdy has three bands in hand...

Emily Reilly. It’s a name you might not naturally associate with San Diego’s music scene. And yet, she’s one of the busiest in the biz, lending her vocals to no less than three bands: Birdy ...

Moonshine and Dominican beans unite

Coffee + booze

As more local breweries have partnered with local roasters, coffee beers have become something of a regional specialty, racking up national awards left and right. Now, as San Diego’s craft-spirit scene has grown past its ...

Wage hike campaign begins

Tiki poison

Politically ambitious San Diego Unified school-board member Kevin Beiser is throwing a bash to raise cash on behalf of the campaign for the minimum-wage measure on June’s ballot, saying, “The best way to help kids ...

Hipster bulldog mania

The canine equivalent of a black velvet wolf T-shirt

Dear Hipster: Why do hipsters like bulldogs? I thought bros favored bulldogs, especially when they could be taught to skateboard. — Dana The past decade has been kind to bulldogs, and their French cousins, which ...

Fallbrook's underworld of artists

Canada band Daring Greatly finds a new home in North County

It was a book about making bold life choices that inspired Dail Croome to quit his job, sell his house, and hit the road with his two sons and two other musicians. Croome: “I had ...

A salute to Swedenborgian Hall

Final curtain

On Sunday, February 7, parishioners lost their church, and local theater lost a space. After a farewell service in the sanctuary, where each member signed the paper of dissolution, the Swedenborgian Church of San Diego ...

Busking, birding, Balanchine, and Best Coast

Here are some things to do in March

Thursday | 3 A demonstration of how to make three cocktails using various liquors. Guests will have the opportunity to create their own drink. The winning drink will be featured on the restaurant’s cocktail list ...

Getting personal with Waxahatchee

Indie hit Katie Crutchfield talks full band versus rolling solo, and writing on the road

After releasing two lo-fi solo albums on independent label Don Giovanni, Katie Crutchfield delivered her musical project, Waxahatchee, to a larger home. Her first release on Merge Records was last year’s Ivy Tripp — a ...

Watch birds eat flies and shrimp at Saltworks

Birding by Kayak event this Saturday

If you head out of Chula Vista Marina into the open bay and make a left turn to the south, you’ll see a spit of land jutting westward out into the east side of the ...

Recapping the Oscars

Ali G should host next year

Oscar recap: And the dead frog goes to... It was almost the Oscars that weren’t, the first time since age seven where I couldn’t invite Hollywood’s elite into my living room for its annual epistle ...

World War I refought in San Diego

Can’t blame it all on Germany

When Raphael Courtney was two, his mother took him to live in her father’s National City home. Her husband had recently died in a plane crash. As the boy matured, he and his grandfather grew ...

Haydeé Jiménez was born to make connections

Noise is at the center

I first met her three years ago at a Chinese-Mexican pop-up dinner that her brother was hosting in Tijuana. At the time, Haydeé was living in Berlin working for global collaboration platform Rockajoint. She moved ...

Phone calls are the lobster bisque of communication methods

Common denominator: Mother's Day

Dear Hipster: My phone doesn’t get service at home, so I sometimes message mutual friends from my boyfriend’s phone. Whenever I do that, I suffer the strangest quandary. I wonder, is it better to a) ...

Epic chokes from the history of modern sports

As in the NFL, as in San Diego Chargers, as in Philip Rivers

Now we come to Preventing Motor Skill Failure Through Hemisphere-Specific Priming: Cases From Choking Under Pressure. Authored by those impetuous funsters at Faculty of Sport Science, Technische Universität München, located in München, state of Bavaria, ...

Ghosts on the patio

How Música en el Patio (MEEP) was born

“It all started in my backyard in the summer of 2014,” Andrés Corella recalls. “We did it to share music with friends. We had no intention of making it a big public thing. They were ...

Mr. Cheese

Disgusted with Richard Cheese’s audience

David decided to dress in the lounge spirit, in an ensemble I referred to as “the afterparty” look: a tuxedo with the bowtie untied and hanging from his neck.

This city is brutal

Booking = Gambling

Soda Bar booker Cory Stier put it best when he described his job as akin to running around like headless poultry. Look for the following five decapitated chickens to continue to run their butts off ...

Sometimes a painting calls to you

Or it whispers and makes you weep

Grandma hopes for new memories.

You could learn to be a rock star

From seminars to jazz camps to rock-n-roll schools

It’s worked out that way so far for a 2012 San Diego Reader notable band: “All three of the kids in Big Bad Buffalo were students here,” School of Rock regional music director Tyler Ward ...

Chargers’ PR is a grating insult

Team always wanted to stay. Huh?

Spanos poured gas on the bridge while his jilted lover traveled across it.

Promoters of the local dream

Radio shows as career-launching platforms

Tim Pyles loves Sundays. That’s when he gets to play the local bands that excite him... on 100,000 watts. “The Schizophonics…the Sesh…Adam from Burning of Rome…the Prayers, even though they are controversial. [Front man] Rafa ...

UCSD and USC battle in court

Pricey legal fees, unforgettable

The costly legal battle between taxpayer-supported UCSD and private Los Angeles–based University of Southern California continues to slowly wind its way through federal court here, as lawyers for both sides run up more billable hours. ...

It’s not like I’m there to make money

Jazz followers are the snobs of the city

Dan Atkinson “I started at the Athenaeum in 1989, before there even was a jazz series,” recalls jazz program coordinator Dan Atkinson over lunch in La Jolla. “It hasn’t been a constant series of challenges; ...

Dirty Dishes, Agent Orange, Lower Dens

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 3If you believe everything the web tells you — and, let’s face it, life is easier that way — L.A.’s grungy pop-rock duo Alex Molini (bass/synth) and Jenny Tuite (guitar/voice) met when he vomited ...

To Gary from Carlsbad

Readers respond to letter writer who doesn't care about Tijuana

What a Difference a Zero Makes Re: “The Glamour Track Is Mountain Lion,” February 25 cover story I’m wondering if the writer meant 400-600 mountain lions populating San Diego County rather than 4000-6000 (noted in ...

Twenty-four years of Electric Waste Johnny Marr and Skizzy Mars in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 6English guitarist Johnny Marr has been a gun-for-hire since the demise of his popular indie-pop group the Smiths, including work with Modest Mouse, Talking Heads, and the Pretenders. In 2014, Marr released a solo ...

Challenging fate

The next David Fincher

A Place Beyond the Pines (USA, 2012, Focus Features), masterfully written and directed by Derek Cianfrance, is an incredibly ambitious, novel-like exploration of how fate is challenged and often reinforced by intentions and consequences. Ryan ...

February 25 Sudoku Contenders

Evil Bliss Beedle, Encinitas, 5. Gregory Chauncey, La Jolla, 5. (winner!) Joseph Ciprian, Little Italy, 5. (winner!) Patrick Driscoll, Santee, 5. (winner!) Rafael Gaceta, San Diego, 5. Don Ganoe, San Diego, 5. Paula Henderson, La ...

February 25 Crossword Contenders

Martha Awdziewicz, Clairemont, 5. Dennis Butterworth, San Diego, 5. Chris Byzewski, San Diego, 5. Leslie Chase, Campo, 5. Joseph Ciprian, Little Italy, 5. Allan Dorfman, Del Mar, 5. Chad Griffith, Poway, 5. Susan Haley, Chula ...

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