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Here kitty, kitty

Here kitty, kitty

What a Difference a Zero Makes

Re: “The Glamour Track Is Mountain Lion,” February 25 cover story

I’m wondering if the writer meant 400-600 mountain lions populating San Diego County rather than 4000-6000 (noted in a caption). Research suggests each cougar requires a minimum of ten square miles. Additionally, for all the hiking my wife and I have done around the county over the years, 4000-6000 means we should’ve experienced a sighting by now. Yet all we’ve seen are a few tracks.

  • Rand Feura
  • Santee

The estimate of 4000 to 6000 mountain lions is for the entire state of California, not San Diego County. We regret the error. — Editor

The Business of Religion

This is about the article about churches in the Poway Business Park. And religion is not a business? Jeevu$!

  • Teddy Rodosovich
  • via voicemail

Whom, Not Who

A quick comment on Under the Radar in the February 25 Reader.

If you look at the 21st line of that first paragraph, it would have been correct English, and would have read a lot more smoothly, and made more sense if it were: “Kevin Faulconer (an ex-public relations man, whom aides are talking up as a candidate for the state’s highest office) ...” If you read it the way it’s written there, who really doesn’t make any sense.

You ought to have a proofreader there to check up your English once in a while.

  • Grammar police
  • via voicemail

Tijuana Rebuff

I just got back from Tijuana on Saturday. I go at least once a month without a passport. And I was just reading the letter from Gary in Carlsbad titled “Nobody Cares about Tijuana.”

I want to tell Gary that I have met so many nice people in Tijuana. I hang out in Zacazonapa, which is in La Coahuila. I’ve just met so many beautiful people down there, beautiful women, really nice hombres. Best damn food, great music. It’s safe, compared to, oh, Del Mar Heights Road, where they have ten sheriffs at the 7-Eleven, just looking to hassle somebody.

I kind of discovered La Coahuila coming back from the dentist. They pretty much saved my life. They’re very compassionate and clean — way better than these foreign doctors here in the United States.

So, I just want to tell Gary from Carlsbad that I care about Tijuana. I love your articles. I love Mexico. I look forward to the Reader every week. You guys are great. It’d be neat if you could print the rebuff to that guy, because he sounds like the typical North County jerk that I’m surrounded by.

I’m a white gringo. I have a million-dollar house in Del Mar. I hate it here. I’d rather be in TJ. I mean, I like my house; I like the beach. I like hiking at Torrey Pines and walking my dog, picking my kid up. But it can’t beat Tijuana.

  • George Walker
  • Del Mar

Nowhere but Carlsbad

My comment is regarding a letter that was published February 25, “Nobody Cares about Tijuana,” by Gary from Carlsbad.

Evidently, 45,000 people cross the border every day from Tijuana to the United States. There are almost two million people who live in Tijuana. Evidently, those people care about Tijuana. So, I’m sorry to say that Gary is maybe somebody who doesn’t go anywhere but Carlsbad and doesn’t care about anything else.

I think it’s a good idea that the Reader is expanding their restaurant reviews to other places in the region. Good job on that, Reader!

  • Name withheld
  • via voicemail

Bacon Is Not Good for the Eyes

I’m calling regarding the Mueller cartoon in the February 11 issue. That cartoon shows two people. One of them has his eyes all stitched up and his hands up in the air. The other guy’s got something stuck in his ear and a cocktail in front of him. The caption says, “Bacon is over for me, too, pal.”

I’m 92 years old. I only have one eye, and I’m a big bacon eater. I’m concerned that bacon is something that is not good for the eyes. If that’s what that cartoon means, I gotta search further regarding bacon.

  • Edward Young
  • Lakeside

Like Seinfeld

Unforgettable: Long-ago San Diego is a treasure chest of gold nuggets from San Diego’s early history! I didn’t know and never would have without the Reader telling me. Thank You.

Also: Diary of a Diva and Ask a Hipster are very amusing. Even though I’m not the kind of person that likes those kinds of people, or anyone else for that matter, I find them very amusing. Like watching Seinfeld. News of the Weird — must have weekly.

  • Arthur the Dragon Hunter
  • via email
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Javajoe25 March 3, 2016 @ 9:54 p.m.

I'd like to ask George Walker of Del Mar (or anyone else for that matter) how he goes in and out of TJ without a passport? I thought it was mandatory now in order to get back into the U.S..


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