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Steal beer and die

Sometimes, mercy is better than justice

The bloodstains have long since faded, courtesy of Scram, sun, and time. More than a decade ago, in the parking lot of a Vons in Santee, Christopher St. Louis, 18, lost his life in the ...

The Good Twin and the Evil Twin

This is how it all began. There was only water — there was no sky, there was no land, only nothingness. Then out of the waters rose a mist, and it became the sky. Still ...

Summer records by San Diego bands

The season's start sees new releases by Big Bloom, Kneehighs, and Freedom Fries

Country Rockin’ Rebels will play two release parties for Ride Rebel Ride, with an acoustic set at Rosie O’Grady’s July 1 and an electric gig at Mother’s Saloon on July 22. Levi Dean & the ...

SD Fringe: Witness to Gettysburg and Ozombie bin Laden: in 3D!

Owing to havoc and sub-atomic, proto-nuclear-ish hegemony

Witness to Gettysburg Have you ever been to Gettysburg? Maybe it’s ghosts, or just how the winds swirl across empty fields. If you didn’t know that during the first three days of July 1863 nearly ...

Blue be the sky and soft the breeze

A poem about June

June I gazed upon the glorious sky And the green mountains round, And thought that when I came to lie At rest within the ground, ’Twere pleasant, that in flowery June, When brooks send up ...

Janey's deeper tensions

The Tree Ring's Joel P. West finds a future in film

“Joel was once the director of photography on a film about a guy who had a watermelon for a head,” filmmaker Jared Callahan tells me by phone from Atlanta. Joel P. West, member of local ...

A shrimp taco at the Market Hall

Greed is good

This was where I learned to appreciate the humble carrot. It started simply enough. I was heading along Market past that cool newish condo tower Strata, when I came across this sign: “Café Now Open.” ...

Unethical S.D. politics, as usual

Architect Doug Austin has designs

Two years ago, Union-Tribune publisher, developer, and Republican kingpin Douglas Manchester put $356,000 into the campaign to make Kevin Faulconer mayor, and it didn’t take long for the political investment to pay off in a ...

Day of the dolphins

Insect Surfers out to save the vaquita with surf-rocking shark guitars

“Vaquita? Tastes like chicken,” quips Insect Surfers founder David Arnson, who studied marine biology before forming “Planet earth’s longest-running modern surf band” in Washington, D.C.’s mid-’70s alternative-rock scene. After we reconnect at a private Surfers/Sand ...

Unforgiving Hospitals

An aggressive reef break

Name: Josh Turner Age: 20 Occupation: Valet Location: Tourmaline Surf Park, PB Favorite Surf Spot: Hospitals, La Jolla Josh Turner’s introduction to surfing came by way of a Surfari Surf School class in Mission Beach ...

Feminine but not feminist

We will never know if we could have had two Mozarts

Written and performed by Sylvia Milo, The Other Mozart moves chronologically through the life of Maria Anna Mozart. Nannerl and her musical abilities were oppressed by a society in which some people thought uterine bleeding ...

Competitive tickling

David Farrier on his new movie Tickled

David Farrier is a New Zealand journalist who set out to do a human interest story on the world of competitive endurance tickling videos. But the nasty and virulent resistance he encountered made him think ...

Keeping cool in the inland suburbs

The kids need some waterin' about now

There's no gloom in June anymore.

Baja he-man talks to fishermen

Baja walkabout

After reading Graham Mackintosh’s Into a Desert Place about his two-year walk around the Baja coastline, I had to meet him. Smallish and pale, Scottish by blood, he was living in Lemon Grove. By the ...

Lots to do at Chollas Lake Park, but...biodiversity is not high

Enjoy the many possible activities in this urban getaway

Named for the cholla cactus found in the area, Chollas Lake Reservoir was built in 1901 to serve San Diego’s water supply. The 16-acre lake was turned over to the city’s Department of Park and ...

Moshing with Methodists

Church sets up a hardcore hangout called the Industry in Chula Vista

The most surprising thing about last Friday’s “Mosh for Orlando” show in Chula Vista wasn’t that local punks played for free for the Pulse/Orlando victims, it’s that it was held by a church. And moshing ...

Inner Fire Dragon

“Thirty-five to 40 is really the golden age for women.”

When I asked Dad what he thought happens to women after 40, he laughed and said, “They turn,” a term that, moments before, he’d joked was akin to milk spoiling.

Event picks for the 4th of July weekend

Big boom on the bay; Ocean Beach pier gets a 50th birthday party

Thursday | 30 A discussion of artist Don Porcella’s debut in Shanghai, China, where he was commissioned by French couturier Hermès to design four windows for their new flagship store featuring his trademark pipe-cleaner creatures ...

Back on the road with Joe Pug

The folk-singer's latest Windfall

He was about to quit music three years ago, the folk singer Joe Pug claimed to anyone in the media who would listen. And, there were many. A couple of years earlier he’d ditched school ...

Four stories, one tail

Todd Solondz discusses Wiener Dog

Writer-director Todd Solondz’s Wiener Dog follows the titular animal through four stories with four different owners: a sweetly curious boy (Keaton Nigel Cooke), a compassionate young woman (Greta Gerwig), a frustrated middle-aged man (Danny De ...

Switchfoot switches gears this year

Guitarist Drew Shirley talks up a cause, the new album, and a record-release at sea

It’s easy to forget that multi-platinum alt-gospel rock act Switchfoot was an indie band from its recorded debut in 1997 all the way through 2003. The glory days came with their major-label releases such as ...

Jimmy Page is in; that Huffamoose

A case that merits deciding in court

Dear Hipster: Well, lookee here now! Led Zeppelin — or at least the songwriting team of Plant and Page — on trial for plagiarism. Back when Marvin Gaye’s estate sued Robin Thicke, I tried to ...

Combining convention centers and stadiums doesn’t work

Beware the convadium con

It is comforting to know that the presidential race is not the only wacko thing going on in this country. Voters in McKinney, Texas, have authorized spending $63 million on a new high school football ...

Why does the editor of the Reader allow it?

This, and other questions posed in this week's batch of letters to the editor

Basic Human Need Why doesn’t Siobhan Braun tell the whole story about the sex trade in “We Need Our Hearts Broken Over This”? Why are politicians and law enforcement going after the Johns instead of ...

Liberals spending

Saldaña’s bid got five-figured financial help

Former Democratic state assemblywoman Lori Saldaña, who has left the party and become an independent, came in third to mayor Kevin Faulconer and Democrat Ed Harris in this year’s race for San Diego mayor. The ...

Mudcrutch, Schizos, and Conchords the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 30Wouldn’t it be nice if Beach Boy Brian Wilson performed Pet Sounds at the fairgrounds Thursday night? God only knows. I have every faith that Wilson and his crack band could do the collection ...

A country-fried Fourth, the four-headed hip-hop monster

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 3Back to Brick by Brick on Sunday night, when Ignite lights up the Bay Park bar after Skipjack, Eken Is Dead, and Somatic. The OC’s melodic-hardcore quintet Ignite is touring in support of this ...

June 23 Crossword Contenders

Martha Awdziewicz, Clairemont, 10. L. Barling, El Cajon, 10. Evelyn Bowser, Hillcrest, 10. Dennis Butterworth, San Diego, 10. Chris Byzewski, San Diego, 10. Joseph Ciprian, Little Italy, 10. Annette Coppede, San Diego, 10. Allan Dorfman, ...

June 23 Sudoku Contenders

Evil Bliss Beedle, Encinitas, 10. Gregory Chauncey, La Jolla, 10. Joseph Ciprian, Little Italy, 10. Alford Claibone, San Diego, 10. Patrick Driscoll, Santee, 10. Rafael Gaceta, San Diego, 10. Don Ganoe, San Diego, 10. Larry ...

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