Steal beer and die

Sometimes, mercy is better than justice

The bloodstains have long since faded, courtesy of Scram, sun, and time. More than a decade ago, in the parking lot of a Vons in Santee, Christopher St. Louis, 18, lost his life in the ...


Valerie Stallings and John Moores, Larry Luchino and the mob, Ralph Inzunza, David Malcom, and San Diego State athletic department

From the Archives is the Reader's new series spotlighting articles from over 40 years of the Reader's journalistic history. This week's theme is investigative reporting. Masters of Deceit Padres' bribes of councilwoman Valerie Stallings “On ...

Football Scandal Rocks State

Booze, fraud, porn, strippers, and other collegiate sports.

For years, lurid stories about the program's culture of booze, strippers, and kinky pre-game sex, financed by wealthy team boosters, have been making the rounds.

What You Do To Get Ahead

San Diego Assemblyman Juan Vargas shills for insurance interests who donate heavily to him.

Last June, San Diego assemblyman Juan Vargas received a brief, if dubious, burst of fame for his role in the failure of Senate Bill 1, a financial privacy measure sponsored by Democratic senate member Jackie ...

Fun with Ralph: Excerpts From a Busy Man's Calendar

Councilman Inzunza’s frantic lunch hours.

When did he dine and whom did he dine with? That variation on the famous query from Senator Howard Baker about the culpability of Richard Nixon can today be asked — and now answered — ...

What Did David Malcolm Want From: Steve Peace, Tawfiq Khoury, Willie Brown, Bob Filner, and Larry Cushman?

The mail trail of a felonious port commissioner

David Malcolm was born to be a prince of San Diego politics. Malcolm grew up poor in Chula Vista and ached to be rich, as he repeatedly confided to reporters. In 1972, while still attending ...

Married Rich

Handsome dowries among San Diego elite

With Silberman's imprisonment and the death of his one-time partner, liberal Republican Robert Peterson, Foster had become one of the few remaining pillars of the city's left-of-center establishment.

The John Moores Exemption

Why did Stallings take the fall?

The grimy facts behind Valerie Stallings' guilty plea.

Masters of Deceit

The City Council holds secret meetings about the Padres

Cloaked in secrecy by Girard's claim of "attorney-client privilege," none of the specific terms of the concessions regarding the Padres' Qualcomm lease were made public by the council.

Are the Padres Married to the Mob?

The Lucchino-Emmett connection

To its fans, the world of professional baseball is a dreamland where grown-ups can live out their childhood fantasies, tracking batting averages and swapping stories about heroic home runs. Behind the curtain is a more ...

The Long Trial of Ron Mix

Did the former football hero do anything wrong, or was he merely an innocent victim?

Those who know Mix find it hard to believe he is capable of wrongdoing; one attorney says, “He’s known for paying attention to the little guy. I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about him.”

Questions & Answers

Transcripts from the San Diego County Grand Jury investigation into Roger Hedgecock's campaign finances

The path to glory was the same, as long as Roger Hedgecock rose and became successful, Tom Shepard would become, and his statements indicate, the premier political consultant in San Diego

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