Famous San Diego characters

San Diego characters: counterculture and crime

Skateboarder Gator up for murder, Karen Wilkening’s arrest and jail time, Metabolife’s brush with law, Michael Page and music underground

Sandals, Bell-Bottoms, a Medallion The canyon was just a dream for a little boy. We had trails, paths, and forts. There was a lot of bamboo growing in the canyon, which isn’t indigenous to this ...

San Diego characters in politics and media

National City’s Herman Baca, radio’s Bill Balance, publisher Clint McKinnon, Otto Bos, Wolfman Jack, and Gloria Penner of KPBS

Some People in This Town Don't Like Herman Baca Baca's aptitude is in organizing his friends. At Sweetwater High School in the late Fifties, he was president of “Los Solteros” (“The Bachelors”), a club of ...

Famous San Diego characters

Duke Cunningham, Mike Aguirre, Roger Hedgecock, Ron Mix, Eric Show, and Michael Reagan

The Deadly Circle The fear of ejecting over the heavily populated Red River Valley and of becoming prisoners of war kept Cunningham and Driscoll in the plane until it began tumbling and burning just over ...

San Diego characters: common but colorful

Tree man of San Diego, the last vaquero, C.A. Smith’s repairman, when you win the lottery, largest rancher in San Diego

The Last Vaquero I’d tell Mollie where I was gonna camp, and she’d pack the ol’ mule and drag him around till I got to that camp, and she’d have it all set up. The ...

Famous San Diego characters

Joseph Wambaugh, Deepak Chopra, James Hubbell, Susan Golding, Alan Bursin, Tim Le Haye, Kate Sessions

Deepak’s Six Pack No doubt about it: Deepak Chopra has the New Age set enthralled. This is Wayne Dyerland. Past-Lives Therapyland. Verging on the spiritual turf of Linda Evans and Ramptha, her 5th-century revived adviser ...

San Diego characters in education and book publishing

John Theobald of SDSU, Roger Revelle of UCSD, book agent Sandra Dykstra, translator John Woods of Mission Hills, ex-spy D.G. Wills

What Greater Curse Than Life Without Verse Theobald opened a correspondence with Ezra Pound that lasted for years. Throughout this time, the poet was an inmate at St. Elizabeth’s mental hospital in Washington, D.C., having ...

San Diego Characters: Outliers

Woman logger, Josie Scripps, the Spaceman of OB, and Bill Gookin

Josie Scripps She reports that the county, for its size, is second only to an area in Africa. Larger areas like Brazil and Ceylon contain greater quantities of gems, she says, but none has the ...

SD Characters: Sol Price, pioneer of Costco; Larry Lawrence, one of America's richest

Plus Andy Kay, Fletcher family, Blue brothers, and mafioso Alan Glick

Larry Lawrence and the Greening of American Politics Much of the San Diego money that went into the Clinton campaign’s coffers was collected May 17 at a $1000-per-person party for Clinton at the Coronado home ...

C. Arnholt Smith, Mr. San Diego

He co-writes two cover stories for Reader, plus stories on Joe Brennan, San Diego's harbormaster and San Luis Rey Downs; Don Bauder explains the scams

Mr. San Diego: Born with the Century And Solar Aircraft — there’s another institution that we made. And that damn Herb Kunzel. He was president of Solar at the end, and he would eventually be ...

Dusty Mother

Kate Sessions Walking Tour

“Descriptions of her say her clothes were rarely pressed and always dusty. This was someone who wasn’t into ‘fussy doodles,’ as she called any kind of societal finery. She was a straight shooter, unimpressed with titles."

The Apocalypse keeps Tim LaHaye busy.

Scott Memorial Baptist Church pastor authored Left Behind series

In an October 2002 interview he said he had run into the Dalai Lama in the Holy Land. "I went up to him," said LaHaye, "and asked if anyone had ever explained to him who Jesus Christ really is."

Dad’s Got History

Iggy invents swearwords

Born in San Diego in 1950, Michael Page was playing bass in local bands when a friend from New York City told him about Greenwich Village and the Bowery. The New York Dolls played at ...

Ziggy and Iggy

Michael Page joins the Criminals

Chuck Berry turned out to be an asshole to a lot of people, but I got along with him really well. I’ve got a cool picture of him signing a contract and using my back to do it.

The Best and Worst Band of the Year

Lisa invites Iggy Pop to La Jolla

KISS was one of the bands that would come to watch the Dolls play. They would take notes and sit right up in front. Sylvain used to say that the Dolls taught KISS how to light their cigarettes.

Coronado Spawns Woggle-Bug

Oz-related events in San Diego - which has so many Oz connections.

La Jolla also impressed Baum, and two of his non-Oz books are set there, The Sea Fairies and Sky Island. A third, The Scarecrow of Oz, is a hybrid. “It begins in La Jolla.