Famous San Diego characters

You're Just My Girlfriend

War shatters Michael Page’s world

When I went to the bathroom for a second, in the time that I was gone, my girlfriend gave Iggy Pop her phone number. She told him to come and visit her.

Sandals, Bell Bottoms, and a Nehru Thing

Iggy Pop’s bass player spills the beans

We had a place in Pacific Beach at Olney and Garnet that was an old Victorian house. And we were a real happening band in San Diego. The King Biscuit Blues Band. We were playing the love-ins.

Temporary Residents: Earp, Bean, & Oswald

Earp came here as a real estate speculator, not as “Wyatt Earp, lawman”

Sacagawea carried him all the way across the country and back again. When she rode through rapids in a dugout canoe, she rode with her baby; when food was scarce, both she and her baby went hungry.”

General Atomics: Color It Blue

The feds accuse General Atomics of fraud

The Blues, who both own mansions in La Jolla, also began getting good write-ups in the Union-Tribune. U-T society columnist Burl Stiff has reported that family members attend parties held by U-T publisher David Copley.

Married rich: Helen Copley, Susan Golding, Robert Dynes, Scott Peters, Maureen O'Connor, Joan Kroc, Alan Bersin

Handsome dowries among San Diego elite

With Silberman's imprisonment and the death of his one-time partner, liberal Republican Robert Peterson, Foster had become one of the few remaining pillars of the city's left-of-center establishment.

Critic of Inward City

Leaning West by James Hubbell

“San Diego doesn’t have the faith in itself that a place like New York or San Francisco has,” he said. “It’s partly the result of history. San Diego turned in on itself when the railroad went to Los Angeles.”

With Friends Like These

A shady pal queers Alan Glick's social life

In the movie, a fictionalized version of Spilotro, played by Joe Pesci, is seen to murder a character closely resembling Tamara Rand, a San Diego real estate woman in 1975 in the kitchen of her Mission Hills home.

She said, he said

UT cartoonist and Clinton fundraiser spar over child

After Larry's death, Kelley moved into Crown Manor, the lavish eight-bedroom mansion with 17 bathrooms on the Coronado beachfront that Larry had built for Shelia. Then, in April 1999, the couple had a son.

The Man who Turned Fact into Fiction

Angelo Madalena (Lorenzo's brother) gives the remarkable nonfiction

"There were five canneries on Harbor Drive. I ended up on a fish boat for about seven years because they were paying pretty good money, but Larry never worked as a fisherman. He was too intellectual for that."

Cracking the Coconut

Thais are losing their taste for Thai food.

"Back in the late 1960s, there was only one Thai market I was aware of, Bangkok Market on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. It opened in 1968 and it carried mostly canned goods, no vegetables, no spices."

Sherley Williams – from Fresno to La Jolla

Raised not to hope too hard

Sherley and I were the same age, both of us writers, both of us descendants of slaves. In 1966 we became the first in our respective families to graduate from college.

San Diego's least-remembered great man – U.S. Grant Jr.

Second son and namesake of the warrior president U. S. Grant.

Buck Grant was a man of substantial means in 1893 (thanks, in large part, to that $1 million dowry from his senator father-in-law). He bought a 25-room mansion at Eighth Avenue and Ash Street.

Susan Golding, Helen Copley, and funding of the 1996 GOP convention

Grand old scam

Last year's Republican Convention was supposed to put San Diego on the map and boost Mayor Susan Golding’s political aspirations. But a little more than a year after the delegates departed from what turned out ...

What Frank Gagliardi did with $26,000,000 in lottery winnings

We are going to be happy now

When he won, Gagliardi gave his trucking business to his brother — “Hell, who wants to drive a truck when you don’t have to?”—and he left his motorcycle business to his ex-wife after the divorce.

Booze and death for the Fletchers in Borrego Springs

What happened? A pioneer family's tragedy

At midnight on August 24, Kent rang the doorbell at the Fletcher Hills house of his grandfather, Ed Jr. The housekeeper testified that Kent asked to come in the house and sleep, but she told him that was against his grandfather’s orders.

Let’s Be Friends

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