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50,000 Chaldeans live in El Cajon

Most of them Trump supporters

Speaking English is eighth on their priority list.

Jordan Roberts leads panel of industry pros at Saturday's student Filmmaking Symposium

3, 2, 1...Encinitas go boom!

Jordan Roberts leads a lineup of industry pros scheduled to attend this Saturday's Encinitas Student Film Symposium. Roberts is the writer-director of two terrific family comedies (Around the Bend and 3, 2, 1… Frankie Go ...

The jet just wants to be invited for tea

Three poems by Katie Manning

Flight Path I wake to the suctioning shriek of a plane flying low overhead and imagine the jet just wants to be invited for tea. This plane is sick of mindless movement. It screams for ...

Dispensary rock

Hard-rock Canada band Black Mountain returns with IV

Black Mountain is back in action with a new record, IV, after a relatively quiet four years. The group was last heard from in 2012 on their soundtrack to the post-apocalyptic surf film Year Zero. ...

Another day, another Otay Mesa drug tunnel

But this one led to over a ton of coke and was 800 yards long

Federal officials announced today (April 20) that they made arrests related to what is believed to be the longest cross-border drug transportation tunnel (800 yards in length), stretching from a house in Tijuana to a ...

The Jacobs-Faulconer dance

Qualcomm execs donate to the mayor's reelection campaign

When Republican Kevin Faulconer first ran for mayor in the fall of 2013, Qualcomm then-CEO Paul Jacobs, the son of company founder and Hillary Clinton-backer Irwin Jacobs, backed Republican-turned-Democrat Nathan Fletcher for the job. After ...

The best duck larb I can remember

Beautiful suffering

Took a gamble tonight. I spotted this sign: “Lucky Lady, Casino Restaurant & Bar.” Hmm... Casino restaurant? Looking through the windows, I see about a dozen gaming tables, all crowded. And this is a Monday ...

Rock, cook, and roll

Local musicians perform in the kitchen

Fat Lando’s Chili 2 cups corn 2 cans kidney beans 20 oz can tomato sauce Chopped tomatoes Onion – one cup chopped Garlic – to taste Bell peppers – two cups chopped 1 pound ground ...

Eat the record

Visiting North County's Spin Records on Record Store Day

Last weekend marked the seventh time Spin Records has celebrated the annual Record Store Day. “It’s our biggest day of the year,” says Ken Kosta, who brought Spin Records to Carlsbad 23 years ago. “We ...

The Funk Ark lands in San Diego

D.C.'s global funk journey makes a stop at Soda Bar Sunday night

Don’t let the name the Funk Ark fool you. Taken together, the words funk and ark imply some kind of salvage of the old-school (James Brown, P-Funk, Maceo Parker). Not the case. The Funk Ark ...

Many rewards at “the Knoll” — Scripps Coastal Reserve

Spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean await visitors after a short, easy walk through coastal sage scrub.

The Scripps Coastal Reserve, or ”the Knoll,” offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean from coastal bluffs and an easy walk through coastal sage-scrub habitat. Owned by the University of California as part of their ...

Volunteer opportunities for teens

A preemptive strike against the summer doldrums

“It is not mandatory to give or receive a hug, but we have not had any recipients deny one yet.”

Concert photos for the wasteland known as your phone

Get in the moment and stay there

Dear Hipster: I’ve got a 21st-century problem for you. Every time I attend a concert, or really any other significant event, the wall of cell phones taking snaps and Vines drives me to distraction. You ...

Joy sounds insane

San Diego psych-rock trio talks about their new record release

Heavier, and, I must say, humbler than ever, San Diego’s own Joy comes fulminating back with their latest platter, Ride Along! Originator Zachary Oakley took some queries via email. The new album’s out on 4/29. ...

The takeout junkie trope

Odd to hold such merciless opinions on something so innocuous as takeout food

In Scripps Ranch Theatre’s production of Skin Deep, female lead, Maureen Mulligan — played to the Irish Catholic spinster extreme by Brenda Adelman — seems to survive on a steady diet of takeout food, the ...

Merry Fishmas, Eastern Sierra anglers

What do big browns eat?

As hundreds of San Diegans prepare for the April 30 trout opener in the Eastern Sierra, expectations are running high. The annual six-hour drive for thousands of Southern Californian anglers up Highway 395 — to ...

Two Harbors to ... you know

The side of the island where the only store closes at 6 pm.

At first, David was dejected, and I wasn’t much help. “If we were going to go for fun, I probably would have opted to stay on the fun side of the island,” I said.

Sale of 4th&B could mean the end of the venue

Tearing down the house?

The downtown venue that hosted James Brown, Kings of Leon, Black Eyed Peas, X, Snoop Dogg, and TV on the Radio during its 17-year run, and which was slated to be refashioned into a state-of-the-art ...

Earth Day and outdoor events dominate this week’s calendar

Spring has sprung

Thursday | 21 Judd ApatowHe wrote and directed The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Funny People, and This Is 40, and Apatow’s producing credits include Superbad, Bridesmaids, and Anchorman. He’s also the executive producer of HBO’s ...

Record Dust redux

Jason Blackmore finds crew and cash to back Records Collecting Dust II

"Records Collecting Dust is a documentary centered in San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles,” says Jason Blackmore. “Those were the three cities I focused on the first time around, on the underground punk-rock scene ...

Mission Beach land-use ordinance kicked in the teeth

“...a classic example of a developer trying to stick it to the community.”

Residents in Mission Beach are accusing a La Jolla–based developer of using outdated maps and other tricks to try and skirt local planning laws and to avoid building a community park. They claim that doing ...

Avocados, Ron Roberts, and religion spur letters

Importing What We Wouldn’t Grow Related to Don Bauder’s article in the April 14 Reader, (City Lights: “Avocado Prices Plunging”), it makes me wonder if the chemicals that we decided we don’t want to use ...

Gamer’s costly rise and fall

UCSD was in as much of a hurry to get rid of Steve Gamer as it had been to hire him

In January 2014, University of California regents thought they had a hustler in Steve Gamer, so much so that they hastily agreed to pay him the princely annual salary of $455,792 to become UCSD’s new ...

Remember when old people were so stupid?

We never figure everything out.

My grandmother was ahead of her time.

Deafheaven, Deerhunter, and a tribute to Weller

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 21I’m told black-metal purists consider Deafheaven “hipster metal.” I don’t know any black-metal purists, but I think I get where they’re coming from. Deafheaven’s sonic blasts and scream-singing come with humanized, earthbound lyrics and ...

The Great Medicine Dance

Creation myth of the Cheyenne people

The Tsis-tsistas people have danced the great medicine dance for a long, long time, longer than anyone can remember or even imagine. The dance represents the making of this universe, and was conceived and taught ...

Bowie's band

Holy Holy comes to Music Box and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 24Longtime David Bowie collaborator Tony Visconti and his band Holy Holy (named for an old Bowie single) hit the Music Box Sunday night. Visconti had been with Bowie as producer/player since his 1969 self-titled ...

April 14 Crossword Contenders

Martha Awdziewicz, Clairemont, 12. Evelyn Bowser, Hillcrest, 12. (winner!) Dennis Butterworth, San Diego, 12. (winner!) Leslie Chase, Campo, 12. Joseph Ciprian, Little Italy, 12. Allan Dorfman, Del Mar, 12. (winner!) Chad Griffith, Poway, 12. (winner!) ...

April 14 Sudoku Contenders

Evil Bliss Beedle, Encinitas, 12. Gregory Chauncey, La Jolla, 12. Rafael Gaceta, San Diego, 12. Don Ganoe, San Diego, 12. Paula Henderson, La Jolla, 12. Richard Johnson, La Jolla, 12. Larry Lewis, Poway, 12. Terry ...