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From “A Valediction of My Name, in the Window”

I. My name engraved herein Doth contribute my firmness to this glass, Which ever since that charm hath been As hard, as that which graved it was; Thine eye will give it price enough, to ...

Cultural acne cure-all

Name-changing has become a busy business at San Diego’s two state-sponsored universities. At UCSD it’s been announced that the School of International Relations and Pacific Studies is being renamed the UC San Diego School of ...

Hello it's me: Todd Rundgren

“My idols are players like Tony Bennett and B.B. King."

The news comes before dawn about the passing of B.B. King, making it next to impossible to keep focused on the actual subject of this week’s column. An internet search turns up random scraps of ...

Spoon and the Tasmanian Devil

Indie rock act remembers past San Diego shows while looking forward to two nights at Observatory North Park.

Just pretend with James Kruk

“The King is a powerful aphrodisiac. I sang to my wife and that got her!”

"I never dress as Elvis in my ‘real’ life,” says James “King” Kruk, a former English teacher who’s carved out a living by reenacting the King’s comeback era, 1968 to 1974, complete with meticulously re-created ...

One mile into inland Oceanside, 52 years of practice

Know when to flip it

“You won’t regret it,” says Karen.“The iron rack. It’s totally seasoned.”

Law and disorder

Termed out of office next year, controversial Republican San Diego city attorney Jan Goldsmith has finally zeroed out his campaign committee with two last political gifts: $500 to the GOP Lincoln Club and $900 to ...

Country music acceptability criteria

Hipster country abides by ABK: Anything But Kenny

Dear Hipster: My boyfriend and I made the trip up to Stagecoach this year, and we are still stoked on it. So much fun! I guess we don’t look like typical country fans, so people ...

Bonnie’s leadership camp

San Diego district attorney Bonnie Dumanis, hit by critics for lack of leadership and disorganization in her office, is sending for reinforcements. “The District Attorney’s Office is committed to developing all employees to become leaders ...

Stalins of machine punk

If drum machines have no soul, neither do humans

As Hadi Fever sees it, having a drum machine is more punk rock than having a drummer. “A lot of original punk had the attitude of experimentation as opposed to conformity, which a lot of ...

Our number-one mission is to win other folks to Christ

Every man needs grace and salvation

Membership: 300 Pastor: Philip Clark Age: 61 Born: Covington, KY Formation: Great Plains Baptist College, Sioux Falls, SD Years Ordained: 39 San Diego Reader: What is your favorite subject on which to preach? Pastor Philip ...

BASE pleasures

Interview with Sunshine Superman writer-director Marah Strauch

If everybody else jumped off a cliff, you might not follow suit. But Carl Boenish, the subject of the documentary Sunshine Superman, would still have wanted to share the feeling of it with you, most ...

Begin where the jeep road ends

If it rains, look out for violent cataclysms in Clark Valley

Hike through a canyon with towering walls to some old and remote rock-house ruins.

Platform 1888 approved

Fletcher Parkway in La Mesa about to get a whole lotta venue

In a July 2014 Blurt, Aaron Dean was introduced as the La Mesa landlord behind a redevelopment that meant the end to a Fletcher Parkway strip mall and its neighborhood bar. Dean mentioned at the ...

What to do with these dying animals?

Are there any “humane” ways to control the sea lion population?

Many sea lions are dying. Possible causes include sardine depletion, warming waters, changing conditions, and ultimately, starvation. During strong El Niño events, pup production decreases while pup mortality has increases. In early 2015 there have ...

Fault-filled cinema

Through no fault of our own, San Andreas wasn’t screened in time to make the Reader's print edition. For those eager to rumble, why not seek out two of Hollywood’s most popular disaster flicks (and ...

Celebrate the Stinkiest month

Plans to right the hipster conference's wrong

Mr. Hipster...Dude: If hipsters are trendsetters, why haven’t they picked-up on the Stinko de Mayo celebration? Whereas the Cinco de Mayo celebration lasts only a day (or so), Stinko de Mayo is celebrated the entire ...

Sports and showbiz — a money-making machine

Sports and showbiz have merged into one seamless money-making machine. You can’t tell, with precision, where the line is that marks the boundary between one world and the other. Saying that, there is a tiny ...

Asking $15,900,000 (we did renovations)

A virtually hidden horse pasture, lagoon, and vineyard

Beds: 6 Baths: 8 Current Owners: James & Melanie Burkhart List Price: $15,900,000 The tony enclave of Rancho Santa Fe is well established as one of San Diego’s priciest neighborhoods. Homes in the area sold ...

Longtime residents will bear water conservation burden

Despite drought, SANDAG says real estate development should continue.

Long-range drought forecasts get bleaker, while long-range economic and demographic forecasts get giddier. Something’s gotta give, San Diego. Both forecasts aren’t likely to be right. The reality is that the people who really run the ...

Letters from near and far

OTNC Turf War I’m calling about “Tacos Around Town” (May 14 cover story). Once again, Ed Bedford has gotten everything wrong. The Grill House at Big Ben’s — yes, Big Ben’s has been here for ...

Do not be pushy or tailgate the ladies

Where can a hardly weary traveler get a $4000 hotel room?

Drunkards in a basket

Qualcomm heir Jeff Jacobs, who is such a fan of the San Diego State University basketball team that he came up with $1.1 million to help build the school’s new hoops performance center — named ...

Record-release roundup

Upcoming releases from San Diego bands

On the cusp of her 20th birthday, Raelee Nikole is debuting her full-length Answers on May 29 at Moniker Warehouse in East Village. Heavy metallers Raise the Guns will play a release party for their ...

May 26 dock totals

13 anglers aboard the Dolphin 1/2 day am run caught a total of 3 sculpin, 50 rockfish and 1 lingcod. 18 anglers aboard their 1/2 day afternoon run boated 27 rockfish and 53 calico bass, ...

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