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Defibrillators spread around San Diego

But what about advertisements everywhere?

Dr. Ken Anderson, the affable owner of Pacific Beach’s Anderson Medical Clinic, has his hands folded, fingers interlaced, on his desk. He’s remembering the date, September 26, 2010. That day, the temperature over 100 degrees ...

Political labors

State senator Joel Anderson, preparing for a political wrestling match with fellow Republican Dianne Jacob for her county supervisorial seat next year, is on the prowl for a few new student interns. “Leapfrog your peers ...

Legit salad

"This is our tradition from Israel. Make everything."

“People around Nazareth only harvest the olives every second year, so the trees have time to recover.”

Ten songs that make you want to fall in love with (at?) the movies

1) “Saturday Night at the Movies” by the Drifters The Drifters was formed in 1953 and in the 62 ensuing years, the band played on in spite of the multitudinous changes in personnel. R&B singer ...

Existential Donkey

Unlike Harsh Toke, Soft Lions, and Prayers — San Diego bands that headlined at this year’s South by Southwest music festival — the Donkeys were one of many bands who made the trek to Austin ...

Passport for global beer travel

El Cajon's Main Tap, indeed

An international craft oasis in El Cajon's American macrobrew desert.

UCSD bombshell

Last July, auditors for the University of California dropped a bombshell on the San Diego campus. Following the May death of undergraduate computer science student Ricardo “Ricky” Ambriz after a Sun God Festival drug overdose, ...

Doyle Bramhall II music is a train that runs right on time

The job of any Texas blues-rock guitarist is to rise above all other such Texas guitarists that came before him or her and, good lordy, that deck is stacked. The Lone Star State has given ...

Movie theater popcorn in your home!

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” barked Larry in an accusatory tone second to none. With a dirty Farberware pot in one hand, a soapy sponge in the other, and a sink before ...

The White Snake slithers into the Old Globe

Believing is seeing

"Sir, you are married to a snake!” the holy man Fa Hai tells bewildered Xu Xian at the Golden Monastery. “You are coiled in the snares of a snake demon.” His wife and her sidekick ...

You’ll laugh, you’ll weep

“The production and arrangements on this album feel very Louisiana Delta to us,” says Calman Hart of the upcoming Berkley Hart full-length. “It’s really a double album. Twenty songs.” “It’s named after a song on ...

Padres TV takeover

A big new dose of video advertising is in store for baseball fans at Padres games this year. “Five new ribbon displays will be added to the seating fascia at Petco Park along each baseline ...

After we die, we’re going to be part of that dream

No longer assume that everyone goes to church, synagogue, mosque, or temple.

Vespa Guy, please park however you want

Forty-something shouldn’t be a viable, die-able age.

Need a swift sailor to operate a swift boat

They’re officially called Patrol Craft Fast (PCFs), but the men who served on them during Vietnam have always known them as swift boats. The Navy first used the swift boats in the coastal waters to ...

Public health? Over it!

You can lead them to the ashtray but you can't make them snuff it out

What’s next, government subsidies for mustache care?

Bo Diddley’s pick stolen

According to Folk Art Rare Records owner Brendan Boyle, on the morning of February 25, a framed piece of San Diego music history was stolen from the walls of Folk Arts Rare Records. The missing ...

Hoof it in Anza-Borrego’s Sandstone Canyon

Look up at 5 million years of layered history

Sandstone Canyon is one of several long canyons that stretch down the flanks of the rapidly eroding Vallecito Mountains. Frequent visitors to this part of the Anza-Borrego Desert consider Sandstone Canyon to be the most ...

Golf, golfed, golfing

Knowing how to play golf is beside the point.

Never liked golf in high school or college; it was something old people did. Old people dressed up in clown clothes, drove their station wagons to the country club, climbed into golf carts, snaked around ...

Give me the pills and nobody gets hurt

San Diego pharmacy robberies on the rise

The downside of happy-pill nation.

That includes you, Reader!

Mellon’s Hand The article (News Ticker: “Blame Reagan, Bush Jr, Obama…and Andrew Mellon”) said that “Laffer lauds tax policies of Andrew T. Mellon,” but did not specify Mellon’s hand in transforming a voluntary excise on ...

Ode to My Terrible Poem

I loathe you more than a full blown tantrum. More than eating crow with your tongue shoved down my throat. More than hip hop, more than this red thong shimmied up my ass. I’d rather ...

Referendum renderings

Chamber of commerce chieftain and ex–San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders — widely credited with pioneering the use of the referendum process to outrun city-council decisions on hiking the minimum wage and planning for Barrio Logan ...

One big sunfish!

Another big fish in the books for 2015. Diamond Valley Marina reported that Jesse Mena caught a 4.72-pound redear sunfish on a nightcrawler at Diamond Valley Lake, breaking the previous lake record of 4.48 pounds. ...

Jehu sells out — twice!

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs Sunday through humpday

Sunday 5L.A. show band Vaud & the Villains will perform their latest jazzy noir at Belly Up Sunday night. It’s like dinner theater without the garlic mash. I’ve never been because I’ve never been that ...

From Venice Beach: Shriners, Dustbowlers, and Vinyl Junkies

Plus jazz cooker Karl Denson remixes Run DMC at Belly Up this weekend

Thursday 2The gf and her bff are pleased as punch with their pair of sold-out TV on the Radio @ Observatory North Park tickets, thanks to yours true. I handed them over when I saw ...

Record-release roundup

Tolan Shaw chose San Dieguito Academy in Encinitas to host the April 3 release of his Chin Up EP. “The Performing Arts Center is a brand new theater at my old high school, which is ...

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