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It's going to be terrible

It’s not college, Mom, it’s rehab.

I'm not going to sleep for a week. I'll throw up and have the shakes.

In August

We sit on the sun porch and watch the storm roll in from the Rock River, he with Jane Kenyon’s Otherwise, her luminous poems about dying, cradled in his lap, a book I bought him ...

City to retake De Anza Cove real estate

Mobile-home owners to get $32 million in relocation benefits

After an 11-year-long legal battle, the fight over De Anza Cove in Mission Bay is over. On Tuesday, December 16, city-council members will sign off on a $32-million payout in relocation fees for mobile-home owners. ...

Mursic: strange name, great band

The first time I heard Mursic was at a coffee shop in La Mesa. No, they weren’t performing there — Clay Hackett, a drummer, had saved some of their demo tracks to his iPad. He ...

Record-release roundup

New releases this week include Poor Life Choices by alt-country band Mark Kramer and the 12 Steps, Hurricane from Rob Bondurant (release party December 12 at 7 Grand), and 21st Century ShatMan by William Shatner ...

Breakfast or bust

"Best Breakfast in Town Coming Soon.” I’ve been watching this sign for months. We’re up on Hancock in the courtyard of 57 Degrees, the wine barn that hosts a monthly food-truck get-together. Not to mention ...

Everybody wants a seat in La Jolla

Lawsuit claims planning association president rigged election

La Jolla residents Robert Whitney and Michael Morton feel they should have had a chance to serve on the La Jolla Community Planning Association, so much so that the men are suing the city, community ...

Talking soundtracks with Wild director Jean-Marc Vallée

Matthew Lickona: Tell me about putting the soundtrack together. I thought it was a very interesting approach, having snatches of songs come in here and there, sometimes having them sung by the characters. Jean-Marc Vallée: ...

Mainstream U.

UCSD administration first took aim at the Ché Café, and now it has its sights set on Porter’s Pub. “It’s like they’re giving themselves chemo but killing off all of the wrong organs,” says a ...

Bacon, lettuce, and tornado

Looking for an off-the-wall gift for your white-elephant holiday party? Get to Lou’s Records in Encinitas and pick up one of their random mystery boxes. Each box costs $5 and contains around 30 compact discs. ...

The abundant life of Peter Kuhn

“As things started to really break for me, I was blowing relationships and embarrassing myself in a lot of ways.”

Borrego Badlands, here we come

Seeking out Fonts Point and Inspiration Point in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Hike along this cliff edge for a spectacular view of the western and southern badlands.

For your inconsideration

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, a month when studios, eager to rack up as many awards and nominations as possible, fill critics’ yuletide stockings (and inboxes) with dozens of “for your consideration” ...

Retired lobbyist

It’s official. Chris Cate is no longer a lobbyist for the San Diego County Taxpayers Association. So says a December 2 lobbyist disclosure statement filed by the group with the city clerk’s office. This month ...

Sad Boys, Mystic Braves, Bastard Sons

...and Mr. Adams and Ms. Lewis play a capital-C Concert at a capital-C Concert hall

Sunday 14Sunday’s a little lean — Yung Lean! The Swedish MC and his crew, the Sad Boys, play Porter’s Pub behind this year’s Lavender EP. Lean gets a little press grief for his grief, slack-rapping ...

See you in the nosebleeds

Monk's crunks for Thursday, December 11, through Saturday the 13th

Thursday 11So, Thursday night’s X and Blasters bill at Casbah sold out, surprising no one...but there’s more around town to soothe your rock-roll soul, as Detroit dynamo Jessica Hernandez and her Deltas roll into Soda ...

Artisanal, handcrafted bends

Stick-candy knowledge bomb.

Dear Hipster: How do they make the stripes on candy canes? And when was the candy cane invented? And why canes? — Angie If I may condense a lot of accessible information into one super ...

Paul’s archive

Singer/songwriter Cindy Lee Berryhill is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to fund an upcoming album, but now wonders if December was the best time. “The timing is challenging, but I’m at the mercy ...

Artists not residents

The city is getting ready to spend $280,000 for “artwork design, fabrication, and installation” to decorate the soon-to-be constructed Hillcrest and Mission Hills library. “The budget is all-inclusive and must cover all costs associated with ...

Hoof beats usually mean horses, not zebras

Call from the school nurse almost leads to disaster.

“There was no shower. Molly told me she’d made the whole thing up. None of it is true.”

Hipsters don't ski

Even irony can't make a frozen mountainside more appealing.

Dear Hipster: I just got back from an early-season ski trip with my kids’ families. Let’s just say it’s been a long time since I hit the slopes. Ski fashion has changed...a lot. I don’t ...

Dolphin water fountains and balustrade walls in Rancho Santa Fe

“One of Fairbanks Ranch’s finest creations”

Current Owner: Exploron Corp. Bedrooms: 10 Baths: 14 Price: $11,500,000 Come home to “one of Fairbanks Ranch’s finest creations,” boasts the opening in marketing material for the estate at 16715 Camino Sierra Del Sur, a ...

Playing through pain

Rub some dirt on it and get out there!

Tricky topic. Civilians and athletes have different tolerances when it comes to pain, although, counterintuitively, they have similar “pain thresholds” (the point where pain begins to be felt). According to a research article in the ...

Door-to-door fraudsters steal local nonprofit’s identity

If a Second Chance solicitor arrives at your door, they are an impostor.

Stolen chances.

Seeking juice

The Chargers and their lobbyist Mark Fabiani, ex-president Bill Clinton’s onetime “master of disaster,” have ostensibly been hard at work on getting a new billion-dollar taxpayer-subsidized stadium in San Diego. But if they build it, ...

Walk it off

More from than toward.

Wild tells the story of a woman named Cheryl Strayed (an unadorned Reese Witherspoon) and her attempt to, in her words, “walk myself back to the way I was.” How was she? “I was strong,” ...

Cursed with the whip

Diversionary stages the toughest act of Capote’s life, Tru

“I’m a writer, and I use everything. Did all those people think I was just there to entertain them?”

The Bible is clear

A generation of young people is beginning to rise up.

Membership: 1500 Pastor: Al Valdez Age: 40 Born: Hollywood, CA Formation: Latin American Bible Institute, La Puente, CA; Facultad Teologia, Montebello, CA; Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA Years Ordained: 15 San Diego Reader: What is ...

Hope for Theo

Well-Compensated at Walmart I’m calling you about the article in News Ticker, “Almost a Dirty Secret” by Dave Rice. For once, Dave has his facts completely wrong. For one thing, there is no Walmart in ...

Catfish on the chew

Seaforth Sportfishing 37 Anglers, 2 Boats, 4 Sheephead, 105 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod The Sea Watch 1/2 Day AM run with 14 Anglers aboard returned to the dock with 4 California Sheephead, 62 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod ...

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