New Chargers stadium super-booster Mark Fabiani likely not interested in what Qualcomm GM Mike McSweeney has to say.
  • New Chargers stadium super-booster Mark Fabiani likely not interested in what Qualcomm GM Mike McSweeney has to say.
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The Chargers and their lobbyist Mark Fabiani, ex-president Bill Clinton’s onetime “master of disaster,” have ostensibly been hard at work on getting a new billion-dollar taxpayer-subsidized stadium in San Diego. But if they build it, will anybody come? That’s the question quietly dogging the managers of the team’s current venue, city-owned Qualcomm Stadium. At a meeting of the stadium advisory board earlier this year, general manager Mike McSweeney outlined the problem: “The NFL is currently dealing with the challenges of getting the stay-at-home fans into the stadiums,” said McSweeney, according to the board’s minutes. “Factoring in the costs of tickets, parking, food, and even the weather, why would you leave home with a 70-inch TV, surround sound, and a six-pack of Coronas in the cooler?” According to McSweeney’s report, “The league is taking an aggressive look at how to overcome and enhance the fan experience. For example, the Padres have concerts after their games. Events like these must surpass the experience they get at home [and] make it worthwhile for them to get in their car to come to the stadium.”

Though not widely publicized, the minutes say that “a series of focus groups have been meeting with the Chargers. Outcomes of some of their meetings are the infrastructure, getting in and out of the stadium parking lot, sound issues, and other creature comforts that the Chargers are addressing. As for the scoreboard, that is also being taken into consideration.” Concluded the city’s McSweeney, “There are discussions with Qualcomm Corporation in regards to permits, and who is going to come in to perform the work.”

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MichaelValentine Dec. 10, 2014 @ 7:51 a.m.

A billionaire who employees millionaires to play a sport in front of fans with enough money to spend hundreds of dollars to watch that sport doesn't need welfare.

If the NFL was profitable then they don't need our city money. Remember the free market?

Now about the sidewalks in City Heights or the water mains all over the city .... when do they get fixed?


dwbat Dec. 10, 2014 @ 8:26 a.m.

Well, those iron water mains DO get fixed.......every time they crack, create a geyser, and cause floods! That's a regular occurrence. And if people want to walk safe sidewalks for exercise, let 'em instead go buy a treadmill. ;-)


AlexClarke Dec. 10, 2014 @ 9:15 a.m.

The rich are rich because they know how stupid people especially taxpayers are.


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