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National Running Day

First Wednesday in June is the Christmas of running--or at least the St. Patrick's Day.

I’m about to head out on a run to celebrate National Running Day. I’m not going anywhere special, just around the block a few times. Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t run today if it ...

Extreme poverty on the increase in Tijuana

Cardboard houses, one meal a day

Growing unemployment, persistent under-employment, and a steady influx of deportations from the U.S. have left the Catholic Church in Tijuana hard-pressed to meet the needs of the poor who turn to it for help, according ...

Pala tribe cuts dissident members off rolls, including former tribal chairman King Freeman.

Can you find the big secret in this casino?

Interviews with Pala tribe members who are at odds since Indian gaming was made legal in California.

Angels in America, Rent

HBO’s miniseries Angels in America is a DVD I watch a minimum of twice a year. The cast and production dream team take on the epic play by Tony Kushner and deliver a masterpiece. The ...

The stomach rules

Ed hits up Pier View Coffee Co. in Oceanside

‘GIT N ’ERE:” That’s what the sign says, so why not? I’ve got time before the Coaster. That sign’s under another that reads “Pierview Pub.” But inside, a big neon sign above the bar reads ...

Meet Pacific Brewing Company

The rarest of rarities - a new brewing company that caught me off-guard.

Rookie vamp

Interview with Encinitas resident Nathan Young about his storytelling showcase called VAMP, held at the Whistle Stop in South Park.

John Moores: Radio King?

Former Padres owner John Moores reputedly in talks to buy radio stations 91X and FM94/9.

Yello aspirations

(Charles)Book&Record’s Zack Wentz and wife Shelby create a song using Yellofier (an app), part of a contest orchestrated by the band Yello.

Lamb's Players stage musical drama Fiddler on the Roof

Lamb’s Players’ Fiddler on the Roof is one of the best shows they’ve ever done. Ever. The title comes from a wall painting Marc Chagall did for the Moscow State Yiddish Theatre in 1920. He ...

Sun-protection lotions after skin cancer

Mercy for the skin

Once you’ve gone under the knife, your thoughts of the sun change. Last year, I lost a chunk of eyelid. Basal cell carcinoma. They didn’t get all of it the first time, so I had ...

What’s your favorite professional billiards team?

It ain't easy

The World Professional Billiard League hits stumbling blocks coming out of the gate.

Video: Weasel watch at a Lakeside park

Entertainers and hunters

Lindo Lake Park in Lakeside has become a hotspot for wildlife photographers. This year’s rains brought enough water to fill the east basin, bringing with it again an abundance of wildlife. Many shore birds have ...

Pantsless in the streets

Touring tales from Mad Traffic

“We wanted to have something that represented chaos and congestion that is often the life we live, with the diverse traffic of our everyday lives,” says Mad Traffic singer Blaise Guld of their new City ...

Boat Beats Camel

"I’m on a boat!” “I was wondering how long it would be before someone said that,” David said with a sideways smile. “Well, the answer is, ‘Before we’re even onboard,’” I said. I couldn’t tell ...

Compliance, Sordid Lives

Compliance is a disturbing indie that revisits themes of obedience and brutality from the world-famous Milgram Experiment. Riveting and eminently filmic exploration of the question “how far will people go when they are convinced they ...

This week in the San Diego clubs, June 6–12

Thursday 6A leggy lovely in a sequined cocktail dress with a Flying Vee around her neck...uh, if that’s not enough to get you off the couch, brah, check out the chops. Grace Potter & the ...

Miramar Reservoir

Water birds on the lake and chaparral vegetation on the slopes make this a pleasant walk.

San Diego's tallest building

Heymatt: How tall is the tallest building in San Diego? Is there a limit as to how high you can build in the county? — Jeff, via email There’s an easy answer to the first ...

Little black book

The little black book wasn’t necessary to determine that Tyree Paschall was the killer of Cindy Conaway.

Out at SDSU, Roush Moores-bound?

After three controversial decades, San Diego State University’s vice president of business and financial affairs Sally Roush is finally retiring from her $230,400-a-year job. Originally director of personnel services, Roush was promoted to her current ...


“Murder for Breakfast?” Oh, hell yes. The Nekromantix are making the rounds, still touring behind 2011’s What Happens in Hell Stays in Hell, and they have a stopover planned for San Diego. The Danish-American psychobilly ...

Thames travel

The way to Londontown

A monumental achievement in cinema-as-time-travel. Writer, director Julien Temple (Absolute Beginners, The Filth and the Fury) and his frequent editor, Caroline Richards, availed themselves of the opportunity to boil down 800 hours of sparklingly restored ...

The right to use restrooms

Heymatt: Your answer about gender-specific bathrooms got me thinking about building codes. Since all these buildings have to be constructed with working restrooms, is it technically illegal for someone in a shop to tell me ...

Grounding straps for cars

Heymatt: When I was a kid (a long, long time ago), all the cars had a strap hanging down under the frame that dragged on the street. We called them “grounding straps.” The story back ...

Mixed martial politics

A politically wired San Diego State University figure in the news of late has been Ricardo Lara, a Democratic California state senator. Two weeks ago, the SDSU alum was forced to cancel a $3000-a-head Memorial ...

Golf deep in the hole — San Diego no exception

Ramona’s Mt. Woodson Golf Club, Escondido Country Club, Chula Vista’s Salt Creek Golf Club, Rancho San Diego’s Cottonwood Golf Club – all in trouble

Golf courses got overbuilt in anticipation of baby boomer retirements. But do boomers have patience for golf? Golfing is on the decline in San Diego. What to do with all that land?

Exit Through the Gift Shop, Tideland

I’m still not sure if the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop is a hoax or not. But regardless of its authenticity, it is a fascinating look at the work of Banksy and other street ...


Unbelievable I’m calling about the story you guys printed on May 23 regarding the Labrador and his lover/owner (SD on the QT: “LGBTQIA-Z?”). That is so sick! I just can’t believe you guys printed something ...

With This New Poem Comes Fame and My Picture on the Covers of Magazines

And certain women will run up and treat me like a movie star. Suddenly, i’ll become handsome and witty and perfect, and other men will hate my power. I’ll become a famous victim of jealousy. ...

From "A Christian Directory Guiding Men to their Eternal Salvation"

…every time we commit a mortal sin, there doth pass through our heart and mind (though we mark it not) a certain practic [sic] discourse of our understanding and will (as there doth also in ...

Of nostalgia for a city

A realization on the Coronado bridge.

A former North Park resident returns to San Diego and realizes the choices he made five years ago are what forced him to leave.

Green Flash debuting Genius Lab beers

Growing Mira Mesa brewing company launching small-batch brewing project.